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The Body Parts through Which Jinn enter and Possess Humans


While performing Ruqyas, some Raqis command the jinn to get out of the possessed patient. Sometimes the jinn asks to exit through, for example, the eye or the ear, but the Raqi refuses lest the patient‘s ears or eyes should be harmed. Therefore, the Raqi instructs the jinn to exit through the mouth or toes. Is it right to believe that the jinn‘s exit through the patient‘s ears or eyes can be harmful?


It is true that the jinn possesses the human and controls all his body. Obviously, it can enter through all body parts, and sometimes through certain parts such as fingers, toes, sense organs or private parts. The same can be said about its exit; for example, as it enters through one side, it can exit from the other side, or though a finger, a toe, the mouth, the nose or the ears.
Someone I trust told me about the case of a possessed girl. Under the pressure of the Ruqya, the jinn asked to exit through the right hand‘s forefinger. Those who were observing the finger being dipped into dust, as the exiting was occurring, saw no harm done to the finger. This implies that no harm befalls the exit point.

Wallahu A‘lam (& Allah knows Best)

From the book ‘Fatwas on Faith Healing & Witchcraft’ by Khaled al-Jeraisy. Translated by Dr. M. A. M. Mohammad

10 Responses to “The Body Parts through Which Jinn enter and Possess Humans”

  1. tasha says:

    I, have to know will and can a jinn try to take over a pregnant female. This is not the first time i have seen it .it has no face that i can’t see i call him after my cusin that pass.but on the 18th of july it touched me when i was sleeping.i stayed up the whole night.its not the first time i seen him but now, im finding myself lost it this battle it either wants me or my unborn son……

  2. abdurraouf says:

    No dont read the book, he was a sahir. Its a magic book. Sis, search a raqi with the raqi list from this side. Admin delet the message from mohd ali. La hauwla wala quwata ila billah. This is a magic book.

    • fauzia says:

      Thank you so much for advice Brother. most of us have little or no knowledge about books allowed in Islam.and because of that we may annoy Allah unknowingly. I my self, i don’t want to associate Allah with anything however much i suffer. I rather die a believer.
      Thank you. we appreciate.

  3. Ayub says:

    Pls contact Shk abdul Aziz al kindi on 0508060232

    Alhamdulillah one of the authentic Raqi I found in Uae.

  4. nisa says:

    Pls any one say a raqi frm uae

  5. Michelle says:

    Question, how can you confuse djinns (elemental beings) with demons (the fallen angels)?

    Demons want to destroy all forms of life, not just human. Demons know they have a short amount of time to live just as Revelations states & they will take as many humans with them to be erased from existence as they possibly can.

    Djinns protect life. That is their job.

    I am a Master of MANY djinns & I’ve been their Master for many years now & NON of them have harmed me nor my loved ones in any sense of the word harm. Yes, they look different than humans. So what! They’ve always been gentle towards me & my husband. They are quite helpful. If my husband or I misplace an item, they place it near us on the table.

    I’ve seen a demon firsthand in a dream. I’ve felt the energy of that demon. A demon has a feeling of total hopelessness & out of control anger towards all life. Djinns do not.

    Djinns are protective of all forms of life especially humans. You keep your word, they keep theirs. Djinns are a soldier clan. They hold honor in high regard. Most djinns very much feel life is sacred.

    Bottomline is: Djinns and demons are two different beings.

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