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Facts about Amulets

A tradition wide spread for a long time, since the fall of Iblees till this hour. What are Amulets?

Amulets were things that the Arabs used to tie onto their children to protect them against the evil eye, or so they claimed, since pre-Islamic times.

A Hadith narrated by Musnad Ahmad, classed sahih by al-Albaani that the Messenger of Allah said:
Whoever ties on an amulet has committed Shirk”
Refer, Zaad Al-Ma’aad, 4/170. Or al-Silsilah as-Sahihah, (492).

Imaam Ahmad collected a Hadith Narrated from Uqbah (r.a) (one of the companions of the Prophet (swt)): that once a group of men approached Allaah’s Messenger to give their allegiance to him, and he accepted the oath from nine of them but refused to accept it from one. When they asked him why he refused their companion’s oath, he replied, “Verily, he is wearing an amulet.” The man who was wearing the amulet put his hand in his cloak, pulled the amulet off, broke it, and then made the oath. The Prophet (swt) then said, “Whoever wears an amulet has committed shirk.”

With this said, binding amulets, bracelets and necklaces adorned with blue beads and metal pieces of the shape of a crescent, or animal teeth or bones etc “with the thought that they will keep one safe from Evil and bring good and bad fortune” is without a doubt – Shirk. It was commonly known among the Arabs of the pre-Islamic times that the jinn/demons fear the wolves, and that is why people would hunt for wolves and get their teeth/bones to seek refuge in them.

But one may ask, what if we were to bind verses of the Quran to our body and seek refuge in them?

What about using Quran and its Verses as Amulets?

Some people mention this issue referring to a fatwa of Ibn Taimiyya quoted below:

Sheikh-ul-Islam Ibn Taimiyya, in one of his fatwa, said,

“It is permissible for an ill or troubled person, that certain verses from the Qur’an are written with pure ink, then it is washed and given to the ill to drink. Ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with him) is reported to have mentioned a certain Dua that should be written and placed close to the woman who is experiencing hard labour at the time of giving birth.”

“And We send down of the Qur’aan that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe…” [al-Isra’ 17:82]

But there is no sign of making a Quran that fits into a Locket so one can hang it around his neck or tie it to his arm. This is obvious from the teaching of the Prophet (pbuh). For instance, Surah an-Naas and Surah al-Falaq were revealed as a Healing for the witchcraft and to ward-off Evil, but neither the Prophet (pbuh), nor his Companions ever wrote those Chapters on paper and bound it to their body to seek protection from the overcoming Evil on their people who were cured multiple times with these Chapters. They merely recited it over.

So what Ibn Tiamiya has said, does not refer to Amulets at all. It is when people interpret that Fatwa and promote the use of Quran as Amulets. We all know the degree of Evil this is going to spread, and it already has. Matter of fact is that – When we are taught a simple way of protecting ourselves form Evil, simply by reciting the Verses of the Quran and seeking refuge in Allaah, then why improvise other unnecessary methods of protection?

I am sure all of you are aware of Amulets sealed in Leather and in Tight coverings. Have you ever wondered why?

What is the difference in keeping a verse of the Quran on a paper kept in a pocket, and that piece of paper sealed inside a leather covering?

I believe the difference lies in the text written on the piece of paper which the Amulet craftsman does not want you to know! Since people started believing in Amulets with Verses of Quran in them, it opened a great opportunity for the Magicians to infiltrate our Muslim Societies. Today, we find hundreds of so called-men of god-giving people amulets for cure and protection from Evil and Witchcraft etc, claiming them to have verses of Quran when none can understand Arabic in the first place. Any layman that reads them will say that it is a verse from the Quran. But Just because it Apparently looks like Arabic does NOT mean it is a verse from the Quran. It may most probably be a Praise to the Demons. All of this is apparent from the condition in Bangladesh. Most people are bankrupted by these so called men of god. They bewitch people with their own jinn (Demons), and their victims come to them as patients. The magician can then relieve his pain temporarily and make him an addict and eventually bankrupt him.

You may refer to the topic – Distinctive features of a Witch/Sahir for a better understanding of such men.  Most of the times when you open the sealed Amulet, you will find Figures and Diagrams and Tables of Number etc. It may even include a verse of the Quran that may not have a specific meaning but along with that you find the figures and diagrams. Now where does Islam teach us to draw diagrams in order to seek protection from Evil?

In short, the amount of evil spread through allowing Amulets in Islaam can be guess from the video bellow:

Fact is, they (Magicians) use these diagrams as portal/key for the jinn to trace their victims. It is a generalized concept:
A devil would never bother the ones who are already misguided, and that is how they are safe from evil when wearing such amulets.

All of this is without a doubt Shirk.

I would like to repeat that, when there is already a way prescribed from the Sunnah, that we can cure ourselves and our brothers simply by reciting the Quran to them, then why seek the help of an amulet?

and Allah knows Best.

10 Responses to “Facts about Amulets”

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  2. Mujahid says:


    Here in South Africa sihr and taweez is widespread. I have been given taweez treatment by a moulana for the black magic that was eaten/drunk 4 years ago but recently discovered that ruqyah is the correct treatment. What is scary is that I have been to 2 moulana’s and a Qari who all prescribed taweez treatment for me and when I enquired from them about ruqyah they disagreed and insisted that I use the taweez and eventually I believed them because of their status as moulana’s and Qari.
    I have burned the taweez when I came accross evidence that the practice of writing numbers/symbols in diagrams is the same as the jewish kaballah.

