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Questions about Qareen (Jinn Companion)


  • With reference to the Qareen who is assigned to every human, Do muslims have muslim Qareens, and vice versa?
  • Does a muslim have a non-muslim Qareen?
  • How can one communicate with his / her Qareen for a peaceful co-existence?
  • Is it possible to make the Qareen a believer for benefit of both of us ( Me and my Qareen)?


For those who do no know what a Qareen is, they may refer to Types and Categories of Jinn.

  • With reference to the Qareen who is assigned to every human, Do muslims have muslim Qareens, and vice versa? Does a muslim have a non-muslim Qareen?

I would like to quote the Hadith here again,
Abdullah b. Mas’ud reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: There is none amongst you with whom is not an attache from amongst the jinn (devil). They (the companions) said: Allah’s Messenger, with you too? Thereupon he said: Yes, but Allah helps me against him and so I am safe from his hand and he does not command me but for good. (Book #039, Hadith #6757) Muslim.

The hadith implies that the Jinn = Evil jinn, or meaning a Devil. Because the part, where it says “but Allah helps me against him” means that the jinn is Evil, and that Allaah has helped the Prophet (pbuh) because the Jinn was Evil. If it were a Muslim, the prophet (pbuh) would not have said that Allaah has helped him against it.

  • How can one communicate with his / her Qareen for a peaceful co-existence?

There are scholars of the opinion that “Allaah has helped him against it.” means that the jinn has embraced Islam. But then some scholars are of the opinion that No, “Allaah has helped him against it.” means that the Jinn is a Shaytaan, and Allaah has helped Protect the Prophet (pbuh) from him (Shaytan).

I personally agree with the latter one. Since it is a Devil, it is more plausible that he is from the army of Satan (Iblees), set by Satan to distract Mankind.

(iblis) said: “Because You have sent me astray, surely I will sit in wait against them (human beings) on Your Straight Path.”
(Al-A’raaf, Chapter #7, Verse #16)

Iblees must be rewarding all of them with goods in their own world. So it is unlikely to say that Qareen can be a Muslim since he is a follower of Iblees in the first place.

  • How can one communicate with his / her Qareen for a peaceful co-existence?Is it possible to make the Qareen a believer for benefit of both of us (Me and my Qareen)?

I believe the answer is No. Because, like we discussed before, Qareen is actually a Devil from the army of Iblees. People who can communicate with Qareen are actually Magicians/Soothsayers, they themselves work for Iblees and who share the same cause. Magicians use the Jinn they have to communicate with the person’s Qareen. Otherwise, a Muslims cannot communicate with a Devil. Because the only ways possible are ways that require Shirk and Forbidden polytheistic acts.

wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

18 Responses to “Questions about Qareen (Jinn Companion)”

  1. SYED KAREEM says:

    Assalamualaikum wa rahamatullahi wa barkatahu, Dear Brother Muhammad,

    Hope am not bothering you with a lot of questions believe me you will definitely have reward for that knowledge you impart to others by Allah subhana wa tala Insha Allah.

    Also my question will clear the doubts of others who have the same type of doubts.

    Regarding Qareen, you have mentioned elsewhere that the the Qareen is a type of jinn and there are Muslim Jinn around us.

    In my previous question you answered that Qareen is actually a Devil from the army of Iblees. People who can communicate with Qareen are actually Magicians/Soothsayers, those who themselves work of Iblees and those who share the same cause. Magicians use the Jinn they have to communicate with the person’s Qareen. Otherwise, a Muslims cannot communicate with a Devil. Because the only ways possible are ways that require Shirk and Forbidden polytheistic acts.
    If that is the case what bout the Muslim Jinns in the world, y cant it be that the Qareen is a Muslim but not a true follower / believer , like we humans are born Muslims but many do not follow this islamic way until they are guided properly through some channel and / or by the will of Allah.
    In an hypothetical case of a Qareen being a Muslim is it possible to get help through communicating with him, this is purely intended for the benefit of the whole of mankind not for materialistic or personal benefit, why could it not be that we tap this potential by the will of Allah the all mighty to help us better our lives and of those around us.
    May Allah guide us to the right path righteously.

    Jazak Allah Khair.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      “Also my grandmother used to cure evil eye through the same ayats and blowing on salt and pepper and throwing them outside , the person used to get instant relief, please can you clarify if this is a clear practice or forbidden. Can we use this procedure to get cured?”

      I would like to quote two hadith that are followed in the cases of cure and treatment.

