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Quesiton, I wish to Contact Jinn


Assalamu Alaikum, and hope you are in good health and in best blessing from ALLAH. I am a 32 year old man in seek of knowledge and idea of knowing Jinn more and more. And also if possible can you tell me how can i contact Jinn.
My questions are, that if we want to contact with Jinn, is it possible. Also i have heard many people saying that by contacting them, they will try to scare you or hurt you. If there are Muslims among Jinn, why they will hurt other Human Muslim being who just want to know about their life and them. Either Non Muslim Jinn will try to scare a Human who wants to contact them or other Non Muslim Jinn will also do that. My curiosity about this Creation of ALLAH is from long time, but i did not tried it, I want to contact them, but i am not sure, whether I am a person to do so or not. My contact is purely based on knowledge about their life, how they live, how they feed, what they like, what they dnt like, just like any other human being’s likes and dislikes. Hope that i dnt offend any human being here or any Jinn (might be reading my text by now). My questions and curiosity is totally based on knowledge and in making a good friendly debate with Jinn.



wa’alaikum as salam sir,

JazakAllah for the blessings. Sir basically, the way to contact jinn require rituals where you offer something to the jinn. If the Jinn is pleased and he accepts the ceremony, then he comes in contact and asks you what you wish for in return for all that you have done.

There are people who deal with Jinn, but they require polytheism. Doing so, calls upon the demons or the Evil-jinn. You are not allowed to know the language in which you recite the ritual and it may contain a lot of polytheism to the chief of demons. The jinn that appear at first, would reflect that they are Muslims but sooner or later they deviate you from the true path. This has been confirm throughout the history and even today!

People who are caught up in praying to Graves are all due to Jinn. Lack of understanding of Jinn. Jinn may appear in the form of that dead person, which these people followed, and the people are tricked and deviated further. Which again serves the cause of Satan.What I mean to say is that, there are people who invites people to this field, and then people are simply caught in a dilemma. So its best not to mix up with such people in hope that someday we may talk to a jinn. But instead increase in our sins.

Overall, there are ways to contact jinn but they are wrong, and haraam according to Shari’ah. The saudi government was asked if doctors are allowed to contact Qareen (Jinn companion) of the patients, in order to find out the cause of the illness, but when the government went through the process in which they contact this Qareen, they denied it and said it is NOT to be practiced!

Another issue is that, if we look at interviews of Exorcists, which seem to have had the most of conversations with Jinn. All of them vary! Every jinn has a different story to tell about their world. Hence scholars are at a point where they suggest never to trust a Jinn. For most of them tell Lies and you can never be sure which statement to believe in.

Still if you wish to contact a jinn and speak to him, your best chance is to go to an Exorcism. Seek an appointment with a legitimate Raqi (Exorcist). You will find Jinn who are Forced by the witch to possess, hurt their victims.  In fact, the jinn themselves are often good but are forced to follow or be punished by the Chief of their Tribe (who apparently would work for their leader – Satan). They admit their sins and speak sincerely out of fear. If you have short questions, you may ask them there, right before he is set free.

and Allaah knows Best.

77 Responses to “Quesiton, I wish to Contact Jinn”

  1. shakeel says:

    as salaam please give me dua or wajifa to protect me and my family from black magic and from enimyes

    • samar says:

      As per hadees muawiztain..falak n naas

      Scholars said…4 kul…kafiroon..ikhlas..falak naas n aaytul kursi at tym of dusk n dwn…u will get protedted+ 5tymz prayers compulsory

  2. SHAMIYA says:

    salaam shakeel, recite manzil and munjiath daily. when you call upon ALLAH SUBAHANUWATALA you need not be afraid at all because when he is with you why fear.Remember me in your peayers. INSHAH ALLAH IF YOU RECITE THIS DAILY YOU WILL SEE WONNDERS

  3. Asif Aziz says:

    Assalam alaikum,
    I have some questions rather suggestions that i need. Im right now 29yrs old and married and my problem started when i was like 16-17. I used to have scratches in my back when i woke up in the morning, always felt somebody was sleeping on top of me in the midst of night. For 3-4 nights i suddenly used to wake up and found someone holding my hand wearing a brides dress, even while in office long strands of hair used to come out from my mouth. I was terrified. I have been to many amils and maulvis but the problem still persist. Of the amil told me that when i was born a lady jinn adopted me, that was fine but when i was 16 the same lady jinns daughter fell in love with me.
    Please help! im in desperate need of some useful advice.

