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Story: Being a Victim of Magic for Love

I’m grateful to brother **** for sharing his personal experience with us. A great lesson to always keep remembrance of Allah. here it is:

I believe I have been the victim of sihr of love and also a sihr which destroys a person physically, mentally and spiritually (imaan). Here is my story,

A new female worker started work at my place who was the same age as me. She was the ‘friendly’ type that talks to everyone including ghair mahram men. I, at first did not like her behavior due to the fact that she did not adhere to Islamic principles despite wearing a headscarf. anyway i eventually had a conversation with her for like 10mins, just general stuff, in this talk i notice she asked me my mums name but at that time this was just considered to be general questions by me and i though nothing of it. So I went home. The next time I see her at work i suddenly feel a strong sense of attraction to her even though only a few days ago i had no such feelings. I would try to not think of her but the feelings just got stronger to such an extent i gave her my number which she took despite her knowing I was Married, I could not stop thinking bout her and it was ruining my life.

I would have dreams about her, wake up suddenly at 7am with her in my mind, we would talk for hours and text everyday. I was getting desperate for her to such an extent that i asked her to marry me, even though i was already married. Within 2 weeks of our first conversation i already wanted to marry her, I had no idea why i was so attracted to her. However despite my intense love (the worker) for her my wife did not give me permission to marry her and threatened suicide, so eventually she married someone else but i was still obsessed with her and we stayed in contact via phone. By this time 5 months had passed since our first meeting and also i had now started praying regularly and exercising taqwa in my life as i new this would help me in my grief of losing her. After 2 months of her marriage, i started to feel uneasy when intending to pray salah or quran, to such an extent i couldn’t even say ‘Allah’ without feeling sick. my condition went extremely worse in a matter of 3 weeks, by this time i was getting constant nightmares, Hallucinations in night, unable to eat, vomiting, feeling very scared and worried constantly, high body temperature, could not pray salah without feeling sick or with high body temp, i would feel scared when listening to quran to the extent i would fee like running away from the mosque. the worst thing was the constant thoughts of KUFR and SHIRK in my mind. I would try to fight these thoughts but i struggled.

After all these things were happening to me my family took me to a  magician who told me it was a jinn through black magic, he didnt actually say it was somone i worked with, he asked me where I worked and if I had an argument with someone at work, i replied no. From this I concluded that it can only be the woman from work. He asked me my mums name and then told me it was a jinn through black magic by someone i worked with. he gave me taweez to mix with water and drink. At tis time i was unaware of ruqya nor did i know that it was haram to go to such people. a few months later most of the physical symptoms had gone but the kufr thoughts and the dislike of salah and quarn remained. After doing some research i learnt about this issue and found out about ruqyah and the fact that the only cure is through Quran and salah and dua and obeying Allah. So then i started prayin 5 times salah punctually and moring and evning adkars. For the first 6 months practicing Islam properly i did feel some of the symptoms but alhmdulilah after 1 year of regular salh, dhikr, quran, 99.9% all the problems have been cured, i no longer have any problem with reciting the quran or salah, nor do i get hallucinations or many nightmares.



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15 Responses to “Story: Being a Victim of Magic for Love”

  1. Brother yasin says:

    More details on the taweez given to me.

    1) a taweez to put on main entrance, had verses of quran on it, started with ‘bismillah’.
    This is to deceieve a person into thinking it is the Quran or Allah’s name that is being used to keep away the Jinn

    2)A taweez to wear

    3) 60 or so slips of paper with something written in orange/yellow dye which dissolves in water, i had to mix this in water and drink every day

    4) 1 big slip of paper with something written in orange/yellow dye which dissloves in water. I had to sprinkle this water around the house

    5) a taweez with squares and numbers, which also had ‘ya jibraeel’ ‘ya mikaeel’ ‘ya israfeel’ ‘ya izraeel’ ‘ya allamul guyoob’ written on it. I had to put this in my pillow. He said I should pray Salawaat on the Prophet (saw) before going to sleep. This way and by the taweez in the pillow I would see the person who did the black magic.

    • Muhammad Ali says:


    • Qaadri says:

      This is Noori iLm that you have been given, not sihr. A layman can’t differentiate between both of them. The numbers are based on ilmul Aidaad(The science of Numbers), and its ba Mowaqil. Each and everything has Noori Mowaqils on duty, who execute the Will of Allah(swt). The names of Angels, are not the Muqaribeen, but the Noori Moqileen, and yes they do share a common name!! This ilm is the opposite of sihr, and calling it sihr is kufr!

      • UMRAH says:

        was this ILM taught by Prophet (s.a.w. )himself???
        if so give us all the reference.
        Don’t follow anybody blindly…check if it is mentioned in quran anr sunnah or not.

