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Second stage for Treatment of Sihr, Magic, Witchcraft, Jinn-Possession

After you have setup the first step – First stage of treatment of Sihr

Now put your hand on the forehead of the patient and recite the following loudly in her/his ear. It is good to recite “Auzubillahi minashaytaanir rajeem” between the verses.

1 – Surah al-Fatiha

2 – Surah al-Baqara: 1 – 5

3 – Surah al-Baqara: 102 (to be recited several times)

4 – Surah al-Baqara: 163 – 164

5 – Surah al-Baqara: 255 (Ayat-ul-Kursi)

6 – Surah al-Baqara: 285 – 286

7 – Surah Aal-e-Imran: 18 – 19

8 – Surah al-A’raaf: 54 – 56

9 – Surah al-A’raaf: 117 – 122 (to be recited several times)

10 – Surah Yoonus: 81 – 82 (to be recited several times)

11 – Surah Taa-ha: 69 (to be recited several times)

12 – Surah al-Mu’minoon: 115 – 118

13 – Surah as-saaffaat: 1 – 10

14 – Surah al-Ahqaaf: 29 – 32

15 – Surah ar-Rahmaan: 33 – 36

16 – Surah al-Hashr: 21 – 24

17 – Surah al-Jinn: 1 – 9

18 – Surah al-Ikhlaas

19 – Surah al-Falaq (“waminn sharrinn nafaasaate fil-uqad” should be repeated several times)

20 – Surah an-Naas

I have managed to make a single sound file with the above verses recited. You can download it here:
Download Ruqya –

You may want the patient to listen to it through headphones instead of normal speakers. Audio recordings have the same effects as that of a healer, and will clarify if the patient is bewitched or not.

Reciting this ruqya will turn the patient into one of three conditions:

First Condition – If the patient has epileptic seizures and the Jinn speak through his tongue. Read Here
Second Condition – If the patient shivers and feels dizzy along with severe headaches. Read Here
Third Condition (Rare) – If the patient does not feel any change, neither shivers nor headaches. Read Here

I will explain these conditions one by one in thorough detail in the next articles, insha’Allah.

Third-Stage of Treatment (Post-Treatment)

Courtesy of Wahid Abdussalaam Bali. JazakAllaahu khairan.

56 Responses to “Second stage for Treatment of Sihr, Magic, Witchcraft, Jinn-Possession”

  1. Iman says:

    Salalmo Alaikom – is it possible to have this as an MP3 file to transfer to an MP3? Download Ruqya –


  2. Iman says:

    re: Download Ruqya – I meant to transfer to MP3 player. Thank you.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum salam,
      Yes, you download it to your PC first, by Right-Clicking the link and “Save Target As” and save it on desktop. Afterwards, connect your MP3 player to your PC and copy this file onto the player.

  3. Yusuf says:

    AoA! U r doing a good job…I am listening to the file and I get a heavy sensation in my heart and feel bit dizzy and heavy in my arms and legs. Plz advise…woa

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      W’alaikum as salaam brother Yusuf,

      JazakAllah for the blessings. Brother I advice you listen to ruqya three times every day if possible. Morning, Evening and Before Sleep. You may want to recite the following over water.

      1 – Surah Fatiha
      2 – Ayat-ul-kursi (Surah baqara:255)
      3 – Last three Surahs

      Water in a cup or a bowl, in a way that the air from your mouth touches the surface of the water. You may want to drink from this water and might even add it into more water to take a bath with. I recommend you recite this over at least one glass of water that you take daily. Continue doing this for at least 14 days, up to a month (Depending on your condition). Insha’Allaah you will feel better. Do not stress yourself because it is much generalized. Remembrance of Allaah is all it needs to seek protection from the Evil.

      Tc brother.

