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First stage of Treatment of Sihr, Magic, Witchcraft, Jinn-Possession

There are three stages to fully cure an affected patient,

1 – Pre-treatment
2 – Treatment
3 – Post-Treatment
I will write about the Pre-treatment in this article, and the second stage in the next article Insha’Allah.


If you are planning on curing your loved ones yourself without taking them to an exorcist, you may do so by doing the following. Just so you know, it involves speaking to the jinn appointed for the task itself. So you must be prepared for that beforehand.

Place of treatment

  1. Remove pictures from the place of treatment so that angels may enter.
    Narrated Abu Talha: I heard Allah’s Apostle saying;“Angel (of Mercy) do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or a picture of a living creature (a human being or an animal).”

    (Al-Bukhari, Book #54, Hadith #448)
  2. There should be no music in the place of treatment.
  3. The place of treatment should be devoid of any unlawful act, such as men wearing gold, women without Hijab, or anyone smoking.
  4. Once the room is cleaned, the healer should recite Adhaan (call to prayers) in a loud voice, to ward off any evil spirit from the place of treatment.

Diagnosing the case of Sihr & Checking for Symptoms.

If you have not read about the types of Magic and Sihr, you may read them in the article: Types of Sihr/Magic
You can follow the details of every type of magic/witchcraft along with its symptoms from the CONTENTS PAGE

  1. Lecturing the patient and his family on the Aqeedah (Oneness of Allah), so that their hearts are cleansed from any attachment to anything other than Allah.
  2. Ask questions relevant to their condition. They might come to you with a doubt in their mind, and you will ask questions in the same relevance. The reason for asking questions is only to confirm which type of Sihr/Magic has affected the patient. Once you are sure of the type of Sihr used, you may go on with the treatment afterwards.
  3. Taking talismans/unknown amulets from the patient and burning it. (Facts about Amulets)
  4. Do wudu (cleaning oneself for prayer), or ghusl (bath), tell everyone who are with you or with the patient to do the same.

If the patient is a female

  1. Do not treat a woman who has not covered herself and if she is wearing perfume.
  2. Do no start treatment until she (the patient) covers her hair and body, it should be recommended to fasten her garments well so that her body is not revealed during the process of treatment.
  3. Do not treat a woman unless one of her maharim (unlawful person to marry) is present.

Once all the above is done, you may start the second stage of the treatment. Read Here

Courtesy of Wahid Abdussalaam Bali & Shafiq Abdulghani, JazakAllahu Khairan.

57 Responses to “First stage of Treatment of Sihr, Magic, Witchcraft, Jinn-Possession”

  1. Muhammad Ali says:

    Brother, it is haram to settle affairs with the help of jinn. We should ask Allah for His help in such regards. We should never doubt our wives and should always trust them. Once you start trusting her she will never lie to you, ever. You can share your doubts with her when she comes next time. This way you can clarify it in a polite manner instead of scolding and doubting her. Jinn will only get your situation worse so that you can pay the magicians more money for further help. This way they will bankrupt you so please refrain from losing your money and Allah is the Hearer of All.
    Take Care brother.

  2. […] After you have setup the first step – First stage of treatment of Sihr […]

    • Uzma wahab says:

      Asalamuwalikum.Brother I am really struggling . I had a baby boy 5.5 months ago. Since then I have been a different person. I am really depressed have no interest in children and just cannot relax. I sleep with the help of medications. I hate being in my house and anywhere I go I can’t stay for long. I actually feel suicidal sometimes and that I cannot breathe. I’ve been told that my hormones are messed up and it will take time to resolve . I pray Salah 5 times and my dhikr. This has no become unbearable. I don’t know if it is some kind of sihr or postnatal event . I feel I am living a nightmare . Please can you advise. Jazakallah.

  3. Abdul says:

    Thank u for the articles… im sure it is helping many Muslims … Jazakallah

  4. Bashir says:

    Assalamu alaikum. Brother in my house i only have a frame that contain a picture of a girl praying holding qur’an is it permisible to keep such a frame in your home. Thanks

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salam brother Bashir,

      Brother, the matter of Picture and Photos, eventually rests on the intention of the person keeping it. If it is not a ‘Painting’ of a living being, and as far as you do not keep it for worship but for decoration and for good health. Then it is Permissible and there is no Sin in it. Also there is no sin in capturing a Photo with a Camera if it captures the real form of what appears. But it is basically ‘Painting’ and ‘Carving’ of a living being on a paper or a stone – that is Haraam.

      May Allaah reward you for such concern.

