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6th Method to bring about a Demon: At-Tanjeem

Communicating with a Certain Star

These methods are only to help you distinguish between a Witch and a true Healer.
It is NOT to be practiced what so ever.

This method is also known as Ar-rasd (from tarassada in Arabic – meaning: to observe) The sahir(Witch) waits and observes the sky until a specific star emerges, then talks to it using enchanting language and another incantation that contains words of polytheism and disbelief, which only Allah knows of He then performs some movements which he claims make the spirit of that star descend, But this is in fact an act of worshiping that star instead of worshiping Allah, The sahir may not be aware of his action, but this is an act of worshiping and extolling other than Allah. As a result of this worship, the demons execute the sahir’s orders, However, the sahir believes it is the star which helps him, yet the star, which is falsely accused, is not even aware of what is happening, The sorcerers claim that this type of sihr cannot be resolved unless the star reappears, There are stars which appear only once a year, so they wait and observe until it reappears, recite an incantation, in which they seek refuge in that star to resolve their sihr(Witchcraft).


  • The act of disbelief lies in praising and seeking refuge in other than Allah, not to mention the incantation which contains words of disbelief.
Courtesy of Wahid Ibn Abdessalam Bali & Shafiq Abdulghani. JazakAllahu Khairan.

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  2. Gilbert says:

    American Indians use this method,siux,mayas,apaches black feet,etc.

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