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Using Saffron in Writing Prayers, Recitations unto Water, Oil and Ointment


Some Raqis do recitations unto water, oil, ointment or cream. They also write prayers in saffron on a piece of paper, soak the piece of paper in water and have the patients drink the water or wash their bodies with it. Pieces of paper with such payers are called Aza‘im (incantations). What is the validity of making and using such Aza‘im?


According to a Hadith interpreted by Muhammad Ibn-Abdilwahab, the Prophet said, ―”Aza‘im, Tama‘im (amulets) and Tawlas (love incantations, worn by wives seeking their husbands’ love) are forms of Shirk (having associates with Allah)”*1*.‖Only non-Shirk Ruqyas are allowed.

The Prophet is confirmed to have said, ―”Let me check your Ruqyas. They are valid so long as they are void of Shirk”*2*. He is also reported to have said, ―”Whoever can benefit hisbrethren should do so“*3*. The Prophet performed Ruqyas on some of his companions, and he himself – having had a spell cast on him by a Jew – received a Ruqya from Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) – may Allah‘s peace be upon him. He used to do Ruqyas on himself by doing Nafth into his palms and reciting the Kursi Ayah and the Suras of Al-Ikhlaas, Annas and Al-Falaq, then passing his palms over the parts of his body he could reach in front.

It is also true that the Salaf recited Qur‘anic verses unto water and drank or washed with it seeking alleviation or elimination of pain, for the Qur‘an, being Allah‘s Words, is a healing; ― “(44) Say: It [the Qur‘an] is for those who believe [in it] a guidance and a healing”*4*. Similarly, it is allowed to use Allah‘s Words and His Prophet‘s for recitation unto water to be drunk or washed with, oil or cream to rub the body with, or food to be eaten.

Not only can Ruqyas be recited unto such things, but they can also be written on pieces of paper, and then washed in water to be drunk by patients for treatment. It does not matter what material is used for writing, be it saffron, water or others. What matters is that they fulfill the Prophet‘s demand that ―”Ruqyas are valid so long as they are void of Shirk.”‖ In other words, they must comply with the Qur‘an and the Sunnah *5*.

*1* Sunaj Abu-Daweed, Kitab Attib (Book of Medicine), Hadith No. 38833.
*2* Sahih Muslim, Kitab Assalam (Book of Peace), Hadith No. 2200.
*3* Sahih Muslim, Kitab Assalam (Book of Peace), Hadith No. 2199.
*4* Fussilat sura, Ayah 44.
*5* A Fatawa by Al-Jibreen, signed by him “Sheikh Khaled al-Jeraisy”.

From the book ‘Fatwas on Faith Healing & Witchcraft’ by Khaled al-Jeraisy. Translated by Dr. M. A. M. Mohammad

22 Responses to “Using Saffron in Writing Prayers, Recitations unto Water, Oil and Ointment”

  1. Muslimah says:


    What should one do with a azaiam that is shirk. I.e one written with saffron in a strange language and a piece of wood wrapped in a leather cover . How to get rid of the things without causing any problems.? This was given to me by a shiekh known for his work on magic and. Jinns in the. Community. I have. Read alot about shirk and. Nonshirk Azaiam. Alhamdulilah I could tell it was wrong and now want to. Get rid of it, but don’t know how?????

    • sister lorraine says:

      Salem alikoum,

      I have just seen this question and i know it was a few months ago but if you dont have an answer to the question yet then my husband can advise you on this Inshallah. Alhamdulillah he does ruqyah and often comes across this problem! If you email my address I will give you my husbands number contact for advise Inshallah, email is

      wa salem

      • Alisha says:

        You say your husband does Ruqyah? Please help me I am afflicted so badly by a strong Jinn. It controls my every movement and my life has been turned upside down. I have videos and pictures of the damage of this jinn and how it controls me. please help so i can live a normal life.

        • sister Alisha please contact me by email, address above or through our Facebook page The Ruqya Services and inshallah we can help

          • Shahid says:

            Hi my dad is suffring non medication deseas and some body told me to give him ful quran write with saffron and give water can u help me to write this my mob number is 00447403040477 and my e mail is
            can u contact me please

    • Asfandyar says:

      Sister Muslimah, recite Bismillah first and then burn it.
      That is how I burn it when i find any Taweez or stuff like that from the patient when they come to me or the Jinn tells me about the MAIGC place and after the recovery of that MAGIC.

      I hope I answered your Question.

