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Sihr at-Takhyeel (Magic of Illusions)

It is categorized into two types:

1 – Displaying tricks but with the help of Jinn.
2 – Bewitching the eyes of the crowd to make them see things other than reality.

An example for the 1st type:

Fact about the 2nd type:

“He [Musa (Moses)] said: ‘Throw you (first)(staves)’. So when they threw, they bewitched the eyes of the people, and struck terror into them, and they displayed a great magic. And We inspired to Moses, ‘Throw your staff,’ and at once it devoured what they were falsifying.” [Al-A’raaf: 16-17]

We often notice magician/s displaying the art of magic/witchcraft at places like Gatherings in Villages and Markets. They call them tricks when in fact most of them are with the help of the Jinn. They do, however, display simple tricks in order to keep the people from considering them as Witch/es, when in fact their work has a lot to do with Jinn. The above rope trick is a good example.

Today, we see David Blaine and other magicians, who would sometimes perform tricks that cannot be explained through any natural cause. Yet, they also perform simple tricks that are easy to figure out. The reason why they perform simple tricks is because they don’t want the viewers to delve deep into the mysteries of their oddest tricks. Because once a person knows how magic is performed with the help of Jinn, they would start to question the magician and that would cause more people to believe in the supernatural, and eventually, demote David Blaine.

However, the 2nd type is defined as the magic that makes things appear in a form other than its original one. If you read about the Types and Categories of Jinn from the contents page, you will notice the type called Si’la and Ghoul. These were the type of jinn which would come in contact with travellers mostly, and they would make the travellers see weird objects in the desert of Egypt, which would vanish soon as they were approached. They are called the Magicians of the Jinn; Magicians who make things appear in forms other than what they really are.

I also mentioned the Hadith on how to protect oneself from the above type of Jinn; one can announce Azaan (call to prayers) in a loud voice, or recite Ayat-ul-Kursi (al-baqara 255).

The Main issue is that, the second category of this type of magic is used within the other types of magic like – magic of love/separation. It makes either of the couple appear ugly/beautiful to the other. It may also be used in Magic of Lunacy, to drive people mad by making them see illusion/s of objects.


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Wa huwa Aalaa kulli shay'in Qadeer.

4 Responses to “Sihr at-Takhyeel (Magic of Illusions)”

  1. usman says:

    A pole can be clearly seen behind the rope, i suspect this is more of a camera illusion than
    jinn or magic!

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I think you are right, I also noticed a pole but, how does a pole emerge from solid ground? As the trick was performed to the soldiers and not the camera. Could be that the report is fake.

  2. Yazid says:

    How can one cure sihr by him self sent by a lady who wanted you to marry her and you refused then she sent jinn to prevent you from penis erection?

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