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Question, Taweez Found in a Washroom. Is it Jinn?


we live in a joint family system and my chacho died last month his family live with us now yesterday we find a taveez in our washroom not in our chachi’s washroom we opend it and we cant read that words but in the end my chachi(aunty) name with my cousin my auntys son name and name of my chachi’s mother was written. now i want to know what we do.

One thing is very strange that my chachis wasroom is very safe everyone can go there and its like in open place our washroom is attached with the room so its difficult to put anything there..

My other question is that some days back my cloths started to disappear strangely…i lost so many cloths and trousers and after that i started feeling that somebody touch me…now i feel good i recite verses and that effect is minimized still i am worried.


wa’alaikum as salaam sister,

Sister there is nothing to worry, It is the belief in Allaah and the thought that nothing can hurt you without HIS permission and HE is the protector of All his Creation.

What you have described is quite common in villages. Disappearance of Clothes, means someone stole it in order to make a TAWEEZ/CHARM/Magic. If you can find out who stole those clothes, that person would be the one responsible for that Taweez – which you found in the bathroom.

The names and mothers’ names are also common as a requirement for bewitching someone, and is helpful for the jinn to trace the victim. It is best you get rid of the Taweez. If it is a paper with text written with a soluble ink, then do the following:

take some water in a bowl and recite the following over it. The recitation should be done in a way that the air from your mouth touches the surface of the water.

1 – Surah Al-Fatiha
2 – Ayat-ul-kursi (Verse 255 Surah Baqara)
3 – Last Three Surahs of Quran.

Then you can put that piece of paper and dissolve it in this water. It will by Allaah’s Leave cancel its effects. if there are other things stitched inside the amulets, like – a piece of cloth, or a photo, it is best to burn them with fire.

Always seek refuge in Allaah, and read a translation of Ayat-ul-kursi to understand its Significance. May Allaah keep us safe from the Evil within ourselves and the Evil of That which HE has created.

Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

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  1. shehzad says:

    Assalam u alikum. I want to ask one question regarding taweez. Few days back my father found a taweez tied in black cloth. .. and it was tied outside my house with the guava tree (amrood).
    It has 6 different texts written on it. Only one text which we have read is “aadam and hawa… ”
    Could you pleaae guide us…

    jazakALLAH khair.

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