    • Vish says:

      Hi Asif,
      You have two options either to get rid off her completely or get rid partially. Now if you try to get rid off completelym she will understand and will harm you and your loved ones.
      My suggestion think of her and do not get scared if comes infront of you just try to be friend and tell her that you respect her and she can stay but as sister because her mother adopted you according to custom she is your sister. She may fill your life with prosperity.

      But remember never ever get scared just show attitude that you are not scared and you know she is around you and you are least bothered. This is a long process to get rid off but in this she will never harm you.

      If you dare to do this do let me know what has happened for a week and then ill tell you what to be done further

    • ur brother says:

      hi….brother..i can help you…plz contact me through ma personal mail id…(

    • Md Asad Morol says:

      I think your problem will be solve if you follow my suggest. that is when you go to bed for sleep at first you will recite sura nas, sura falak, sura ikhlas and iyatul kursi 1 time. after finishing that suras you will to breathe your together pulm and wipe the body from head to leg. Then start to sleep, In shah allah You will get rid of that problem.

  4. Miss M K says:

    A year ago i came to know that somebody has done blackmagic on me. They had sent a jinn to ruin my life.
    I know the jinn is around me but i dont know why. I would really like to find out by asking the jinn a few questions. Is this possible to do? How can i get the jinn to speak to me?


  5. dusky says:

    hi i want to contact with a good jinn and i have read allot and i saw your reply that you need to offer the jinn something and then if he like it he will come and make contact with you the first thing is that how do you need to offer him and what kind of things is it like food or something to contact with the good jinn i really want to see a jinn and contact were will it contact like will it appear at your house or at a place or in public will i need to do something will i need to say something pleas if i said any thing wrong correct me as i am new to this

  6. Misbah says:


    many people say that if you read surah jinn you
    can really see jinns so i wanted to know if its all true or
    just a rumour plzz help me

    • Misbah says:


      many people say that if you read surah jinn 40 times you
      can really see jinns so i wanted to know if its all true orjust a rumour plzz help me

      • eternity says:

        I have heard when you read that jinn surah prayer , the bad jinns cant stand its frequency and die but then the other ones, relatives etc can take revenge , you dont wanna kill a dog immediately when he disturbsinstead u warn thats why it might be dangerous to pray or say things codes u dont know what for or to pray without starting with the Gods name . besides dangerous to pour hot (tea etc ) waters outside as u might kill unseen jinns passing by too . and dont want anything from them the bad ones want things in return to harm good ones are said to want prayers butif you have good jinns still want things from God if good jinns or angels hear ur prayer they might try to realize ur wishes for God in other words God might realize them through the angels good jinns ..this is better method

    • Hassan says:

      try to recite it and lets see 😛

    • Omar says:

      Read it and find out.
      Knowledge is Power, and best found first hand.

      May Allah bless you. Ameen

      • samar says:

        Reading quran dua etc for calli g jinn is like opening a lock with bunch of unknown keys…sm get sucess in 40tyms sm get 100 sm get 1000 n some never… if u know about lick n keys u can open with min efforts

        • My name is ali bin sowid I have one guy that person can help u.all of you who has to no about jinn I was in problem abouts jinn and all and my friend meet me one boy 28 year old habeeb he was in sudia near makkah when I meet him first time I was think he,s looking like small boy but when I said my problem that person was smiling looking at me the person was no about me everything after a hour habeeb said me plz go to your country hyderabd and pray 2rka nafil 40days ands about your problem. After a 2 months my problem was clear just I saw dream second day my house and my famliy was dua doing for that person habeeb I have he’s email just that the way you can. connect him my problem was in 2013 dec I was working in sudia arbia near airport still now I am searching that guy plz plz If any one can find the person plz contact me

