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The Means to Protection from Satan (Evil Jinn)


What is the means by which man can be protected from Satan‘s deeds and whispers and which can keep faith intact and behavior sound and straight?


There are two demands for this means. Firstly, one has to continually pray to Allah for protection from Satan‘s evil deeds and whispers, while firmly believing that none but Allah gives refuge from such things. Secondly, one must resolve to rid oneself of the doubts and whispers raised against the source and validity of faith and acts of worship. One must firmly believe that his faith is the right one and that whatever whispers he gets are all from Satan, who always plans to lead people into confusion and to put on them an unbearable burden in order to feel tired of worship and to think that it is not valid.

From the book ‘Fatwas on Faith Healing & Witchcraft’ by Khaled al-Jeraisy. Translated by Dr. M. A. M. Mohammad

8 Responses to “The Means to Protection from Satan (Evil Jinn)”

  1. Fatima Khan says:

    Assalamu Alaikum, we are in a very deep problem . our family is of five people.We were living a happy life with our friends and relatives. we were used to share every single happiness with all.We never felt envy of others’s happiness. then came the EVIL SPIRIT, she did black magic (dim porano/ egg burning and some other koofori task like putting tabeez into a tomb/kobor ). we came to know about this from the servants, the lady evil is our father’s mother. she said to the servants that it was for her elder son’s good fortune !!! but actually we had been losing every progress for the last 14/15 years.we came to know of this act in 1999, from then we have gone to many religious people , but nothing happened. we have gone to a lady who works withh good jinns. she said they will just recite duas for us. nothing worked.we are suffering a lot. all the sources of income blocked, savings gone, debts are piling up. then we came tro know about another alem person, he said its a very deep kufori work. bad jinns are involved, they are surrounding us, he alone can not do anything, he has to consult with others. he told to seek help from Allah. that we do, Allah is the most powerful.i hope that Allah will definitely help us through something or someone. then i found the site. we pray Namaz, we do other amol, and i recite/read Quran. look our income source is totally blocked.

    • Danishajaz says:

      Cure is to read surat al baqara and say bismillah when opening and closing doors and be punctual in salah which is most important and steadfast in dikr and much more ways based on shariah.

    • Fatima says:

      See incha’Allaah this links below they will tell you how to cure all this evil Bi’idnilaah

    • Miraji says:

      Waaleykum Salaam; My sister, Find lotus tree leaves put in Water and recite Rukya on it:– Surah al-Fatiha

      2 – Surah al-Baqara: 1 – 5

      3 – Surah al-Baqara: 102 (to be recited several times)

      4 – Surah al-Baqara: 163 – 164

      5 – Surah al-Baqara: 255 (Ayat-ul-Kursi)

      6 – Surah al-Baqara: 285 – 286

      7 – Surah Aal-e-Imran: 18 – 19

      8 – Surah al-A’raaf: 54 – 56

      9 – Surah al-A’raaf: 117 – 122 (to be recited several times)

      10 – Surah Yoonus: 81 – 82 (to be recited several times)

      11 – Surah Taa-ha: 69 (to be recited several times)

      12 – Surah al-Mu’minoon: 115 – 118

      13 – Surah as-saaffaat: 1 – 10

      14 – Surah al-Ahqaaf: 29 – 32

      15 – Surah ar-Rahmaan: 33 – 36

      16 – Surah al-Hashr: 21 – 24

      17 – Surah al-Jinn: 1 – 9

      18 – Surah al-Ikhlaas

      19 – Surah al-Falaq (“waminn sharrinn nafaasaate fil-uqad” should be repeated several times)

      20 – Surah an-Naas
      Then mix more water and use for bathing and spill at the corners of your house. Also make sure Surat baqara is being recited in your house regularly inshallah the situation will be recovered.For any Inquiries contact me at:

    • Guest says:

      You need to get in touch with Alim Bashir sahib. He lives in karachi. He usually comes on Aamir liaqat show. Allah has blessed him with removing black magic from people. I think he can solve ur problem. You can youtube him. Good luck with it.

  2. syed says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Dear guys could you help me pls and I want to come out of from tat in my life I faced many problems till now.i do no wat to do

  3. nisa says:

    Pls help i too have same situation .i am struggling lot.

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