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Question, a person Suspected of Magic


There is brother who regularly attends all prayers who suspect is magician, recently he was locked up regarding some sex abuse case, eventually he was released. We know of this person giving taweez to people, how can one who is magician attend masjid daily?, is he doing sick acts in mosque to please jinns and do magic?


Brother, it is an act. If he does not attend the masjid, people will not go to him. It is the dilemma where people believe that this man is Holy for he offers his prayers, in fact it is merely an act to deceive those people. You will find thousands of such people who claim to be men of God and known as Peer in common terms, they show people magic and telling them that it is a Karishma which he was blessed with by God. There are True blessed people with Karishmas but this one doesn’t seem to fit in that category since he gives people Amulets – which in the first place is Haraam in Islam.

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  1. Zinat says:

    Salam BrotherAlhumdulilah I have found this site, I was looking for someone to answer my question. I was away abroad on July and when I came back a week later I found a charm or talisman under my mattress, it’s a piece of paper had writings on it (Arabic mix with Hindi), and a weird looking picture of a man or demon type of figure with long finger nails on the background. Also when I opened the charm it had some strange red powder inside? I thank Allah (SWT) I found that charm before I slept on my bed.
    Can you please explain what that was? Or means?My dad flashed it down the toilet, was that ok? Please can you reply back to me as soon as possible.Jazak’Allah khair

  2. Farihin says:

    Assalamualaikum sheikh, firstly this website is superb. In fact its the only site with such level of detail. May Allah bless you and your team.

    I have a question:
    Can someone who is a victim of sihr do solat and zikr? Or will it be difficult for them? Can we use it as a way to simply diagnose whether a person is a victim of sihr?

    I have a friend who is suspected of sihr but she prays regularly and zikr comes easily on her tongue… Can we rule out sihr? Jazakumullahu khairan

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