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Question, Multiple Jinn Possessing One body


assalam alikum
i read your post and its quite interested but i have a few questions this is just one a sorcer have an agreement with leader of that jinn and the jinn he has let say about 1000 when a rukyah is performed if the jinn in the possesd person cant leave cause it have others guarding him what do the person who performing rukyah do challenge the main jinn who have contract with magian or try to challenge the magian what is the correct procedure
please that will be helpful
thank you


Wa’alaikum as Salaam brother Ali,

Good question. Multiple Jinn may possess a victim, it has been known through experience. When a healer counters a scenario when he feels that multiple Jinn have possessed a body, they often call every jinn involved with the help of the first jinn to speak through the human tongue. Normally, when ruqya is performed, all jinn come to speak from the possessed body because the appointed jinn are bound to the victim at all times, until the CHARM is destroyed.

Coming to your question; first of all, sorcerers never get to have 1000 jinn working for them. Even if they do, they never send all of them onto one person, unless it is something very personal to the sorcerer. I will Insha’Allah upload some reports/conversations recorded from exorcisms, which tell us that a jinn often wants to embrace Islam but he mentions that he has other jinn looking at him and he worries that they might hurt him if he does so. The healer then suggests memorizing Ayat-ul-Kursi, and to go and dwell with the Muslim jinn in Makha and Madina.

To clarify your doubts, the main purpose of a Ruqya is to find out where the CHARM is buried/hidden. If Multiple Jinn are bound to one victim, and one jinn gets to speak from the human tongue then THAT jinn (no matter he is 1/1000 of the jinn appointed to that victim), will know where the charm is hidden. Often the jinn says that he knows where the charm is but there is another jinn who will take the charm away to a different location. These are mostly lies, the jinn tell many lies so such sayings should not be trusted.

The healer should ask about where the Charm is hidden, and once it is found and destroyed, the healer may ask the jinn to call the other jinn entrusted to that task of Sihr on that particular victim, and likewise, depending on their religion the healer should talk to everyone of them. If the jinn is a Muslim, the healer should convince him not to bother other Muslims as it is forbidden in our religion. If he is not a Muslim then the healer should invite him to Islam. Matter of fact is, the healer may simply tell the jinn to leave since the Charm is already found through One of them. But that too depends if the healer wishes please Allah by inviting others into Islam.

I hope I have answered your question. Please keep your questions coming.

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  1. Fahad says:

    I want to do this. so, how can i learn this.

  2. zain-ul-abadeen says:

    i would like to know if talaak counts if a person is confirmed possessed. Pleez answer Jazaakallah

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