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Who was the First Jinn?

Brother asked the Question:

Who was the First Jinn?

We do not possess any clear statements about this from the Qur’an. There is one very weak Narration which is rejected by most of the Imam for its unreliable source. Yet, many scholars believe Iblees is the father of the Jinn, both good and evil jinn, just like Adam is the father of all mankind. They say Iblees is their origin and they [Jinn] are his offspring.

First Opinion

Shaikh ul-Islaam Ibn Taimiyya called Iblees the father of all the jinn in many places. Most of them recorded in Majmo’ al-Fatwa. Later on, all of his students – Ibn al-Qayyim and al-Haafiz Ibn Hajar and so on, they too agreed to it.
Their opinion is based on the following verses of the Qur’an.

And the jinn He created from a smokeless flame of fire” [ar-Rahmaan 55:15]

When Iblees and the Angles were commanded by Allah to prostrate to Adam,

Iblees said “‘I am better than him (Adam), You created me from fire, and him You created from clay’” [al-A’raaf 7:12]

Will you then take him (Iblees) and his offspring as protectors and helpers rather than Me while they are enemies to you?” [al-Kahf 18:50]

Second Opinion

It is the opinion to which Most of the scholars agree, is that ‘Iblees was the father of the EVIL-Jinn [Demons] Only. They are known as Shaytaan, meaning an Evil Jinn, and the father of all the Shayateen is Iblees.

Will you then take him (Iblees) and his offspring as protectors and helpers rather than Me while they are enemies to you?” [al-Kahf 18:50]

Third Opinion

A few scholars, however, believe that Iblees is simply ‘one of the Jinn’, and not their father. They follow this by stating the following verse from Surah al-Kahf,

Except for Iblees, He was of the jinn” (al-Kahf: 50)

All praise is due to Allah,

And only Allah knows Best.

10 Responses to “Who was the First Jinn?”

  1. usman says:

    the name of jinn …the first one was named as azazeel. heard from many scholars . azazeel who later named as iblees.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      The name azazeel is mentioned by rare scholars which they refer to Iblees’s prior name. But there is no evidence for this. There is nothing from the Qur’an nor Sunnat about this name. No Imaam or Sheikhulislaam has ever mentioned this word. I cannot put something without reference. However we find azazeel more in other religions. It is also not permissible to say that he was the teacher of angels, because that is not authentic either.

  2. Syed Adnan Ahmed says:

    In Christianity Satan is named Lucifer, which means the morning star and it is said that he was one of the favourite angels of Allah (swt). Does this have any evidence from our religion?

  3. ajaib says:

    If you watch on YouTube ” an interview with a Muslim jinn “.you will know that the father of all jinn,including iblees was called ” jaan “.it is not mentioned in any hadith,but quoted by the Muslim jinn in the interview… Allah knows best… .

  4. Ali says:

    I read in a book more than 20 years ago that before creating Adam (AS) and the human race Allah created the Jinn race to worship him and for 40 thousand years they did but then started to rebel and so Allah sent Angels to kill all the Kafir Jinns and only a small number of Muslim Jinns were spared (like the flood killed all the human Kafirs and only Nuh (AS) or Noah’s family were spared with the exception of one of his Kafir son). Then these remaining Muslim Jinns multiplied and again 40 thousand years later their descendants became Kafirs again and they too received the same fate. And this repeated a 3rd time again after another 40 thousand years and at this 3rd round the punishing Angels came across a baby Jinn left wrapped in a cradle or something (like baby Moses or Musa (AS) was left in a basket on the river by his mother) and the Angels felt sad to kill an innocent baby and so they asked Allah’s permission to spare it and take him to heaven with them and got their prayer granted. This baby was called Ajazeel and grewup in heaven amongst the Angels and learnt religion and became the Angel’s teacher. The more he grew knowledgeable in religion the more he was promoted to a higher status in heaven and that made him proud and boastful and he thought that even if Allah gets destroyed one day then he will not lose his rank and so that is how he started to become wicked and then reject Allah’s command to acknowledge Adam (AS) greater than him to postrate to him and was named “Iblees” by Allah. And so,from this,I gathered Ajazeel or Iblees or Lucifer or the chief devil/Satan is not the father of the whole Jinn race. He maybe a father of his Jinn type as there are many types of Jinn, unlike humans where all races of humans (in the colour factor) all are same type in terms of shape. All humans have same form but Jinns are different as a Hadeeth somewhere stated some are like dogs and some are like something else. Also, I read some have wings like Angels and can fly while some can only walk and run like humans as they have no wings. Also read some have shapes and some are shapeless like Allah is shapeless without a form or image.

  5. hamed says:

    Iblis is confirmed first JINN, azazeel is his real name, calling name or nick name is IBLIS,he is father of all jinn bad or good,if the jinn eat ALLAH ALMIGHTIEST must mention in Quran,like us human eating and drinking,so, about angels, nothing mentioned about eating or drinking, but jinn since they are sent to earth,live beside us so thay have male,female,and kids like us,since they have to live attached with us must be all sizes or equal to human,eating they will steel all our food if they need to eat,but angels have no sex,but body with two wings,threeand four, SURA FATIR first two Aya read and see,,,

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