    • djamel says:

      go cheikh {raki} he will put them in holly water and he will read ayat on it ,do no do it your self make sure someone professionel raki or imam .best of luke.

  2. smileymuslim says:


    some Maula read something over this oil jasmin and its meant to ease my pain from the black magic alhamdulliah it works

    • Asfandyar says:

      Dear smileymuslim,
      Asalamualikum, well no need to be worried about Jasmin oil.. its completely halal.. You should now if the mullah recited from quran or from the Dua’s of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

      I hope I answered your Concern.

  3. UmmSalman says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    In his book Kitab-at-Tauheed, Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab has written against amulets (tama’im), because this is a gray area, which easily leads to shirk, and it definitely weakens Imaan because instead of trusting in Allah, people start putting their trust in amulets.

    To increase our taqwa and closeness to Allah, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala puts us through different difficult situations, if we start depending on other people’s efforts rather than struggling to increase our closeness to Allah by abstaining from wrongdoing and increasing our obedience to Allah, we would be failing our test and getting ourselves trapped in to bigger problems!

  4. Naeema says:

    Assalamu aleikum, I’ve suffered sihr many yrs now, I’ve gone for Halaal Ruqya for 4months, and followed advice from this website, AlhamdulIllah. Since 2010, I started doing self-Ruqya, by reciting Ruqya books, listening to Ruqya Cds & downloaded Mp3’s. Recited Ruqya on Pure Misk (Musk) and Habat Sowda + Olive oil. These jinns keep replacing those who have either died or left, I was told that someone still does Sihr on me. Few yrs ago I read on some website, that some last verses of surah at Taariq or any Ayahs used as Ruqya can be recited on nails and be driven into corners of wall, this acts like blocking the jinns from residing in rooms/house. Please I would like to know is it Halaal to do this? I’ve just read daily Ruqya on Vinegar + Salt water and Sprinkle in corners. Can I do the same on metal nails and put them in corners? Jazaka ALLAHU Khayran.

  5. TALIB MUTONGI says:

    What about using zamzam water for ruqya?

  6. Muslimah says:

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah,

    My mother is possessed by an ifreet because of black magic. She resides in Mumbai, India. Just a few things I need to ask:

    1. The Jinn, when my dad and a raqi told him to convert to Islam, agreed and now he claims to be a Muslim. He said that I will leave and he actually did, but a day or two later, he came back saying that the ‘baba’ that put him in ‘tortured’ him so he cannot leave. Is this possible?

    2. Do we need to find the nails and hair that were buried somewhere in order to get rid of this magic? We know the place, but to recover those items, we need to wait 5-7 yrs, unless Allah wills otherwise. How else can we finish this magic?

    3. Is there a good raqi in India that you know of that can help my mother?

    JazakAllah khayr for reading this. Any help will be much appreciated.

  7. sania says:

    My home seems to be afflicted with jins. How can I ward them off my home. I met an exorcist and he said he will use mud and atar and recite Quranic verses over it nd sprinkle in my home. This seemed strange. Is it a proper way of doing ruqya?

  8. muhammad anjum says:

    Assalamoalykum wr wb brothers and sisters in islam. those who are afflicted with magic /jjinn possession etc in india, please visit QRRC website. they are MasaAllah authentic team of Raqis all over india. they have several centers in india. InshaAllah it will be very helpful .
    JazakAllah khairn

  9. Lukman Khan says:

    As salamwaliakum i m lukman from mumbai .one man told me me thatu ur wife is having a holy jinns so do not make her unhappy other wise u ll be i lost is business n every thing past seven yrs ago this is happening now .n i asked that same man what is happening he replued me the same thing but now some scholar hindu muslim told me tha t some kind of black magic has being done on u and on ur wife and that man aslotold me this i believe in allah after 14 yrs of marraige wife want to divorce me and ve two chidren with her that man also told that ur clothes leg mud and hair has being taken for black magic and doll of ur wife is buried under the cemetary so what should i do for this advice me plz sir as i beleive in allah i do not want to do shirk.

  10. Prince miah says:

    Salam walaikum my actual name is me.ashraful Islam noting . But my given name on German document as Prince miah . I am from Germany and I am 23 years old . I am really affected by bad black magic and who where I live with those people they doing this and I can’t guess who is doing this and why . My normal life has been getting destroy . Please help me brothers and sisters . I dont know where to do ruqyah in Germany please if you can contact me or give any info where I can go in germany and seek ruqyah thank you very much

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