      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

      • Asfandyar says:

        Brother Yousaf, with that i would recommend you to add following what Brother Muhammad Ali told you with 7 jujube leaves (in Urdu “Beri ky Paty”) crushed in a pounder.
        Add them in a clean bucket with water so you can talk shower with and also recite following and blow air on the water:

        1 – Surah Fatiha
        2 – Ayat-ul-kursi (Surah baqara:255)
        3 – Last three Surahs and Surah Al Kafiron
        4 – Surah Al Araf (Ayat # 117 – 122)
        5 – Surah Younas (Ayat # 79 – 82)
        6 – Surah Taha (Ayat # 65 – 70)

        During shower dont use any soap or shampoo. After taking shower from it do not wipe your body with any Towel or any thing else just wear your clothes. Keep on doing it and listen to Ruqiya as you already downloaded till your condition is completely normal.

  4. Yusuf says:


    Thnx I know that this his not general and by Allah’s grace he made it so I could visit this website…I just listened to it in the morning and believe me my body feels cold and clammy, with sunken heart, and cloudiness in my eyes. But when I am done listening there is a feeling of peace in my brain as if barriers have been lifted and I can think straight. You are doing a wonderful job. May Allah (sbwt) bless you with his mercy. I hope you add the 3rd stage soon.


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    • sagira says:

      asalamu alkuim
      i have married in 10 years since two years we have big problem some women did my husband sihir tafriq when we are remove after 10 day she repeat i do no what to do the problem is my husband no praying that way shaitan come our house he is not come home he went evil women house and using his money when i read quran to remove sihir my husband come home we are going together masjid and pray i think she send jinn to stop praying forget his married did sina i need advice which sura i can use to stop evil my husband and evil women has husband and she like my husband to used only money and sina please i neeed help.

      • sagira says:

        asalmu alkuim we have sihir tafriiq we need help how we can stop the problem please

        • Asfandyar says:

          Sister Sagira
          Take 7 jujube leaves (in Urdu “Beri ky Paty”) crushed in a pounder.
          Add them in a clean bucket with water so your Husband can take shower with and also recite following and blow air on the water:
          1 – Surah Fatiha
          2 – Ayat-ul-kursi (Surah baqara:255)
          3 – Last three Surahs and Surah Al Kafiron
          4 – Surah Al Araf (Ayat # 117 – 122)
          5 – Surah Younas (Ayat # 79 – 82)
          6 – Surah Taha (Ayat # 65 – 70)

          During shower dont use any soap or shampoo. After taking shower from it do not wipe body with any Towel or any thing else just wear clothes. Keep on doing it and listen to Ruqiya (Can download from this site) till condition is completely normal.
          And also blow air on drinking water and give it to your husband to drink.
          Important: You should do Astaghfar 100 times a day.

          اَسْتَغْفِرُاللہَ الَّذِیْ لَآ اِلٰہَ اِلَّا ھُوَ الْحَیُّ الْقَیُّومُ وَاَتُوْبُ اِلَیْہ

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  7. Yusuf says:

    AoA…I have been listening to the ruqia initially I had headaches and haze in front of my eyes…that has improved…however…now when I listen there are some specific verses which specifically seem to being blocked so I hardly hear them and I have to raise the volume…kindly explain via email…ur help will be gr8ly appreciated…

  8. hafsa26 says:

    i would like to ask about aashiq jinn….one of my friends jinn says that he loves my frend n doesnt want to leave her….she does ruqya daily….is there any strong ayats of quran which will help in this…..

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Sister, if the Ruqya does not help, the it could possibly be a Medical condition. Every word of the Quran is Strong. The verses recited in a Ruqya are most relevant and hence are the strongest.

  9. Anwar Mohamed says:

    dear brother,
    i live in an island of Maldives. there is an evil man who has done sihr to a lot of people here. we have been reciting ruqyah to cure a sister of us. But it is only for the time being that she recovers, as this guy is strengthening his sihr day by day… i want to kno if it is legal to do a ruqyah to kill him to save the innocent people of our island…

  10. Sarina says:

    What if the patient falls asleep (even if they are listening to it loudly with headphones)? I read that falling asleep during it or while listening to the Quran is a sign but my husband says that means Sadeekah or something which means peace has fallen over you and that it’s okay?