      Reported in Saheeh Muslim is that,
      Some people asked the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), “O Allaah’s Messenger, we used to do Ruqya during the Pre-Islamic period of Ignorance.”
      The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Tell me about your Ruqyas. For there is no harm in a Ruqya as long as it does not contain words of Polytheism.”
      (Muslim: Kitab-e-as-Salaam (64), also in An-Nawawee: 14/187)

      It is also narrated in Saheeh Muslim from Jaabir ibn ‘Abdullaah that when the Messenger of Allaah was asked about Ruqya, the Prophet (pbuh) replied, “Whoever among you can benefit his brother, let him do so.”
      (Muslim: 2199)

      Scholars all believe that, if one can benefit/help his brother through means that does not involve any acts of polytheism then it is permissible.

      “In this case can we take help from the Jinn who used to help us in our family matters, I do not know if we can summon him now or not since my great grandmother has passed out, what is the other option I have to clarify if it’s a evil act to get cured of if its anything personal which i feel is a very slight possibility.”

      Brother this is never recommended for two reasons.
      Jinn tell many lies. It has been proven through history and I have personally read stories of scholars being deceived by many. They appear as Muslims merely to take the trust of the scholar; since human cannot see reality of what he speaks so they often tell lies. If you go to a Magician/Witch, he will ALWAYS tell you that there is Magic done to you and your family, and make up FAKE stories because they know that good people are blind to Jinn. That is their Business. Likewise with Jinn, they appear helpful early when they interact in people’s lives, but later on demand forbidden acts.

      Another big reason for why scholars forbid people to contact jinn is that, “Asking for help from anything other than Allaah is Shirk.”

      I do not say that the jinn with your grandmother is a shaytan or that he lies but, only Allaah knows best what goes through the heart of the Jinn. Since we are blinded to all of this, jinn can trick people easily. Suppose you ask the jinn for help, and he lies to you about the case and something that leads to Further separation of the family. Hence it is best to gather the elders of the families and forgive each others mistakes; and then make Dua for a happy relationship. Insha’Allah.

      Now regarding Qareen again,
      Brother, Qareen is a jinn that is bound to the human soul from the mother’s womb till his death. It is not a common jinn attached to Human but something that is Specifically created to bind to the soul, until it leaves the body. With that proven, it cannot be a Muslim jinn, because for that, Surah Al-Ra’ad says:

      “For him (each person), there are angels in succession, before and behind him. They guard him by the Command of Allaah”
      (Al-Ra’d 13:11)

      Al-Qurtubi has a Hadith narrated by Abu-Umamaah, that the Prophet (pbuh) said, “One Hundred and sixty Angels have been appointed over the believer to protect him from that which has not been decreed for him, including his eyes which are protected by seven angels as a vessel of honey is protected from flies. If a person were left to his own devices for even an instant, the devils would cause him a great deal of harm.”
      (Al-Qurtubi, 20/4)

      Other than this brother, jinn actually have a world of their own. Imagine a world where blind and deaf people live amongst us. Where they have a world of their own yet we live together on the same earth. I believe No human would bother talking to them; because you cannot tell a blind and a deaf person what you see and hear. In fact, you will already have a lot of things to do in your own world than to take out time to tell them about your world.
      Hence getting jinn to help a person is out of the question, unless one has something to offer to their liking.

      Please do not hesitate in asking more questions. You are most welcome.

      And Indeed, Allaah is the Hearer of All.

    • D says:

      Jin is not the same as Shaytan. You do not have to be a very knowledgeable Muslim to know that and it is therefore unacceptable for you to have such ignorance AND go about sharing that ignorance and confusing others. You’re entire reply is therefore ‘off’ because you do not have basic knowledge on two very different entities–Jin vs Shaytan. I would ask the readers to do their own research. Jin are one of God’s many creatures who have been given the message of Islam and some are believers and some are not; this is clearly stated in the Quran. The devil is Shaytan (and he has offsprings–shayateen) and as is also clearly stated in Quran Shaytan and all shayateen are non-believers. Be careful of taking the issue of misguiding others so lightly; so many uneducated Muslims online are quick to take upon the task of “teaching” others; it’s OK to admit you do not know. I never reply to such folks but maybe I’ve had it with them–what really got me in this case is that (it seems to me at least) you must have known you are not educated on this subject because there is no way anyone with basic education on it would confuse Jin with devil (Shaytaan). Salaam to the readers.

  2. Muhammad Ali says:

    wa’alaikum as salam sister,

    I am sorry if you are offended. You may surf all the articles and tell me if there is a place where I have quoted my personal opinions. Never have I stressed my opinion over what comes from the Quran and the Hadith. I read the article on which you commented. If you would like to mention which part of it comes as a personal opinion or as a statement without evidence. I would gladly change it.

    and please, “so plz dont bring religon into also plz do proper study before saying anything Allah subna or his Prophet dont like talking meaningless about anything”

    did I write anything without a reference? Does the Hadith I quoted, not belong to the chain of Sahiha?

    and Allaah knows Best.

