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Sihr al-Junoon (Magic for Lunacy)

Please keep in mind, it may be the cause of some psychological disorder and might have nothing to do with jinn. However, reciting the verses of Quran will never harm him, but might work if the cause for Lunacy are jinn [Demons].

How is it done?

A person goes to a sorcerer/witch and requests that a certain person be bewitched. The Witch would ask for the name of the victim, the victim’s mother’s name, and also traces of the victim’s smell, things that have been in contact with the skin/sweat of the victim – like the victim’s hair, garment, clothes, handkerchief, cut nails etc. If that is too difficult to obtain, the witch would perform Sihr/bewitch some water, then ask the client to spill it along the way which that person normally passes by. If the victim crosses that place of water, knowing his name and mother’s name, he would be affected by Sihr/witchcraft. The client may even use that bewitched water/food to be added to the victim’s food/drink.

However, if the witch is provided with clothes/nails, he will use them in forming a CHARM or KEY, to bind a jinn for that specific purpose. He will then tie knots around that charm and tell the client to bury it in a deserted place, a place where no one can find it, or even take it out. For once it’s taken out and opened, the jinn will be freed of that purpose.

But once the jinn takes the trace of the victim, he tries to set into his mind. He takes control of the brain and forces it to malfunction. The jinn would sometimes erase his memory and thoughts, and completely disorient the victim’s behavior.


Early symptoms –

  • Obliviousness, Absentminded, Confused speech

Later symptoms –

  • The patient wishes to go to a graveyard in the middle of nights
  • He wishes to cut himself and others to see blood. For that reason he would often bite himself


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Courtesy of Wahid Abdussalaam Bali & Shafiq Abdulghani, JazakAllahu Khairan.

3 Responses to “Sihr al-Junoon (Magic for Lunacy)”

  1. Im says:

    Mashallah this is a very good website, may allah praise you, i will soon inshallah try to make a contrabution.

    Could you please provide me more information on this type of magic. i have spent alot of time trying to find specifically wht type of magic effects me and have finally come across smthing tht matches this.

    Yes and it does do this, it removes all the mental peace within a persons life and drives them mad with thoughts,, it has remove the person also who brought peace into my life an has effect tht person as well, i fear tht it was done to either me or her. how can i resolve this, because it has relly effect me, every time i tried to resolve things i could npt think straight and ended up saying the wrong things, with increase the distance between us, and now i feel i have lost her. i always mk so much taubah to allah and been praying quite a bit, but i need her to understand me. pls advice me on this and more info on this type of magic.

    Jazakallah. i would also like a personal reply to my mail.

    • Asad says:

      me too having match to this type of magic…
      once you get some info/cure/ step forward, then plz let me as well, as i am infected from a decade almost..

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