  11. abu maryam says:

    salam wa aleikom,

    listen this roqya , this is my recitation.

    This roqya is complet for sihr djins 3ayn

  12. Bibi says:


  13. Fatima says:

    Asalamu Alkuim

    I think that someone has done sihr on me, but i’m not sure because i have been always a good student, good points etc.
    a friend of me has been always jealous of me. she has done some suspected things, that is why i suspect her (but I’m not sure!). she gives me a gum. I refused to chew it but she forced me to chew it. When I put it in my mouth, she didn’t chew hers. After that I had problems with breathing that night, and I have been sick for 2 mouth. it was like flu. but only when it went to study, I felt bad and couldn’t concentrate on my studies. so I had bad results. She has done some other suspected things like, always when she come to my house she says something in her heart and blow her breath towards us. she do this every time if she come to our house 🙁 so that is why I suspect her, and I studied very hard but get bad results. Sins then I also have some other problems. my life is completely changed, very difficulties, it is like all doors are closed to me 🙁
    I try to do things, but I fail. I fail in every thing I do, specially at school. Please help me! please!

    • Asfandyar says:

      Asalamualikum Sister Fatima,

      Please download the Ruqiya from this site and listen to it and do the following:

      Take 7 jujube leaves (in Urdu “Beri ky Paty”) crushed in a pounder.
      Add them in a clean bucket with water so your Husband can take shower with and also recite following and blow air on the water:
      1 – Surah Fatiha
      2 – Ayat-ul-kursi (Surah baqara:255)
      3 – Last three Surahs and Surah Al Kafiron
      4 – Surah Al Araf (Ayat # 117 – 122)
      5 – Surah Younas (Ayat # 79 – 82)
      6 – Surah Taha (Ayat # 65 – 70)
      During shower dont use any soap or shampoo. After taking shower from it do not wipe body with any Towel or any thing else just wear clothes. Keep on doing it and listen to Ruqiya (Can download from this site) till condition is completely normal.
      And also blow air on drinking water and give it to your husband to drink.
      Important: You should do Astaghfar 100 times a day.

      اَسْتَغْفِرُاللہَ الَّذِیْ لَآ اِلٰہَ اِلَّا ھُوَ الْحَیُّ الْقَیُّومُ وَاَتُوْبُ اِلَیْہ

      And also recite following 100 times a day:
      لا اِلٰہَ اِلَّا اللہ وَحْدَہٗ لَا شَرِیْکَ لَہٗ لَہُ الْمُلْکُ وَلَہُ الْحَمْدُ وَھُوَ عَلَیٰ کُلِّ شَیْءٍ قَدِیْرٌ

  14. Abu hasan says:


    I think it will be a MASSIVE HELP if you could insha’Allah make a page or add to this one, where you have the whole arabic for these verses so someone can read straight fromm this page, and underneath the english too… They should be separate as people who tread the arabic want to read the airways straight after one another and it slows them down if the transliteration is in between the verses… The best thing which regally would help people is if you had

    The arabic

    The english

    The transliteration for people who can’t read arabic well

    It’s a copy & paste job! But I can’t find it anywhere & I’m sure enough people must have looked!
    the arabic

  15. shamil says:

    As Salam. I want to know if it is ok if I have audio quran being recited over water or should I do it myself?