      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

      • UmmSalman says:

        Assalamu alaikum,

        Whether it is a painting or a captured picture, it is not differentiated islamically. The Prophet said, “Angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog or there are pictures.”
        Sahih Bukhari 7:72:833

        There are numerous hadiths regarding pictures in general and specifically about hanging them. Like this one also: Narrated Salim’s father: Once Gabriel promised to visit the Prophet but he delayed and the Prophet got worried about that. At last he came out and found Gabriel and complained to him of his grief (for his delay). Gabriel said to him, “We do not enter a place in which there is a pictures or a dog.”
        Sahih Bukhari 7:72:843

        The general principle about Islamic rulings is that it eradicates any possible means that may lead to wrong-doing, wa billahi taufeeq!

  5. Bashir says:

    Assalamu alaikum brother may god forgive all your sins and reward you abundantly for your help thanks.

  6. Bashir says:

    Assalamu alaikum brother my wife is possess by 3 muslim jinns for about 3 years now and during her delivery 2 more non muslim jinns possess and torment her and we seek help from different places untill now that i performe ruqya on her that alhamdu lillah those 2 are out of her body leaving her with some kind of rashes on her, my question is this what can i do? And those remaining 3 muslim jinns can i ask them to leave? thanks.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum salam brother Bashir,

      I apologize for the late response. Let me get to the point.

      Brother, your wife is your possession, if the Raqi finds any jinn (muslim/non-muslim) bound to your wife, they should all be removed! It is haraam for them to stay with her. And as you say she is bothered all the time, it could most possibly be the demons bothering her.

      I will remember you in my prayers brother, if you can manage to take her to a Raqi, someone who is not a fake Raqi, you can confirm that from my article about:
      Features of a Magician –
      That would be for the best of your family.

      Keep Remembrance of Allaah and Indeed Allaah is the Hearer of All.

      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

  7. Hauwa Al-amin says:

    salamu alaikum. I want to know the difference between a jinn possessed person and a person affected by sihr. I am affected but i don’t which of the two.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salam,

      Brother, Possession is when the Jinn Manifests itself inside the Body. When the Jinn speaks with the Tongue of its Victim, and speaks in a different voice and maybe a different language, which is apparent. Possession may occur on low level like possession of an Organ like Arm, Leg etc.

      While Sihr can be of different type! and to find out if someone is affected by Sihr, you have to compare the Symptoms with the types of Sihr I have written on this website. If the symptoms match, you may then conclude that it MAY be Sihr. If Quran Recitation does not affect the symptoms, then it may well be a Medical Condition.

      and Allaah knows Best.

  8. Abu Salman says:

    salamunaleikum wr wb. I’d like to know in the case the brother above mentioned (when you have symptoms but it could be either sihr or only jinn) and one wants to perform Ruqia for oneself (like reading quran, listening to quran etc.) can we have both intentions in our hearts (Intention for ruqia against jinn and sihr)?

    jazakAllah kheir

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salaam brother Salman, Ameen wa-iyyakum,

      Brother, Sihr is due to a jinn/shaitan itself. So in fact, we are seeking protection from the Devils. Auzubillahi minaSHAYTAANir rajeem. but the fact is brother, u can have both intentions at the same time. because overall, the ruqya revolves around seeking refuge in Allaah from the Shaytaan; which would expel both the sihr and the jinn.

      if you have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

      And may Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon all of us. Ameen.

  9. cihan says:

    selam aleykum i need your help please .

  10. khalid says:

    Hello Brother, pls i need ur help. my wife has a jinn since 2 years in her body who loves her.i made the ruqya many times and always its seams that he left, she start shacking leg and arms and get like fiver (+40 or more) and whe woke up and said i feel like i didnt see you long time. this was 1 year ago. my wife become pregnant and allah wa3lem, our baby died in the 9 month pregnancy without reason (3 month ago).now the jinn is back. when he is back i can see him in here eyes (become very red and wet) and the way how she talks is very bad and always looking for stress. so i always when i feel it i start ruqya. last week the jinn spoke to me and i record everything with my cam. he said he loves her and will never go. he is kafir, he said i have to go, he ask for a deal, i will get everything from him when i leave my wife and give him written paper that i give it to him…a3odobillah.i told him i will burn him kafir. he said ruqya sounds like music for him, i should understand that its not sihr, he saw her and loves her. yesterday he talks to her in dream and said he loves her and want marry her. my wife said he hate him and she is married.he said i will only leave you when u become pregnent. today she woke up shocked, he visit here with a knife in his hands and start kissing her and he was old (40 years old) with a beard like sheetan (a3odobillah) and first without head only body the she saw his face. she run away…i am give he listing ruqya again. he told me that he will do something with me. i always have the feeling that somebody follow me everywhere. i cant sleep anymore. it can be him ???? now he is always in here body sometimes i dont who i am talking to because he is so tricky, asking me about ruqya and i know him very fast when he says koran is not heeling people and christians are not bad then muslims. i now my wife she never will say something like that. which ruqya should i use. when he listen to ruqya he said i dont want waist my time, i am going but ooming back.and then she wakes up….pls advice brothers

