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Question, If Jinn can go up to the heavens, then…

Most of the people wish to know that when Jinn can go up to the heavens and when they steal information about the future and the fact that they witness the inevitable reality, then why do they still act so rebellious?

The problem is that the very Muslims of our world, even we do not follow our religion completely. Most of us focus on worldly gains and want to become Singers and Celebrities with fans. It never makes sense if perceived from a 3rd perspective. Such a life is meaningless and merely vanity. Yet it is human nature that he finds exposure more tempting.

Fact is, Iblees has been given respite till the Day of Judgment as we learn from the Quran. When all the other jinn die with the passage of time, seeing one jinn (iblees) immortal and the strongest of them all, then indeed it is Iblees who leads his Race (the jinn); either by force or via temptation. We do not know what Iblees spreads among his race every day, but it seems that other jinn want to be like him and be immortal. Iblees can keep lying to them and bring them on the wrong side. Allah knows best if it is Iblees himself that forces the jinn to go and steal information from the heavens even when it is risking their lives. Many exorcism reports imply that the jinn appointed to the task is a Muslim but he is forced by his clan chieftain to work for the Sahir (Witch); if not then he will be punished.

If we read Surah Jinn, you realize where it says that the Jinn said,

‘And that the foolish among us [i.e. Iblees (Satan) or the polytheists amongst the jinns] used to utter lies against Allah that which was wrong and not right.” (Al-Jinn: 04)

It proves that Satan spreads lies in order to keep their trust by promising them eternal life, and higher status like he himself has. Indeed most of the jinn would follow him for apparent immortality.

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