  16. Nuur mohamed says:

    Asalamu aleykum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu’ me and my wife and 4 children’ my whole family is been witched by close family members’ and iam muslim brother’ there is been several fights between me and my wife’ there is sicknes all of us’ less sleep’ doubts fights among the people’ more special me and my wife have different everynite sickness’ heart’ headache’ backpain heavyweihts in our body at nite high temperature’ nitemares and body shaking and lots more’ in this year i found out those are doing the blackmagic to us’ it shock me it my close family members lot of them’ and i was told one by one and what they have been doing to my family after they fought them selfis and the sicret came out’ but still they continues bring the sihr to my house at nite while we sleep’ such’ they drop thick blood in fron of my gate and put in my door and some others staff’ so now our situation is 50/50 sometimes we are peaceful and healthy and sometimes the same problems starts in my house’ what would i do to stop them and how do i get my normal life back

  17. Nuur mohamed says:

    Asalam aleikum dear brother!! Sorry again i forgot to mention’ i was very hard working active person with nice marner’ i never used to hesitate to do my things now iam very lazy i lost all the business i had i move to ather town problem started more coz some of those doing the witchcaraft also came to stay the same town again to do what they been doing to me’ and i was told that its them who are after me they dnt want me to life they want me died or crazy’ this problem starteted end of 2010 up untill now’ i almost got crazy’ the bigest problem we have right now we can’t slp at nite there is somethng in my house’ there’z somethng like fast shadow passes around me i put somethng like my clothes and i find them other place same minute’ and when ever we go to bed something is refusing us to sleep me and my wife we first start urguing then as time goes by there’z a noice all over around my house’ they knock the door when i cum out i dnt see any body and i start shaking’ the roof is making noice like is there’z people ontop of the roof’ then when i switch off all the lights then i go to bed i try to slp there’z some sort of bright small toach lightining from the window thru the cartan’ i close my eyes is getting worse then i turn around to the otherside like who ever is lighting i dnt care i want to slp and it stays the same like if the person lighting is inthe room with us’ then when i open my eyes i dnt see light i dnt see any one’ then a fear cumes like theives are attacking they also want to kill of us i hear some footsteps around my yard i try to open the door and i find no one’ again i try to tell my mind is the evil playing with us coz he doesnt want me sleep to go work in the morning’ so i end up bein awake the whole nite we get peace in the morning after 5:am’ the worse makes me stressed the kids are sick always when i read quran on them they get better but not compeletely’ so now i try to start my life again samethng starts and iam going down day by day’ so plz i have victim for the last 3yrs that i didnt rest’ i realy need ur help’ plz help me.

  18. ahmed says:

    A salaam alaikum.
    Am ahmed from uganda i suffered sihir tafriq done by my family members in order to join them in the ritual ceremonies and two months i survived death,but i was treated and now healing gradually,my question is how can i make sure that this kind of sihir doesn’t disturb me again and how can i get this medicine jujube?
    i will be pleased to see your replay

  19. usamakhurshid says:

    brother when you write, several times, how many times should it exactly be?

  20. abdullah says:

    Asalamu alaikum my muslim brothers and sister here is a website for all your problem insha allah all hardship will end in ease download the ruqya audio and listen to it daily and follow all the rules .. be free minded from shirk and know that what ever befallen is from Allah permission, that it’s only to cure you none can. and repent to him and don’t miss your salat be steadfast and patient Allah SWT is with the patients masha allah Allahhumma Cure all your problem AMIN ..

  21. Kiran says:

    Assalamulaykum brothers and sisters who are reading this..
    I was possessed by a jinn a few months back..
    It would not let me stay clean or listen to the Quran
    I constantly felt suocidal and my mind kept blanking out
    My memory became very poor and I always felt weak..
    I kept getting agitated and angry over small little things..
    I found it very hard to sleep and when I did I would have the worse type of sick nightmares
    My house filled with fat flies (really big flies which I never seen before)
    And before leaving my house I always kept my windows shut and doors locked
    I had severe anxiety attacks and I was a complete mess..
    My husband got in touch with a person who is an expert in taking jinn/black magic/evil eye out of person..
    Within 20 minz I was fine
    I had so much Noor on my face I was delighted
    That scared feeling dissapeared..
    This man does not charge
    I will send a video on here and it is the exact same thing he did on me..while I had the Ruqya in the first couple of minutes my heart started to pound, I felt really really hot, it felt like something was coming out of my heart. At the same time of me feeling very hot I had ice water rolling out from my eyes
    It was such an experience I just can’t expain..
    Here is the video guys please listen to it
    (I am also a new Muslim) I did not believe in these things before until I went through myself