  11. Ilham says:

    Salamu alikum. I have been affected for over a year now. Ruqiya has been performed on me by different raqis but with no improvement. I always have pain allover the body, heaviness of the head ,headache numbness in hands and legs coldness of the shoulders ,dream of getting married though i am already married. When ruqiya is performed jinn speaks but has different stories. During ruqiya i cough -dry cough, yawn alot -sometimes even sleep and cry. I don’t what to do.

  12. Ilham says:

    Salamu alaikum. Sometimes when quran is recited on me , the jinn which is a male also says somethings like incantations. I spend almost the whole day doing zikr as i can’t even go to work. Jazakallahu khair.

  13. Salam can you preform ruqya urself & when do u do it i live in the U.S plz help

  14. Nitin says:

    I need help:
    I am not Muslim, I believe on God! May god bless us all. I am facing some very strange troubles it is not like haunted but it is like “the flow of life is terminated”.
    In very Past (Ignored things by my parents):
    1.My mom had dream of White suited “Priest” she said it was hard to say he was Muslim or from any other religion.
    Description: He was completely white dressed, having Black colored book and a Rosary in one hand, and he was looking inside our home and calling my mom from the window to take book!!! but my mom didn’t accepted she was scared a lot and waken up from the dream.
    They ignored it but I am serious it was before of my birth.

    2.Since then problem raised!!! lots of complications created in the life.
    – My mothers first child (female) was born dead!
    – Then she pregnant(for me), she faced lots of quarrels at home, she got leave from house alone during pregnancy. She faced a lots of troubles from then….

    Current Problems:
    1.We are homeless. Living on rent.

    2.Even if my profile is strong I am not been able to selected by any company without any cause.

    3.Money problems (it is like those who learned from me how to make money go forwards and remains back!)

    4.I am also scared from the post dated meetings. All meetings which are not connected each other goes postponed on a SAME DAY! [it happens normally in each week! strange! I also observed it happens for more than three meetings also] those meeting which postponed later fails in the deal!!!! That’s really scares me.

    5.I also tried to chant some Muslim spells or also tried Hindu spells, but it either fails due to the problem of word pronunciation or irregularity because of my works.

    6.I also tried to speak with some Muslim magicians but they want money! and I can’t pay their high charges! I have doubts on each! I am finding true magician.

    7.Some dirty and strange dreams:
    – I see my own death sometimes.
    – I saw some times like I am doing toilet! (somewhat real (just)feelings from my body at that time)
    – Some times I feels like I have sleep paralysis (I can’t move my body but can hear, think properly – active brain)sleep paralysis starts its feelings from small region of my right and back side of my head (brain may be).
    – I saw only one dream about some people holding my father like he is dying and he suddenly dead! That awaken me with sweating.
    – I sometimes feels very strange can’t express! (I thinks like I am dying or my total energy is going down)
    – Strong sex feelings! can’t control to masturbate some times. Especially alone, sometimes during work also.




    • Sehra says:

      bother seems like u have symptoms of possession, but you have to be a Muslim in order to receive Allah’s help, as Allah say in the Quran, I have sent the Quran down as cure and mercy for the believers, u already said you believe in one God, do u believe that prophet peace be upon him is the final messenger, that would be the first step, one you are a Muslim you need to go to a real raaqi, not a fake one who will take your money or give you some dodgy amulet with some weird writings on it, a real raaqi will do everything according to Islamic guidelines, he wont charge you, wont give you any amulet, he will only recite verses of the Quran on you and depending on your reactions he will tell you for definite if you are possessed by something as the Quran burns the jinn’s which non-Muslims refer to as “ghosts” and they absolutely dislike the recitation of Quran, that’s why Quran is seen s a cure for everything, but for it to effective you must be a true believer, i.e. a practising Muslim hope this helps

  15. houda says:

    Salamou alaykoum brother

    My story is have sour done to me and because of it I got really sick. While I am sick I got the Mas with that
    I have nightmares of jinns doing things to me. I’m in deep depression I think I used every mess out there they didn’t work
    I tried to take my life more then ones and everytime I’m doing it I feel like its not me. I’m looking at myself doing it but I’m not doing it
    I did rokya so many times but I’m still the same
    I had it read on me my body start to shake and I cry can control myself but I’m awake
    now I got to the point that Im seared to go outside because when I go out I get sick for a week or two. I get fever my joints hurt so much to the point I cant even walk
    can u please help me.

