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Origin of Jinn (Demons)

Previously we read about ‘What are Jinn and Demons’. When Jinn are Good Jinn then we simply refer to them as Jinn and Spirits; and when they (Jinn) are bad and evil, then we call them Demons and Devils. But now the question – ‘When were they created?

Qur’an, Surah Hijr; verse number 26 & 27:

Verily We created man of potter’s clay of dark mud altered. And the Jinn did We create aforetime of a smokeless flame of fire” (Al-Hijr: 26-27).

Science tells us that our planet is some million years old. Jinn came into existence before Human was created. That confirms the incidence of Iblees (Lucifer – Our next article Insha’Allah). A few scholars, however, say that Jinn were created only a thousand years before Human. But only Allah knows best. We cannot put forth our personal opinions in such matters. We can only look into Allah’s revelations for guidance.

Coming to their Origin:

And the jinn did We create aforetime of essential fire” (al-Hijr: 27)
And the jinn He did create of a smokeless flame of fire” (al-Rahmaan: 15)

These two verses confirm the fact that – Jinn were created from Fire. But that does not mean they appear in the form of some blazing Fire. Just the way we Human, unlike Clay, appear flesh and bones. Similarly they do not appear in the form of Fire. Later on we will discuss in detail on how they are not Fire by nature. However, if they want, they can appear in the form of anything (apparent), due to their powers of deception on the human eye.

Furthermore, in a book by ‘Dr. Umar Sulaiman’ states, “According to high scholars, the meaning of ‘marajin-min-nar (smokeless fire)’ is the extremity of the flame, and in one narration it is described as the purest and best (of fire).’ An-Nawawi said in his commentary to Sahih Muslim, that the smokeless flame of fire is that mixed with the blackness of the fire.””

We also find another strong narration recorded in the Sahih Muslim on the authority of Aisha (ra), that the Prophet (saw) said,

“The angels were created from light, the jinn were created from a smokeless flame of fire, and Adam was created from what has been described to you [In Quran]”

And Allah knows best.

Courtesy of Dr. Umar Sulaiman & Jamaal al-Din. JazakAllahu Khairan.

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