  22. Kiran says:

    Brothers and sisters please I urge you to watch this video and I guarantee you will have your life back in no time inshallah..
    U can watch alone or with family or even friends just make sure to cover your head and be in wudhu..
    Inshallah with allah’s will and mercy you will be fine

  23. Fatima says:

    How do I know that I am cured from jinn possession??? I had epileptic seizures before,,and i listened to ruqyah a lot,,,,,now when I listen to ruqyah I don’t feel any dizziness or pain but I still have nightmares,,,,plz let me know what symptoms will confirm that I m cured

  24. Neha Yaqoob says:

    Brother, I need your advice on this matter.
    Since the past month or so I’m starting to have a lot of health issues and one major diagnosis is I have cardiac arrythemia. My husband and I have done nikkah and due to some circumstances we are not able to live together at the moment. He is abroad visiting his family. Alhumdullilah I have always been very regular with my prayers and alhumdullilah have a huge faith in Islam and Allah. And the same is for my husband alhumdullilah we both strive to make each other become better Muslims and have always worked hard into making Allah pleased with us. Since some time my husband and I are having lots of problems and our fights and arguments have become very frequent. I tend to get very angry and I start growing hatred for him at random times of the day especially post maghrib and I tend to call him and start cursing him and fighting which then leads me to heart pain due to stress and on the other hand my husband gets very irritated and annoyed and he stops talking to me. When I come back to my senses I call him and I beg him to Apologize but then the same scenerio happens again. Today I found this page alhumdullilah and heard the ruqyah and while doing so I started shivering and there was a heaviness in my head which led to me fainting and as well as my heart to stop. My younger sister saw me laying completely lifeless and she called my mother. When my mother came and saw me she thought I was dead as I was not responding at all and by the grace of Allah after a minute I had awoken to my senses. All these problems are leading to many fights with my husband. Maashallah my in-laws are very loving towards me although I don’t live with them they care a lot for me and my husband and are well wishers for us as well as my parents. But Allah knows who wants us separated and why all this is happening as the doctors have declared due to extreme tension and stress I might end up having a cardiac arrest.
    Please dear brother guide me through this problem I am going to Insha’Allah continue praying and listening to this ruqyah as well as reading the Quran. But I need guidance in how I can get treatment.
    Jazakallah khair

    • Afaaq says:

      As salaam o alaykum sister
      You should regularly do ruqyah on yourself, if you have trouble or difficulty reading the Qur’an then listen to recorded surahs as a ruqyah. Manzil is an effective way for alleviating magic and jinn possession in my experience. The last two surahs of the Qur’an (muaddhattain) is prescribed by the prophet (s.a.w), also try to listen or read surah bakarah as much as possible. An aalim I know recommends twice a week. Insha’Allah your condition will improve. If you have any further queries email us on the websites own email provided in “ask me questions” section
      Fi AmanAllah

  25. Hajra says:

    Salaam, I have recently seperated from my husband, we were botg very much in love but as days passed by we would argue alo, the anger would take over no matter how much we tried to sort problems out. My husband started to hate me whereas he loved me so much, he didnt like coming home after work preferred staying out all night then saying things like he hated my face and being abusive daily. He would always be suspicious of me when there was no need. I really need your help to resolve this because I do not want us getting divorced. As my husband has moved out, can you give me something to read but it wil help him recover from this and bring harmony into our marriage again. Jzk

    • Afaaq says:

      You can check out the various posts regarding breaking sihr by reciting the Qur’an and ruqyah. If you still have questions you may email us on our official email which you can find in ask me questions section, insha’Allah

  26. Raheel says:

    Salaam Brothers and Sisters
    I’m from South Africa where do I get the Jujube Leaves or what is it called in South Africa. In Urgent Need for the Leaves.