        • Khan says:

          This is Noori ilm! Laymen can’t differentiate! Its the exact opposite of Sifli ilm(Sihr)!!! The sahireen know it better than many so-called aalims! Even a proper aalim is bound to understand this & he’d take the opinion of the person called “Aamil” in cases where its blurry for him!! The person who has this Qur’anic ilm is called “Noori Amil”! The names of noori moqilaat are like that “Tankafeel, Hazorael, Romaeel,…” Please note: There are Noori moqileen with the names of malaaik muqaribeen but these are not malaaik muqaribeen!! The person who gives his fatwa must be aware of Noori ilm, in this case “ilm al moqilaat” which is a sub-branch of noori ilm!

  2. M says:

    When humans die we pray quran and other stuff as sadqa-e-jariya but when a jinn dies i heard they have their own prayings,so my question is what do you pray for a dead jinn as sadqa-e-jariya,also i heard that after a jinn is dead and you remember him and talk about him,it causes him pain is that true?
    How do you get powerful jinns out of your house?

  3. m says:

    how is going to people to ask if black magic is being done on yov haram?they just have jinns with them who tell them,why isit kufr?with ruqya you dont get much information nor do you find out whos doing this on you,what if you ask a jinn directly?is that stil haram?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam,

      “When humans die we pray quran and other stuff as sadqa-e-jariya but when a jinn dies i heard they have their own prayings,so my question is what do you pray for a dead jinn as sadqa-e-jariya,also i heard that after a jinn is dead and you remember him and talk about him,it causes him pain is that true?”

      We do not possess any strong evidence that proves this, but there are multiple thoughts about this issue. Some say jinn can even revive that die. Probably that is the reason they are more in number and probably that is why they do not fear Allaah (except for some). But Allaah knows best.

      “how is going to people to ask if black magic is being done on yov haram?they just have jinns with them who tell them,why isit kufr?”

      brother, it is haram for our sake. those who deal with shaytan can easily lie to us and trick us. i tell people that if they do not suffer from anything, still if they visit those who work with jinn, they will ALWAYS tell you that you are bewitched. it is their business. if you are not bewitched, they will bewitch you. likewise with jinn who contacts mankind, they often lie because we are not aware of the reality behind what he says.

      If you look into some of the recent articles, you may find your answers where i have elaborated this issue.

      “what if you ask a jinn directly?is that stil haram?”
      the Islamic shariyah does not allow this, here are a few article to its relevance:

      and Allaah is the Hearer of All.

  4. Anika says:

    Same here I feel very very scared to listen to quranic verses or pray salah without headaches/tiredness…..I recite the 3 quls everyday..amatullah Kursk and surah Baqarrah to get rid of jinn disturbances caused by either black magic or evil eye. I can’t get up for Fajr on time and regret….I forget things very easily…confused..say weird things at times….. Is this fear of Quran caused by jinn ? I used to shiver when listening to It….I try to understand Islam always but my mind is filled with thoughts of life and constant whisperings of satan forcing me to abandon prayers………….

  5. Anika says:

    Sorry i meant i struggle to understand islam and pray 5 times…but my mind is filled with kufr….i recite ayatul kursi…..had nitmares in the past….sometimes before felt tingling on my feet….like many small insects of same species crawling up my feet but then i recite ayatul kursi and other surahs and it goes away…i was possessed before….but did ruqyah and dhikr and jinn left me as long as i recite athkars…… What do i do? Im feel like its quite disturbing and want to proptect myself from magic…or envy…some people envied my high academic achevements before but since 2 years i ave been failing in everything and all my plans are going messed up astray…i was well organised before ut now im hopeless….

  6. Anika says:

    I even laugh and mock myself at times….as if i am my own enemy and i know it but i dont want to be my own enemy… I mess everything intentionally but regret later….things are going so strange for me….why did evil eye affect me so bad? It totally paralyzed my emotions and emptional /psychological well being…. May Allah curse and harm the person who did magic to harm me….i’ve also had taweez and visited many magicians before…i threw the taweez away….

  7. helper says:

    Do wudu, pray two rajat prayers. Take a big jug of water and read fatiha, Kurdish, 4quls 7 times each loudly and clearly, in a relaxed mood and with faith. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by thoughts until you’re done. Drink one glass and pour one glass on your body. Do this in the morning and at night after maghrib for a week and see the difference Inshallah. The power of quran is magnificent.

  8. Aman Sharief says:

    Sister My name is Aman and i am from Hyderabad,India… i know of a person infact my childhood friend and Alhamdulillah he is a good Maulij(person who does ruqya) and has been known to help people all over india and outside India as well. he does everything for free and according to Quran and Hadeeth and all this is done for no fee whatsoever. for people who are not in my town he does the ruqya either over the phone or through internet. if needed he will also give his CD which needs to be listen to and it only has Quran recitation. hope this will help you. my number is +919703836655

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