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Protection from the Evil-Jinn [Demons]

Remembrance of Allah is one of the greatest acts that will save the person from Evil-jinn /Satan/Demons.

Abu Hurayrah has related the following incident that was recorded in Sahih al-Bukhari and other books. Abu Hurayrah said that the Prophet had put him in charge of guarding the zakat of Ramadhaan. He related, “Someone came to me and began to take portions of the food. I caught him and told him that I was going to take him to the Messenger of Allah.” The man complained, “I am in great need and I have children dependent on me.”

Therefore I let him go. In the morning, the Prophet (peace be upon him) asked me, “What happened to the one you caught last night, Abu Hurayrah?”
I replied, “Oh Messenger of Allah, he pleaded with me concerning his great need and his dependent children, so I felt pity for him and let him go.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “He lied to you and he will be back.”

I knew that he would therefore return because the Prophet (peace be upon him) had said so. I waited for him. When he came, he again began to take loads of food. I caught him again and again told him that I was going to take him to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). But when he pleaded, “Let me go. I am in great need and have children dependent on me,”

I again had mercy on him and let him go. In the morning, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) again asked me, “Oh Abu Hurayrah, what happened to your prisoner last night?” I replied, “Oh Messenger of Allah, he complained to me of his great need and dependent children so I let him go again.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “He has lied to you and he will return.”

I again waited for him and again he came and began to take loads of food. I caught him once again. I told him, “This time I will definitely take to the Messenger of Allah. This is the third time you have done such an act.”

This time the man said to me, “If you let me go I will teach you some words by which Allah will greatly benefit you! When you go to your bed recite the verse of the throne – Ayat-ul-kursi [al-Baqara: 255], “Allah, there is no god but He, the Living, the Eternal…” to the end of the verse. If you do so a guardian from Allah will come and protect you from the devils until the morning.” I decided to let him go.

In the morning, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) again asked me, “What happened to your prisoner last night, Abu Huraira?” I answered, “He claimed that he would teach me some words that would benefit me greatly.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “He has told the truth although he is a liar. Do you know who the person you’ve been talking to for the last three nights was?” I replied in the negative. The Prophet (peace be upon him) told me, “That was a devil…”

I would like to stress, most of our brothers believe in mere recitation as Protection from Evil, but in fact, it is the Meaning within that protects people. Let us, for once, think; why Ayat-ul-kursi has such significance in protection from Evil?

When you believe, that there is One God; Creator of All; Hearer of All; and Protector of All. Someone whom No Slumber can seize, nor Sleep! The Ever-Living! The Most Merciful! What then can harm HIS creation without HIS permission? Yes brother, it is all in the translation of Ayat-ul-kursi. Once you have Faith, that Allaah is With you, it is You who has to Remember Him, what then can harm you? Alhamdullillaah.

Practical Proof –

In Majmu al-Fatawa, Ibn Taimiya explained some of the ways of the devils in tempting people. He wrote,
I know some people whom the plants would talk to and tell them of their beneficial ingredients. Actually, Satan who had entered the plant was the one talking. And I know people to whom the bushes and rocks would say, “Welcome, o devoted servant of Allah.” If they read ‘The Verse of the Throne’ [al-Baqarah: 255] all of that would stop. I know of some people who go bird hunting and the sparrows and others say to them, “Take me so the poor can eat me.” A Satan had entered the bird and spoken in the same way he enters humans and speaks from them. And some people are in their houses with the doors locked and see themselves outside while they did not open the door and vice-versa. Similar is the case with the city gates. Jinn take them in and out of them quickly. Lights will shine for them. Or a person who he was seeking would appear while actually it was Satan appearing like his friend. If they recite ‘The Verse of the Throne’ Over and over, all of that Stops.

In the book written by Wahid Ibn Abdessalam, when he was performing an exorcism, he mentions:
A man brought his wife for treatment and said that his wife hated him very much and felt relaxed at home, during his absence. When I asked few questions, it appeared to me, from the symptoms she had that she suffered from sihr of separation. After listening to the ruqya [reciting Surah’s of Quran to provoke the jinn in a possessed person], a Jinn spoke in her person. Here is a summary of our dialogue:
Q: “What is your name?”
A: “I will not tell you my name”
Q: “What is your religion?”
A: “Islam”
Q: “Do you think it is lawful for a Muslim to torture a Muslim?”
A: “I love her, and I am not torturing her All I want is that her husband should keep away from her,”
Q: “You want to separate them, don’t you?”
A: “Yes”
Q: “You cannot do that Get out of her, for the sake of Allah’s obedience,”
A: “No, I love her,”
Q: “But she hates you”
A: “No, she loves me,”
Q: “You are a liar, She hates you and that is why she has come here to get you out of her body,”
A: “I will not get out”
Q: “Then, I will burn you with the Qur’an (by reciting verses) ,”

I recited some verses over her and he screamed,
Q: “Will you get out now?”
A: “Yes, but conditionally”
Q: “What is your condition?”
A: ‘To get out of her and to enter in your body,”
Q: “All right, get out of her and enter into my body if you can”

The Jinn waited for a moment then cried,
Q: “Why are you crying?”
A: “No Jinn can enter into your body today,”
Q: “Why?”
A: “Because this morning, you said:
[La ilaha illallahu, wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu, wa huwa ‘ala kulli shai’in qadir‘]
{There is no true god except Allah. He is One and He has no partner with Him; His is the sovereignty and His is the praise, and He is able to do all things} 100 times.

