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Treatment of Sihr al-mahabba (Magic of Love)

Recite the Ruqya mentioned in the Second-Stage of Treatment – Omitting verse (Al-baqara: 102), and replacing it with (At-Taghabun: 14-16). I have compiled an Audio file accordingly. Download bellow.

Download: Ruqya_for_Magic_of_Love.mp3

In most cases, the patient does not become epileptic, but his/her limbs become numb, his/her chest tightens, he/she has a headache or a bad stomachache, especially if he/she happens to have drunk the object (charm) of Sihr (magic). Often a Fluid/powder mixed in a drink/meal and fed to the victim. The patient may also vomit. If he/she feels pain in his/her stomach and wishes to vomit, recite some of the verses from the Ruqya over water and tell him/her to drink it in front of you. For ease, you may recite,

  • Surah Al-Fatiha
  • Ayat-ul-kursi
  • Last three Surahs of Quran

Over the water you wish for the patient to drink. If he/she vomits yellow, red or black substance, then the Sihr (magic) has been invalidated, and all praise is due to Allaah. Otherwise, advise him/her to drink from the water for Three weeks or more, until the Sihr has been neutralized. Recite the above over water in a way that the air from the mouth touches the surface of the water.

19 Responses to “Treatment of Sihr al-mahabba (Magic of Love)”

  1. irshad says:

    jazakallah khair.. great work..

    • shireen says:

      Slmz my husband is suffering due to sihr in his just started swelling with a lot of was actually getting rotten,had a terrible smell.the pain runs up n dwn the leg.and it sumtyms feels like sumthing is pulling his toes out.the toes Also get Numb.luckly we got help in tym,were a person cut the leg on the side of the ankle with a blade.wen the blood came out it was black in Colour.the prob is the pain stil cums nw n den.wat can I do. So he gets full recovery.

  2. Fatima says:

    Wow! masha allah this is such excellent work, I myself including my family have been inflicted and this will be of great help insha allah. Jazak allah khairan

  3. Javed says:

    Great Work.
    Can you please give me the Surah in order so that I can learn them by heart.

  4. sara khan says:


    I got separated from my 5 years love last year (2013). He suddenly changed with no actual reason . I have been doing 13 wazifas so far since three months but none have worked. I consulted a Bibi and she told me there are Sihr effects done by two women found on him. He lives abroad and I live in Pakistan. Please guide me what should I do to remove these Sihr effects from him as he lives in another country. I want him back and him to send proposal at my home. But it seems impossible now. Please give me a wazifa to end these Sihr effects so that my wazifas start working and he comes back again asap.

    • hassen says:

      salaams maybe your husband has someone else he lives abroad and you live away so on the way he found someone else so he doesnt need to communicate with you
      you need to open your eyes
      hope this helps

  5. sister he needs to see a raqi over in Pakistan, one who deals in Quran and sunnah, how did the woman, this ‘bibi’ know that he had sihr without actually doing ruqya on him?! she obviously deals with jinn which is against Islam.
    our page, the ruqya services, does ruqya and deals only in Quran and sunnah and warns people against these so called bibi who lead people astray and to the path of shirk!

  6. Fayaaz says:

    Assalaam alaikoem,

    I’m trying to download the mp3 file, but I am getting an error. Can you please redirect me or send me this file. I would really appreciate it that.

    Barakallahu fiekoum!

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