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Second Condition of Patient During Ruqya

During the recitation of Ruqya, the patient feels dizzy, shivers or has a severe headache; but would not become epileptic. In this case, repeat the Ruqya (2nd stage) three times. If the patient does become epileptic then follow the 2nd stage as mentioned before.

Now, if the patient does not become epileptic with repeating the Ruqya, but his shivering or headaches begin to ease, then recite the ruqya as in the 2nd stage for the next few days and he will recover by Allaah’s Leave.

However, if the patient does not recover, he should:

  1. Listen to Surah As-saffaat once and Ayat-ul-kursi (verse 255 of Surah Baqara) several times – May it be from an Audio tape/ Audio file with Headphones. The patient should listen to it three times a day.
  2. He should say his prayers in a group, i-e- at his Masjid (salaatal jama’a).
  3. He should recite the supplication 100 times after Salatal-fajr (Morning Prayers), for one month:
    ‘La ilaha  illallaah wahdahu laa sharika lahu  lahulmulko wa lahulhamd wa huwa alaa kulli shay’in Qadeer.’

And the Prophet (peace be upon him) was truthful when he said: “Whosoever says:
La ilaha  illallaah wahdahu laa sharika lahu  lahulmulko wa lahulhamd wa huwa alaa kulli shay’in Qadeer.
100 times a day, will have a reward equal to the manumission of 10 slaves, will have ten good deeds added to and ten bad deeds erased from his register, and will be protected by this supplication the Satan throughout the day until the evening, No one is better than he who says this supplication except a man who says more.”
Refer: Al-Bukhari (In FathAl-Baari 6/338) and Muslim (An-Nawawi. 17/17)

It has been confirmed by many scholars, that the jinn is always helpless against the Raqis (exorcists) for one reason alone. That is – that they recite the above one hundred times after fajar prayers.

The headaches may often increase in severity but that would fade out gradually by Allaah’s Leave. By the end of the month the pain should have gone completely. If it is possible, the Ruqya should be recited again to see if the patient feels the usual dizziness or shiver and headaches. By Allaah’s Leave he will feel no pain and no more headaches.

The patient may also feels a severe tightening in the chest during this month. In that case, he should listen to the Ruqya again. Recitation of Quran burns the Jinn so they will stay away as long as you listen to it. In case the patient becomes epileptic, you can always follow the 2nd stage of treatment and untie the jinn.

11 Responses to “Second Condition of Patient During Ruqya”

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  3. Masis says:

    Asalamalaykum i started vomiting violently on day 2 of listening to this ruqyah. It wasnt normal vomiting and it was like something was screaming my throat is hurting from the force. Does this indicate anything?

  4. Ademo says:

    Asalaamu calaykum. Las year me n my wife were separated. I went to shiekh who recite ruqyah over me. Nothing happened. I went home I start listening ruqyah by my self. After couple days of listening. One side of my face become hot like a fever. And stays there almost a week. I continue listen to ruqyah. Ten I felt scary. Is like somebody following me. Then when I go home I become scary. I continue listened ruqyah day n night. All of a sudden my mother in law called me saying. I son please forgive iam sorry. I was like why she said sorry. Why what she did to to me. Then me n my wife we become good n I went back my home. Then I become health n normal. Now when I see my mother in law. She can face me. She look down. Please let me know what u think. Jizaka Allah.

    • mahad aden says:

      Wacalaykum salaam. Allah knows best. But the way I see. Your mother in law. May have hatred in her hearth toward you. Means she didn’t want you to marry her daughter. Or she might practise witchcraft? And she used against you. In order to cause you and your wife to get separate. So praise be to Allah. Lord of the world. Allah healed you. And the evil spirit got burned or left on you. Don’t forget evil people don’t give up wthe evil things they do. So my advise to you is? Continue listening ruqyah. Pray your daily prayer. Ask Allah to protect you. From every evil things. Your mother in law. Watch her every step she take. Look her life. She will suffer a lot of pain. Her life will ruin totally. Even you see it might effect her children’s too. Because she did very bad evil things. She associated devils. And she disbelieve Allah. Because Allah said sura baqarah chapter 102. Anyone who bought magic. Or use magic will no have any share. In the day of judgment. Means they lost big time. May Allah protect us. Amin. Allah knows best.

  5. sidra says:

    Ihave black spot circle shape in myarm and i have nightmare and headache forlast 3 year one night i feel some invisible thing touch me i am so worried some body say it is black magic but i am confused what is this actually

    • mohammed asif says:

      Asslam u alikum ,
      Sister hope you have been cured if you have not you can contact me on 07708 417257 and we will be able to help if it is black magic allah willing .

  6. Fatima says:

    Asw wr wb..I am a revert. since last one year I am practicing Islam. I was working far away from my hometown.I met a Muslim guy in office. he was married. he started giving me dawah. firstly I ignored him as I was committed to someone else.but soon I started to hate him with whom I was in relationship. and I fell in love with that Muslim guy. in starting everything was fine.but his behavior got changed day by day and he forced me to resign from job and go to my hometown. I did everything what he said. eventually I accepted islam to marry him but he ditched me. many times I feel that he has fed me something my mother asked some pundit about me. the pundit said that some has done magic on me and put bad jinns in my body. as I also feel something very strange in my stomach. i am regular in my prayers but sometimes i miss fazr mother does not allow me to go alone outside. today I got your website. please help me.

  7. Fatima says:

    I also have nightmares..I could not sleep well all night. I always have double thoughts in my mind. I suspect him because before getting revert he treated me very well. but after that he started ignoring me.he does not call or talk to me anymore. but Allah has shown me the way. so brother please help me. may Allah bless you with his mercy for your work. ameen

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