  7. shahroz khan says:

    read surah 1000 times in three days n fast fo 3 days start ur amal in such a time dat it ends in midnight n then pray 2 rakat nafal den a jin will appear in front of u n dnt get scared dy wnt harm u

  8. Rahman says:

    Whats tat surah tat want to read to see jinn

  9. Rahman says: contact me i will tell

  10. Omar says:

    Contact with Jinn is not a sensible idea and shouldn’t be promoted.
    Brothers, Sisters think of your Aakhiraat.
    We have been warned not to mess with the unknown, and with good reason to!
    I can only advise you, the rest is up to you.
    May Allah guide you and keep you from all Evil.Ameen

    Pray for my end. Jazak Allah Khair

  11. Darvish says:

    Asalaam Alaykum

    Brother and sisters it depends on what type of jinn your going to call,yes it is true all jinni get angry for calling them to your service,you must be powerful “Spiritually and physically” handle theses creature’s,if you call a good one,they get angry and might spit you,and a bad one can be worse,trust me,you said that they don’t heard because we are from the same source,that is Allah {s.w.t{ but remember we are ashraful makhlukat,we have more mind capacity than Jinnat,they are not to our match,for example if your tired or sleeping and suddenly your son’s jumps on you and calls you by your name? you are a strict Muslim praying,fasting etc etc but at that moment you get angry at your own son, isn’t it? that’s how jinnat can behave,you must be safe,there are rituals some 40 days,some 6 months ,and some might take years,now if they want to work for you is upon satisfying them,I think they believe in tit for tat,yup if that’s so.
    Asalaam Alaykum

    بھائی اور بہنوں کو یہ کس طرح جنوں کے پر انحصار کرتا ہے فون، کے لئے جی ہاں یہ سچ ہے جن انہيں آپ کی خدمت کی دعوت کے لئے ناراض ملتا ہے، تم طاقتور ہو “روحانی اور جسمانی طور پر” ان کی پرانی ہینڈل کرنا ہوگا، اگر آپ ایک اچھا کہتے ہیں آپ، وہ ناراض ہو جاؤ اور تم توک سکتا ہے، اور ایک بری ایک برا ہو، مجھ پر اعتماد کر سکتے ہیں، آپ نے کہا کہ انہوں نے سنا نہیں کیونکہ ہم ایک ہی ذریعہ ہے، جو اللہ {اللہ سبحانہ وتعالی {ہے لیکن یاد رکھنا ہم اشرفل makhlukat ہیں سے ہیں، ہم ہیں Jinnat سے زیادہ سے زیادہ دماغ کی صلاحیت، وہ ہمارے میچ میں مثال کے طور پر نہیں ہیں، اگر اپنے تھکے یا نیند اور اچانک تم پر اپنے بیٹے کی چھلانگ ہے اور آپ کے نام سے آپ کو بلاتا ہے؟ آپ کو ایک سخت مسلمان نماز، روزے وغیرہ وغیرہ ہیں لیکن اس وقت آپ کو اپنے بیٹے پر غصہ آتا ہے، نہیں ہے؟ کہ ہے jinnat کس طرح برتاؤ کر سکتے ہیں، آپ کو محفوظ ہونا ضروری ہے، وہاں رسمیں ہیں کچھ 40 دن کچھ 6 ماہ، اور کچھ سالوں لے اب اگر وہ آپ کے لئے کام کرنا چاہتے ہیں انہیں پورا کرنے پر ہے ہو سکتا ہے، مجھے لگتا ہے کہ وہ جیسے کو تیسا میں یقین رکھتے ہیں، جی ہاں اگر ایسا ہے.

  12. nazish khan says:

    Asalam mualiakum,

    Since I hve came back from pakistan, It feels like i got jinns around me all the time, even at night time i can hear some footsteps walking around in my bedroom. they sometimes comes in my dreams also and call my name as well. Please help me with this. I really would like to communicate with them n ask them wt they really want from me. or is their any way i could get rid of them?


