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7th Method to bring about a Demon: Al-Kaffu

Drawing a square around the left hand of a young child.

These methods are only to help you distinguish between a Witch and a true Healer.
It is NOT to be practiced what so ever.

The sahir (Witch) brings a young child, who has not yet reached puberty; provided that the boy is not in a state of wudu (cleaning oneself for prayers) then takes his left hand and draws a square around it. The sahir writes incantations, containing words of polytheism, around the four corners of the square. Afterwards, he puts oil and a blue rose, or oil and blue ink, in the hand of the child which is in the square. He then writes other incantations in single words on a rectangular piece of paper. Then, he puts the piece of paper over the face of the child as a shade or cover, putting a cap on so that it remains firm. He then covers the child completely with a thick garment. At this time, the child looks at his hand, but, obviously, cannot see the sahir, as he is in darkness. The sahir begins reciting an incantation which contains words of extreme disbelief. As a result, the child feels as if the darkness has turned into light, and sees the moving image in his hand.

“What do you see?” the sahir asks the child,
The child answers, “I see the picture of a man”
The sahir says, “Tell him the sahir says so and so…”
Then the image starts moving according to his orders.


  • This method is mostly used in looking for lost things,
  • Again, there is no gainsaying the acts of polytheism and disbelief, and ail the strange incantations involved in this method.
Courtesy of Wahid Ibn Abdessalam Bali & Shafiq Abdulghani. JazakAllahu Khairan.

15 Responses to “7th Method to bring about a Demon: Al-Kaffu”

  1. moosa says:

    sahil (witch) can be catched by reciting surat yasin 7x and its very useful in gaining strength /wealthy/ and many good impacts in life.
    regards moosa

  2. Mohamed says:

    @ Moosa: Where is the proof of that statement?

  3. Jamahl says:

    If you capture a djinn, you take away what Allah gave us both, freewill so how can that be a good thing?

  4. Sahra says:


    It is incredibly UNSAFE and UNWISE to detail the practices and methods of witches to this extent. The scholars of the past did not due this as it will lead weak people to experiment with the knowledge first dispersed by Harut and Marut as a test to mankind.

    It would suffice, O brother, to detail the halal manner in which ruqya is to be performed according to the shariah and to warn of deviation from the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

    • Zuhayra says:

      As UmmSalman said, the details which the publisher uses is rather vague if anything and does not give the reader specific means to summon a demon. Rather, we are provided with a much more general example of what a Witch may do. This is for those who know no difference between a healer and a magician. That way, they may more easily recognize if something is amiss, should they be seeking help. Otherwise, they my not realise that what is being done is wrong.

  5. UmmSalman says:

    Assalamu alaikum sister Sahra,

    In my opinion, since the brother is not giving any incantations, rather the method that a sahir uses, it kind of gives warning to those ignorant people who are not able to differentiate between a sahir and an alim! Plus it satisfies curiosity of those who may go knowingly to a sahir just to see what he does!

  6. Asad says:

    i have seen a person called moulana Jabbar in mardan, kpk, pakistan, who put paper on hand of young child, and another piece on his forehead with cap..says some things over it, at the end he says, ya tororo, ya tororro, ya tororro…
    and the child see things in paper, finds evil doer(like relative of else, not amal) and finds places where taweezat etc are used to barried etc..
    also for treatment he used to give ayatulkursi written over paper to be drinked that water for one week..
    i am still double minded, whether he way is on truth or lies..

  7. ASH says:

    He did sihir (magic) to cure. He used magic and thats it! its wrong.
    we say its all about our intentions, Niyyah, but in case of magic i dont think its the same case.

  8. Sara says:

    Do you have the Mardan Molanna number?

  9. Durru Shevar says:


    Please as one brother noted above, this seems highly unsafe to have up… even though some info is vague it wouldn’t be difficult to find out… please remove some information…


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