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Types of Magic / Sihr / Witchcraft

When Magic was first brought down in Babylon by the angels Harut & Marut, it was generalized to cause separation between man and his wife, yet people practiced it over and studied it so much that it has now evolved into different types, causing many other types of harm to mankind.

I will discuss every type individually. I will write about – How the bewitching takes place – What symptoms does it bring upon the victim, and – How to counter/cure it.

I will start writing from the magic known as Sihr al-Mahabba, the Magic to form love between two people, and the rest of the types, all one by one.

Courtesy of Wahid Abdussalaam Bali & Shafiq Abdulghani, JazakAllahu Khairan.

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  2. Anonymous says:


    It would be very helpful indeed if you could also maybe add what one would need to do in order destroy/break such magic in the relevant sections of the types of magic

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    • mohammed says:

      I am victim of black magic jinn controlling me since few month I can not find cure I am suffering I read quran since long time but I am steel suffering with black magic because the person keep sending me jinn on me every day four to five time I am very bad condition can you please help me because I am living in Canada I can not find any one here please for sekh of allah shubanutala me allah reward you how get out from these problem(magic)may allah rewad you here after in aakhera jazak allah kher

  4. Thoha says:

    Assalaamu alaikum.. ya akhi.. these are the basic types of magics.. isn’t it? here, there are people who are victims so that they could not excel in studies and people die sometimes.. can you give me some other types of sihr people do?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I recently came to know that a guy that I use to talk to and be in a haram relationship with performed Sihr (black magic) on me last December. The spell was supposedly for me to never be able to get married and that any guy that came near me would dislike me. I am not sure if this is true or not, but I am not surprised that an abusive and mental person who was in love with me would do something like this. I was also told that he wanted me to be restless for as long as I live (being depressed and anxious 24/7) and that If i tell anyone, then no one would believe me. The man who told me this has a history of doing magic (considering that’s how he married his wife) but he doesnt know that I know, and instead he blamed a random “African guy” for being the magician that did this to me. He ALSO said that till this day, guy who I use to talk to is spending hundreds and thousands of dollars every week paying this magician, just to continue the spell on me, even TODAY. He then told me that I should get revenge on him and that he has a “solution” and only HE can help me, no one else. I figured he is trying to lure me into doing magic back on the guy who did it on me, and also take my money. I refused to hear his solution and told him that I can take it from here, and that I have Allah on my side.

    I don’t have any major symptoms, like being possessed by jinns, but I did notice that a guy that I was interested in suddenly started lashing out on me for no reason and wanted nothing to do with me without telling me why. There could be other reason why he acted that way but it was a weird coincidence that he started to hate me within several weeks after the magic was performed. Several other marriage proposals that came my way haven’t been working out for me either. I started performing Ruqiyah on myself by reciting and listening to du’as and surahs and noticed that my arms, neck, and head would suddenly start to ache. I would check and make sure before reciting, if my body is in any pain, and it never was until I started reciting and listening to Qur’an. I never payed attention to this pain for all these months until now. I don’t have frequent nightmares but I did have a nightmare that a jinn possessed me and I was struggling and fighting back by reciting the Shahada at least 50 times. This was five days before I was told about the magic. I also don’t quite remember this other dream that I had, but I think I saw myself in the bathroom urinating for a split second. In another dream, I saw at least 4 or 5 dogs sitting around on the path that I was walking on. I read that these dreams are some of the signs of black magic. I have been feeling impatient and depressed for no reason sometimes and my body feels drained and exhausted, even though I didn’t do anything. I have also been getting frequent painful headaches and I always feel like sleeping all the time. My questions are:

    1. Since I’m confused and unsure what’s going on with me, can you tell me, is it possible to still be under black magic even if there are no jinns present and bothering me?

    2. Because I have full faith in Allah and his powers to remove this spell, can my strong faith be a reason why I am not severely affected by the symptoms, such as being easily angry and being possessed?

    3. After praying all my prayers and doing continuous ruqiyah on myself, how can I tell if the magic is removed? What are the signs of someone being cured?
    JazakhAllah Khair.

  6. Dear one,

    It seems that you are under influence of Magic with a jinn doing magic on you. It may be inside or outside with you all the time doing magic on you and making you look unattractive before others.

    I would recommend that you keep reciting Quls, Ayat al Kursi, last two ayats of surah e baqara after every prayer, as much as possible, say three timnes each, and with doing ‘dum’ on whole of your body. Further, you can speak this on ‘water’ and drink it whole day. Reading above and dring recited water whole day is the best remedy. Further, I would recommend to listen to Azan many times a day or recite Azan yourself, as well.

    Your determination is needed, the most and your belief in Allah Subhan u taala.

    Muhammad Imran Khan

  7. Faiza Rashid says:

    Assalam walaikum
    How do I know whether it’s a Jinn..
    for example if I see a cat I can see she has legs to walk around so how do I understand it is a jinn and what are the symptoms of understanding it is a Jinn can I know the answer. I’ve been searching this thing for a long time but I never actually got my answer all I get is other stuff so how do I get the exact answers. can you please answer my questions. I really want to know. and second of all I really want to know that what it is or its just my imagination can you answer my question. please what are the symptoms as in Like in a human I can understand it is a human that he can walk like a human his shadow is like a human, but what about Jinn how can understand it is a non human.

  8. Ahmed says:

    pls help me..i was an excelling student in the past days of primary and jhs schools but when went to high school i started been lazy to learn..i sometimes get on with it but once i sit to learn i just keep on thinking either about movies i watched or events even if i force my self to learn something stops me from doing so.people do tell me it might be my step mum due to the rivalry between her and my mum..could this be possible?? help me plssss my future is at stake

  9. ghazali says:

    Can u pls pray 4 me,am a footballer,I am suppsd 2 b in turkey bt things go awry 4 me bcos of pple who are agaist my succes,nw they inflict me wt leg injury which can’t play d game

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