  13. Mohammad farooq says:

    Wajifa should be read in heart so that no one will hear except allah or should be recite with voice so that angels will hear

  14. Raul says:

    I belong to a Hindu Family. Off late,many disastrous things are happening to my family. My father is having constant worries and bad health. There is no happiness in the house. I am working also, but no money can be saved. All money goes out in any way(which i cant even think of). No peace of mind, no peace even if I tryto study (get addicted to erotic). Of late,i have also seen some shadows while sleeping & also feel that something is rotating around me. Could you kindly advise? I dont feel like myself anymore, all troubles are persistent around me…

    • samar says:

      Quite musleading article, no quote of references n experiences of faqeeh,muhaddus etc

      Anyway..can u provide ref for qareen n saudi gvt matter? Why govt i terfering in medical issue???nvr heard this in saudi…

      Lillahi junoodussanawati wal ard…armies of earth n skues belongs to allah….
      Prophet said if u lost ur camel or path in desert say…AAYINOONI YA IBAD ALLAH…o servants of allah hlp me…(these servants r angels jinn pious ppl)

      Islam us jyst nt saudi govt…

      Bro u i recommend download surah baqrah n aayatul kursi from etc n keep it playing day night in ur home at clean n pure place fragranted one…ask anygood muslim to read n blow on water n keep drinking it…if water is less add more water…u will see miracle of creator of humanity….

  15. Nabila says:

    Do jinns hurt people??? There are also good jinns……..

  16. samar says:

    Nabila…n others read tafseer of surah jinn..(tafseer like sawi..khazin…ruhul bayan) n boom of muhaddis allama jalaluddin suyuti…(ahkamul jaan) available in mny language ….u will get all info u want..SUYUTI is nt among t8days aalim who divide ppl over silly issues…he belongs to ancestors who unite ummah

  17. krishna says:

    Iam krishna from india – HYDERABAD,
    iam a hindu and as long as i remember my family is suffering from many sorrows and all stories go up like a movie and stupid things happen for no reason ,
    no happiness at any time of complete life i dont wont anything im ready sacrifice everything but want my family to be happy is there a way,

    and from past 1 Month i get a dream in which a wicked old lady enters my room and ask me to feed it,
    and it shouts on me for not feeding it..

    i feel damn disturbed all the day and feel insane,

    every expectations go good in my life and i get this dream it all goes down so bad that i cant stand up easily..

    What can i do??.. for this?..

  18. salman says:

    Krishna email me, insha’allah I will help you get rid of the problem.

  19. Assalamu Alaikum, i am a muslim brother who read Quran and to know more about God oldow i belive in God Almighty and i am still learning,
    i came accrose this site and i wont to contact you to help me if it is a DUA or a words that i am to use to talk to them please it is you have that idea,
    Thank you,

  20. mayuree says:

    I am in great problem because my husband has left me n had got engaged to another girl n is getting married on april. my husband n I had an affair for 9yrs n after that he got married to me secretly because he was afraid of hid father, now his father came to know about us. and forced my husband to breakup with me n marry other girl. n even my husband’s family has done something on him that now my husband hates me to an unbelievable point. Please help me to get my life my husband my love back. without him I cant live n m thinking of suicide. Please help me.

  21. Najam Ali says:

    Assalam allikum ,dear brother and sister , I need urs help ! M in big trouble .. one bad jinn is giving me trouble from last one year . I asked to many mollvis they said one girl doing blackmagic on you … and she launched jinn to me for disturbing me .. and he stop my all works all projects, my family also nw in trouble … please help me …
    This is my email id (

  22. riya says:

    hi.. I have been listening about jinns all my life.. they r something whch fascinates me n make me to knw more n more about them.. if it is possible thn cn I accompny you in any exorcism.. waiting for your reply

  23. khalid hasan says:

    assalamualaikum brother, the problem is my mother is being disturbed by a bad jinn or something like that…whenever my mother sleeps alone in a room that thing bother her and try to scare her a lot…like holding my mother’s hand and pull it so hard and pulling her hair while she is as sleep or calling her by her name, pulling her legs or something more dangerous.we have tried to get rid of this thing but we couldn’t,and she has got this problem since her childhood,if theres have any solution plz. help us.