  27. Abdulkarim says:

    Asalam alaikum,pious people of Islam I seeķ ur help in countering sucubus, I’ve been a victim for years and I have already downloaded your ruquiya today and I have found absolute peace Alhamdulila I pray this should be the end of unwanted sex,forgetfulness, poor memory,unnecessary thoughts, weakness,sleepless night,thanks once again! for I will continue listening to your ruquiya even in my sleep Alhamdulila

    • marem says:

      \read Sura Bakara mornings and evenings and wash yourself with above mentioned water. Do it about 2 years or less/ Untill jinn goes out/ If you rub the same olive oil after washing/ it will be more faster! add to the water 3 last surah of koran and ayat Kursi per 7 times.

  28. Naghmana says:

    Aoa I ve been married for 10 years but not blessed with child. I ve done every possible treatment available for infertility but all in vain. Some one said there are many jinnat with me who r hindering. I have experienced heavy hand touch at the back and ants found on body when ever I went to take bath this situation lacst for week . I have bad dreams .in my condition I afraid of listening to ruqia .I’m afraid what if when I m listening the jinn comes into my body then what will happened.

  29. Assalaam Alaikum wa rahumathullahi wabarakaathuh.
    Dear Brother.
    My wife is having problems now a days. She is having irritation when passing urine and afeter sunset everyday she is is having gastric problems. She has occasional headaches. Sometimes all of a sudden she feels like chilli on her right eye. We had consulted doctor also and had tests but nothing fond wrong after sometime it goes.
    Please help me by telling a ruqya.

    • mohammed asif says:

      Asslam u alikum ,
      I pray to allah your wife has been cured but if you are still experiencing these symptoms you can contact us on 07708 417 257 we can try and help allah willing.

  30. Rafeeq says:

    Assalamu alaikkum… Me and my family is struggling alot to survive… Alhamdulillah we are economically good… But me and my mom are always unwell and always visits docter… But never gets a remedy… And the above signs are also seen within my family members… Could you please help us to get rid of this..? :'(

  31. fatima says:

    Salams! Iv been suffering from unusual pains in different parts of the body, sometimes shoulder, neck, left arm, knees, feet, its a pinching and pulling sensation which gets agressive when i cant pray due to menstruation.. No one has diagnosed me because no matter how much quran i listen to or ruqya prayed on me i only get pins and needles and nothing happens to me..but i know my body and i believe i have many jinns that are hurting me in various parts of the body.. i gt alot of water dreams so im reciting the ayat in the quran relating to this s26, v23…i read s.baqarah evryday and and listen to it..i listen to ruqya audio and pray my adhkaars & 100x astagfar and 100fourth kalima..some days its really strong and some days it just pinches my toes or shoulders.. am i doing something wrong?? I cant tell whetha its sihr or evil eye but no mata what i try it just doesnt want to leave…i do hijama evry month and at point it tuk all the pains from my left arm and then two months later it all came back…can u help please??

  32. Мarem says:

    Cure 41 days.
    1 to read Manzil dua from internet 3 times dayly per 20 min
    2 read 2 times Bakara after Manzil dayly
    3 wash with warm water with Manzil and ayats against Sihr (in part 2 of this cure)
    4 drink 3 times water with Manzil and ayats against sihr
    5 rub oil in whole body and face after washing with ruqia water with Manzil and ayats against sihr.

    if you read only bakara it takes 2 years! do as i say and jinn will run away during 41 days or maximum 6 months.

  33. Мarem says:

    so Bakara 2 times. when you read ruqia into water, oil you can read it only 1 times each ayat exept 3 last surahs/3 times must be.

  34. kingkong says:

    My sister is possessed by a jinn, it has been down through shir, she has been closing her eyes and mouth for almost 2 months, we feed her and shower her and take her to the washroom. Pls help with giving a cure for complete recovery with Rasoolulahs sunnah.

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