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Third Condition of Patient during Ruqya

It often points to the possibility that the patient is not bewitched and that there is no sign of a jinn.  The patient may not feel anything during the recitation of Ruqya. In this case, you should further diagnose the case, asking for more details to confirm if it is not a medical illness.

Reciting the Ruqya at least three times would be suffice to determine a verdict. However, if some symptoms exist (in the history of the patient), advice the following:

  1. The patient should listen to Surah Ad-dukhaan and Surah al-Jinn. May it be from an Audio tape/ Audio file but through headphones. It should be listened to three times a day.
  2. The patient should say ‘astaghfirullaah’ 100 times or more every day.
  3. The patient should say ‘laa hawla walaa quwwata illaa billah’ 100 times or more every day.

The patient should be observed for a month to see any increase/decrease in symptoms. After the month passes, you may follow the treatment in the second stage and look for any of the three conditions, and advise accordingly.

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