And the Prophet (peace be upon him) was truthful when he said:
“Whosoever says: [La ilaha illallahu, wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu, wa huwa ‘ala kulli shai’in qadir‘] 100 times a day, will have a reward equal to the manumission of 10 slaves, will have ten good deeds added to and ten bad deeds erased from his register, and will be protected by this supplication the Satan throughout the day until the evening, No one is better than he who says this supplication except a man who says more.”

There are many verses of the Quran and hadith referring to many supplications to help protect oneself from Satan. But overall, it is very comprehensive; Remembrance of Allah is the greatest acts that will save a person from Demons. But the above two [Verse of the Throne & Later supplication] are witnessed to have practically protected people from Demons, when they are confronted by one. You may recite any surah of the Quran, specially the last two Surahs. Or do Zikr, remembering Allah at all times, and you will always be protected by the Will of Allah.

However, if someone is possessed, and cannot protect themselves then that would most probably be Sihr [Magic]; in that case the Witch strictly orders the jinn to possess the victim by Force. Although the jinn burns when possessing someone who remembers Allah, yet he will face a bitter punishment from the Witch if he does not obey his [Witch’s] commands. This would then require an exorcism [Ruqya]. I will write about that in detail Insha’Allah.

‘We seek refuge in Allah from evil’

12 Responses to “Protection from the Evil-Jinn [Demons]”

  1. Imran us Salam says:

    Whats RUQYA?

  2. Muhammad Ali says:

    Ruqya is like a Ritual. But does not involve any sort of polytheistic acts.
    Example, for exorcism, a Ruqya consists of reciting a Series of Surah’s from the Quran to the possessed person lying down in front. That will provoke the jinn to speak from his/her possessed body.
    Likewise, a Ruqya for Evil-eye, from the Hadith from Sahih-chain, the Prophet (saw) would wash the affected person with water taken from the Wazoo of the person who evil-eyed him. Here you see the method is different, yet it involved only the word of Allah. So these are called Ruqya/s.
    I will write Ruqyas for every possession/evil-eye in detail Insha’Allah.

    • Yasmin says:

      As Salamu Alaikum Brother Ali, I have been searching on line for a long time to see if I could find someone or something to check if I have a black magic on me or not. I do not want to write everything in detail here but if you could help me in any way that would be appreciated. I have been suffering from last 10 years and really need help. Please email me to let me know what can I do.

  3. Rizwann says:

    Please write the ayats of Ruqya and number of times one needs to recite them. Also if possible please upload Ruqya at the earnest. For protection of complete house from Jinns/hamzad/devils what should be done?Sprinkle water of Ruqya in house or play ruqaya in low voice at night?

  4. islamic follower says:


    dear brother,

    my husband is under the posession of evil husband is having an affair with a divorced lady and that lady is doing black magic on him for our seperation and also she wants to marry my husband and for that she is doing lot of black magic on husband is changed so much that he dont even talks to me and he continues talking day and night and dating that woman.can u help me in guiding how to break the magic?whole time i m in fear of getting divorce.

  5. worried wife says:

    I need guidance please…my husband gets possessed by jinns who harm him physically a great deal. This is a result of magicians work and efforts, please tell me what can be read by me when this happens?

  6. safi says:

    Salam brothers and sisters of Islam , I am not perfect no one is except the one and only god, I have sinned and repented everyone has , but I would like to say it is always the hard times when we remember god , we should do our daily salah and have faith and no magic will work.

    you cant just i want something to cure this n that but have to have faith in Allah Subhana wa ta allah always.

    Inshallah everyone gets my point.

    Allah o Akbar

  7. Miss Miaw says:

    Salaam, I was wondering is there any way that one can find out who is doing black magic on them? It’s just that in Ramadan I met a woman who was telling me how to protect myself from the evils which are around by reciting verses of the Quran. She stated that she found out who was doing black magic on her by doing a ruqya which involved burning black oil seeds for a week after magrib..the person who was doing black magic on her turned out to be her family member who admitted it as they became terribly ill and asked her to stop what she was reciting. I just want to know have you come across this type of ruqya treatment and if one should do it themselves 🙂

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