  24. Amirhussein says:

    Hi.i am 23.married
    I have a question my friend.
    Last night we had 4-5 guest in our house.
    After dinner one of them went to wash the dishes so she puts her ring in a bowl.
    But after 10 or 15 minutes she went to take her ring but that wasnt there.
    We searched all of house but couldnt find it.
    Today me and my wife were alone in our house so i told her to give me her ring and i put that in the bowl to see what wil happend.
    We were sitting in the coach righr front of bowl but afte 5 minute i went to take my ring but that wasnt there again!!!
    i asked some people about it and they told me that it should be a jinn who is bothering you.
    And some of them told me that”maybe your bowl is cursed!”
    i dont know what can i do now.can you help me my friend?
    oh.almost forgot
    I bought that bowl from a antique shop last year.
    Please help me
    I really need help

  25. Hijabi says:

    La 7owl wa la gowatan illa Billah….do any of you ppl fear Allah?
    Why would you want to contact jinn or talk to them or even see them? Worry about other things like serving your religion and forget about this nonsense! May Allah guide us all. I do not mean to be mean but it angers me that there are bigger issues at hand and some ppl think that this is worth contemplating

  26. kaja says:

    Dears assalamu alaikkum..
    I am kajamohaideen from Tamil adi India. I need baiyath and jinns please help me

  27. kaja says:

    Dears assalamu alaikkum..
    I am kajamohaideen from Tamilnadu India. I need baiyath and jinns please help me

  28. Ash says:


    Firstly I am unsure of who owns this website, or gave the reply to this question. Whoever it is has given you incorrect information that will lead you into committing one of the greatest sins, Shirk!

    You can not interact with the world of the Jinn for any reason what so ever! No matter if you think it is innocent! The only one we seek help from is Allah! and if you want to seek knowledge about the creation of Allah study from books, the Quran itself! How can you deny Allah swts words??

    You want information? Read this!

    Whoever gave the reply to you is far from their imaan if they have any left!

    Please do not believe in ridiculous nonsense that will lead you into the hellfire. Learn from history and stories of our Prophet s.a.w and the Sahaba and use the intellect that you were given by Allah swt.

    May Allah guide you all and me on the straight path

  29. Malaka says:

    assalamu alaikum, i have been suffer by a jinn or demon possession, please i need held if u can help me i will be thankful rest of my short or long life.

    • Abdul says:

      Asalamu alaikum,

      Are you 100% sure its jinn? A lot claim jinn but most cases are not jinn related. It does not hurt to double check. Do you pray? Did you know, you are your best raqy. I will tell you what to do, by the will of Allah things should get better, you would need patience.

      1st establish your salaah, incl voluntary and night prayer. Do the morning and evenings adkhaar. You can buy a booklet called fortress of the muslims. I t has authentic dua’s

      2. recite quran everyday, and every 3 days recite surah al- baqarah.

      3. If you have pictures displayed on the wall etc, put them away. When you enter your home say, bismillah, and close with bismillah. Tell your family to do the same. Also read the du’a when entering the toilet, say bismillah when changing clothes say bismillah.

      4. Do you watch a lot of tv? music? Reduce it, or stop if you can.

      5. Read surah al-fatiha, ayatul kursi, surah al-jinn, last 3 surahs of the quran, 10 ayah of as-saffat, 4 first ayah of al baqarah, the last 10 ayah of al-baqarah. Plenty more surahs, but try those. Insha’allah should be enough.

      6. Do the adhaan in your house everyday. Eat 7 ajwa dates everday.

      7. Never lose hope in Allah, shifa comes from Allah. Du’a is the weapons of the believer.

      8. Any taweez/talisman etc remove it.

      9. If it escalates then find a good practicing brother upon the quran, sunnah and well versed. 95% of the ruqya is done by the quran. Reciting over water, zamzam water is ideal. You can as long no shirk is involved then its fine.

      10. Read other topics on cure on this website.

      11. Fast Mondays and Thursday, and if you can get hijama done.

      Remember the cure is from Allah ONLY, please don’t lost hope and stay firm.

  30. Shiza says:

    My mummy always feel that there is something with her
    She thought that something is harming her…
    Whats is the solution of that??

  31. Anaya says:

    I want to know what is surah jinn..
    Is it really works or it is fake??
    If it works than how can I talk to jinn by using that??
    Plzzz reply…

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