  16. aisha says:

    assalam alekum. im very worried. im 26 years old. and a doctor by proffession . i was engaged 2 years back which i broke myself. next whoever came to see me never replied. a family came few months back they wanted immediate marriage and i agreed but a week before i finished everything again. i am beautiful and studious. but suddenly im seeing sings of aging and yellowness on my face. my knees and back hurts a lot and there is intense pain in my shoulders. whoever i went to have given me amulet but things dont work on me. i pray 4 times regularly and cover my hair most of the time. today my khala took me to a man he has told me thats something is really wrong in her soul and he will have to clear it up. he has called me on 1st of next chand raat. i found it very weird that what is he going to do with me but he said that there is a thing who will stop all your rishtas and wont let you marry. is there a jin in me? i dont get proper sleep at night and im very lazy not on job anymore. i just waste my days. whoever likes me and give me a positive signal of getting married disappears. its very depressing. should i go to that man and get treatment? does that rukya actually work?

    • Nazreen says:

      Salaam do not go to this man he is a magician. Je will end i doing more magic on you anxcwill send more jinn in your body please stay clear of these people. If he asks ypu for your name andcyour mothers name or asks for a piece of your clothing or a photo of you then he is a magician. Find a real raqi. which city do you live in as could let you know of a good raqi near you. Yes ruqya works as the quran is a healing for the believers.

    • Zubeir says:

      asalamu alaykum.. my wife own different types of jinn.. we tried asour best to remove them but not succed.. all are islams and also they do diffrent treatment by using quran…many people come and get releaf but not paid.. any problem can cure either medical symptoms or not..for reall she helps many even myself… so what can i do..

  17. Lorna says:

    Assalam alekum

    I have sufered for years and converted to islam whe some one gave me a quran and prayers to help with symptoms such as being woken very suddenly when i fall to sleep, very dry cough as soon asi fall to sleep. It was done on me by an african man then other people i met throught my life. For example friends..collegues boyfriend..they all seem to know even though i am hiding it very well.

    I went to Mosque sn the imam gave me an amulet. I just read above that this is wrong?…how do i know a real ruqya is not fake? Are they at mosque? I am only muslim i have no friends or famly to do for me

  18. Lukman Khan says:

    One person told ur wife is having a holy jinn and if u keep her unhappy her jinns ll distroy every thing which u ve earn after marriage i tookthis likely when around seven yrs passed now the things are comung true what he told me acjackly but some told and he aslo told me that ur clothes,hair n leg mud is being taken for magic which i dis believe and ur toy is buried under the cemetary but i dis believe the magic but believe in allah almighty and thier is every day fight between me and my wife i ve married long 14 yrs back i ve two children from her and she also want to leave me and my business and every thing has lost but waiting for allah person to reply me cortectly what the suggestion on this matter so plz can can mail me a

  19. vikas says:

    hello bro…one of my female frnd is affectd frm jinn i think so..she saw a body having black cloth bt she dint saw his fc. She saw him twice in dream. She sees horrible dream every night but forget in mng. 1 nit in dream that man having kissed her n dn went outside nd she slept. In mng she told me about dream n said if she didnt sleep in dream that man could b physical with her. Bro she is of very kind nature plz hlp me.. her age is only 20.We both r hindu plz hlp us

  20. mif says:

    Asselamu aleykum werahmetullahi Weberekatuhu

    I hate masturbation too . But some times bad friends pushes me to enjoy it. Even after i masturbate i feel guilty and Fear of going for Tawbaah Coz i Doubt that i will return to that bad Guilty.
    And My point After i masturnated i found my familly or friends goes illness. Ha u don’t belive this but it is true. if i masturbated my Brother or sister will be sick. This is not happend ones Only.

    Is this Jinn playing on me or what could it be jzk…

  21. Muhammad says:

    Asalamualeikum. can a sihr affect someone sexual life ? like the husband does not have sexual enjoyment when having sex even he has erections. or can it happen to a female also?JAZAKUMLLAH.

  22. Md. Kaiser says:

    my nearest one is affected by jinn, how can i remove him & return him from possession ?

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