    I have begun to do ruqyah on myself by cupping my hands, then reciting the 3 Quls or surah faathiha and then sweeping it accross my body. I have also recited the 3 Quls, surah faathiha and ayatul kursi in a jug of water to drink and I refill it before it gets empty. I have been for hijamah(cupping of the head) and taken senna drink. I have honey and kalonji(black seed) regularly. I also recited surah faathiha on olive oil and apply it to my skin for the white patches I recently started developing(think it’s because i did hijamah on a wednesday).

    I now only require someone to recite qur’aan on me but am struggling to find anyone in Durban, South Africa who does it. Can anyone help me?


    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salaam brother Mujahid,

      It is a pleasure to see such a practicing Muslim. Masha’Allaah & BaarikAllahu Feh.

      Brother, it is hard for us to know people around the world but the best way to find someone trust worthy is from your Masjid. However the Imaam of Masjids often cannot differentiate between a Magician and a Healer, But he is also often associated/aware of Muftis or Scholars of Higher Knowledge.

      So, if you think that the Imaam understands the facts of Magic and Ruqya, he might as well recite the verses you tell him to. Or you may even listen to a Ruqya via Headphones.

      Download Here:

      May Allaah’s Peace and Blessings be Upon all of us.


    • Allahoeddien says:


      I am in Durban. You can contact me to read quran ruqyah. My number is 073 685 6713. If I do not answer please leave an ams.


  3. […] “The sheikh gave me Taweez to drink with water and to tie onto my body; it really has brought good fortune” As we all know, Amulets are forbidden in Islam. They are nothing more than a Contract that binds a specific Jinn to a Victim via a Table-Chart, which is more like an ID-Number or a Number Plate of a Jinn. For more rulings on Amulets and why it is Haraam, Read: Facts_about_Amulets […]

  4. A. Hossain says:

    Dear Brother Muhammad Ali.
    A fortune teller told me recently that someone from my relative has done black magic against us to destroy us and block our prosperity.
    He want 10.000 rupee to remove the so called amulets that was burried in somewhere in our home.
    Now a days i am observing that we are going down and down, our income is better but we are going under debt. And i have doubt now that if anybody done witchcraft against us?
    My question is to you ?
    Is it possible to block one’s luck by witccraft?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      As salamu alaiikum brother Hossain,

      What ever happens is by the Will of Allaah; Rizq is from Allaah and no one else can control that brother. Please stop going to this fortune teller because he is lying to you. Read the following articles brother:
      The Fake Molana/Healer
      Features of a Magician

      It is haram to go to such people brother. In an Authentic hadith comes that:

      “Whoever goes to a soothsayer and believes what he says, has disbelieved in the Message sent to Muhammad (pbuh); and his prayers will not be accepted for forty days.”

      If you are not aware of this then there is no sin on you. But please read the above articles and you will understand the reality of these people. It is Allaah who protects and Testifies people.

      and Allaah knows Best.

      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

      If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. JazakAllahu Khairan

  5. Zinat says:

    Salam Brother

    Alhumdulilah I have found this site, I was looking for someone to answer my question.

    I was away abroad on July and when I came back a week later I found a charm or talisman under my mattress, it’s a piece of paper had writings on it (Arabic mix with Hindi), and a weird looking picture of a man with long finger nails, also when I opened the charm it had some strange red powder inside? I thank Allah (SWT) I found that charm before I slept on my bed.
    Can you please explain what that was? Or means?

    My dad flashed it down the toilet, was that ok?

    Please can you reply back to me as soon as possible.

    Jazak’Allah khair

  6. Javed Shah says:


    Regarding what you have mentioned:
    “It is permissible for an ill or troubled person, that certain verses from the Qur’an are written with pure ink, then it is washed and given to the ill to drink. Ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with him) is reported to have mentioned a certain Dua that should be written and placed close to the woman who is experiencing hard labour at the time of giving birth.”

    What I have read is as follows:

    According to Ibn-Assinni[Ibn-Assiny’s Al-Yawm Wal-Laylah, Hadith No. 619.], Ibn-Abbas said, If delivery is too difficult, take a clean pan and write on it (from within) these verses: ―

    On the day when they see that which they are promised (it will seem to them) as though they had tarried but an hour of daylight;(Al-Ahqaaf Sura, Ayah 35.)

    On the day when they behold it, it will be as if they had but tarried for an evening or the morn thereof;(‘An-Nazi’ Sura, Ayah 46.)

    In their history verily there is a lesson for men of understanding.(Yusuf Sura, Ayah 111)

    Then, wash the pan with water. Some of the wash wash water is to be given to the woman in labour to drink, and some to be sprinkled on her abdomen and face.

  7. Sara Hassanali says:

    Assalam wa alikum

    Is it possible to get possessed by jinn if you watch jinn possessions on YouTube and other jinn video or if you think about them too much. Because when I’m about to go to sleep I end up thinking of them and I get really scared so I read al Fatiha 5 times and al falaq 5 times, al nas 5 times and ayyatul kursi but I still feel like someone is ther

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