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Taking help from a Jinn in Sickness


What is the ruling on asking the jinn for help in finding out about the evil eye or magic [i.e., who did it and what type it is], or believing a jinn who is residing in a sick person in what he says about magic and the evil eye, and taking action based on that?


It is not permissible to seek the help of the jinn in finding about what the problem is and how to treat it, because seeking the help of the jinn is shirk. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

And verily, there were men among mankind who took shelter with the males among the jinn, but they (jinn) increased them (mankind) in sin and transgression

[al-Jinn 72:6]

And on the Day when He will gather them (all) together (and say): ‘O you assembly of jinn! Many did you mislead of men,’ and their Awliyaa’ (friends and helpers) amongst men will say: ‘Our Lord! We benefited one from the other, but now we have reached our appointed term which You did appoint for us.’ He will say: ‘The Fire be your dwelling place, you will dwell therein forever, except as Allaah may will. Certainly your Lord is All-Wise, All-Knowing’”

[al-An’aam 6:128]

The meaning of the phrase ‘We benefited one from the other’ is that the men venerated the jinn and submitted to them and sought help from them, and the jinn served them by doing what they wanted and bringing them what they asked for. That includes informing them of the type of sickness and its causes, because the jinn can come to know of things that humans cannot; but they may tell lies, because they cannot be trusted, and it is not permissible to believe them.

And Allaah knows best.

4 Responses to “Taking help from a Jinn in Sickness”

  1. Nabeel kareem says:

    Assalamu alaikum: I belongs to a salafi organisation in kerala, india called KNM. Here the jinn controversy going on among us. Here some salafis argue that we can seek the help of a jinn from what allah has given to them. Eg: As in the case of an human doctor, we can’t seek rain to him. Because its not in the limit of him. Thus it is shirk. But we can seek to him for a medical check up. Like wise we can ask to jinn for what allah has given to them.

    And they quote the hadith of ‘ya ibaadhallahi agheenooni’.

    Now I am too confusing. Ask to a doctor for physical help is not shirk. But ask to a jinn for physical help is shirk. What is the difference between the two?

  2. Another Muslim says:

    There are various sicknesses whose cause is the influence of a jinn or an evil eye or sihr(use of jinns to curse) or other unseen factors. There are no human solutions for these things other that having medicines for the rest of your life and hence most people who approach jinns ask for a solution to remove these unseen influences.

    Verily asking the help of a jinn to cure illness is shirk because jinns can never be trusted, but the knowledge of a cause of illness and its removal is necessary for people to live and pray to Allah. And if a Jinn can help you remove the influence by using prayers(Dikrs, Swalat, Reading Specific parts of Quran), then such help can likely fall under the allowed category of help.

  3. Zahia says:

    Brothers, sisters my son is possessed by Jin I need to find a good Raki in NYC as soon as possible Shoukren Jazilen

  4. Zia says:

    What is the difference between Jinns and Quranic muakkals? some healers take the help of Quranic Muakkils while for treatment. Are both the same or whether it is permissible for the healers to take help from muakkals?

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