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Types of Evil eye

The effects of being struck by the evil eye may be divided into two categories:

1 – Deadly effect. This type of evil eye brings rapid results, such as killing a man or livestock, or destroying buildings and crops, and so on. There is no remedy in such cases.

2 – Non-deadly effect. The remedy for this is divided into three categories:

(i) Repelling the Evil eye, before it strikes.
(ii) Curing the evil eye after it has happened.
(iii) Treating the evil eye with Ruqya and Zikr (Recitation of specific Surahs of the Quran).

Each type will be discussed individually in the next articles. Insha’Allaah.

One Response to “Types of Evil eye”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What seems so far is that:
    # Protection before some harm is done (Evil, Eye, Magic, etc) and curing after the harm is done can be different method.
    # Victim of , say, of only magic reacts to Ayahs of magic but not Jinn ; and vice versa.
    So, if someone recites things like Ayatul Kursi, Falaq , Naas, morning and evening Azkaar with just a simple intention to “solve everything” (prevention, cure; spiritual, worldly, etc) will it work? If he/she recites for saving house and family, will it work?

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