  3. sana says:

    dear brother aoa,

    i read the qs and their answers and was convinced by them because you have given refference to support your argument.

    i would like to ask you a qs regarding exorcism in islam.. hopefully you’ll answer my qs with references.. ( so far noone has been able to do that)

    i know a couple who perform islamic exorcism the sunnah way that is :

    reciting specific quran verses out loud ( ruqiya) and telling the victims who are possessed to change their lifestyle and to come close to religion. and to read the masnoon azkar duas to get rid of jinns and the effect of black magic..

    on the other hand they say that they never capture any jinns in bottles etc like other people do.. instead they offer them to convert into islam and they teach them sura ikhlas so that no magician would be able to trap or capture them ever…

    everything seems so right i see the change in my life as i’m getting closer to deen because Allah guided us to find these people.

    now my qs is :

    i saw dr.bilal philips lecture where he said mediumship and to take help from jinns to take out jinns is prohibited in islam…

    soo the couple in qs also claim that they never asked any jinn to help them they help volounterily and are sent by God to help them.. it is evident because they always seek refuge and help from Allah while performing excorsim never once they ask the jinns..( but they are there with them and once told by the wife that they had to send the jinn inside a boy’s body to take the bad afreet inside the boy’s body out)
    his wife however calls jinns on herself (mediumship) and we can talk to them and ask them qs like who did the magic? why they are sent?? who sent them?? and why they are bothering us .. and the jinn replies..


    secondly, She does this thing called muraqaba/clairvoyance – which is closing eyes through her visions she could see things which other people can’t for example in her vision she can open up a man’s brain and take out snakes ( representing taking out the magic) or taking out the jinns from the body with visions and sometimes making a cut inside the body where jinns are hiding.. also tells us that in her vision she sees a big green flag on our house with QAlma SHahada on it.. representing that God has chosen us to do something good.. she also sees a golden crown on some of us with Qalma shahada..

    look i’m not a very pious person. i\m only trying and may ALlah forgive us all for our sins.. but are we supposed to get this kind of information coz to what i understand this is ilm GHAIB ..

    as they say dont judge someone as they may be better than you in ALLAH’s eyes..

    so could a person have the authority to tell you such a thing.. If Allah loves us and wanted us to know HE could very easily send a dream or any sign.. which by the way i get alot.. since childhood i’ve seen things in my dreams which even pious people have not seen all by the grace of ALLAH..i’m grateful to Him eternally.

    trust me the day she said that i must be from a family of the saints that ALlah has blessed me with powers and that HE must love me very much soo.. i was on cloud 9.. and btw this was said in a room full of my relatives and i was not even the main patient .. it just happens that they were doing muraqaba and she said who is this woman i\m seeing her shining like a star in white clothes.. don’t get me wrong i’m not being ungrateful and i hope and pray that its true.. BUt i dont want to cross the line where it become shirk and biddah.

    pls answer my queries i know its abit long ( its a longer story than this but may ALLAH swt give you AJAR for this)
    and bless you and your family eternally..

    please do give me references as i dunno if this doubt in my mind about them is to do with shaitaan’s waswasa so that i stop going there resulting loss of connection with deen..

    Or if Allah is helping me to stay away from shirk and biddah.

    jazakALLAHe khairun

  4. Abu-abdullah says:

    Asallam o Alikum,

    i am a Quran Exorcist. i would like to inform all you that you can diagnose your self that weather you are suffering with Sehar (Black Magic) or ghost or not by doing simple test.please inform other with it it is a Sadqa-e-jaria.
    please follow this following given instructions

    Just take a glass of water and recite given below Holy Qurans Verses and blow on water (Dam water. even though you may have 2 glasses of water 1 used to blow (Dam) and 2nd one to confirm the taste if you feel doubt.

    1. Darud-e-Ibraheem 7 time
    2. Surrah Al-Fateha 7 times
    3. Aital Kursi 7 times
    4. Surah Younas Ayat no (80,81,82)7 times
    5. Surrah Ikhlas 7 times
    6. Surrah Falak 7 times
    7. Surrah Nass 7 times

    After doing this take a sip of water and keep it in your mouth just for 5 seconds and swallow it slowly and feel the taste of water if their is change in the taste of water just like (sour, dry your mouth, irritate in your throat) that means you are effected with Black Magic. if you feel it has become more sweater that means you are suffering with a disease which should be treated by a doctor or if the waters taste is as usual you are fine you dont have any problem.
    you can find me at facebook by adding

    Jazak Allah Bill Khair

  5. Ansar says:

    Assalamoalaikum w.w.
    Dear brothers and Sisters,
    where can i get detail or discussion in urdu(type in english but urdu reading or urdu typing lit.) because my vocablry is less i can’t understand deeply in english language.
    Jazak Allah Bill Khair

  6. Afsara says:

    Assalamu alaikum.please anyone give me any dua or isme azam for protection from qareen or weaken the qareen power.i am disturbed from it .so please give any dua.

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