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Sihr Al-Mahabba / At-Tiwala (Magic for Love)

How is it done?

Arguments between man and wife often happen and are resolved within short times, and everything is back to normal again. However, a woman who cannot show patience would immediately go to a sahir/witch and ask him to work out a sihr/witchcraft which would let her be very much loved by her husband. This may be due to a defect in her faith, or to her ignorance of the fact that it is unlawful.

The sahir/witch would ask her to provide a trace of her husband’s scent. For instance his handkerchief, clothes, garment etc, something that has been in contact with the skin of the victim, and has the slightest scent of the victim preserved on it. The Witch would take a piece or some threads from these items, blow onto them, tie knots around them and ask the woman to bury it in a deserted place. He does that so that nobody could ever come across it or mistakenly get to open it and release the demon bound to that purpose.

The Witch may also prepare some water or food/powder with blowing polytheistic incantations over it, and giving it to the woman to add those into her husband’s meal/drink. He may also blow onto a perfume which the victim may put on.

Today, the witches may simply ask for a Photo, and the victim’s mother’s name, in order to work out this practice. Bear in mind, it is not only used to get a Husband to fall in love for the wife, but most of the times it is used to get another woman in love with oneself. It is unlawful and haraam.

The Prophet (pbuh) said:
“Ar-ruqaa, at-tamaa’im and at-tiwala are acts of polytheism.”

Refer, Imam Ahmad (1/381), Al-Haakim (4/418).

According to Ibn al-Atheer,
‘At-tiwala is a type of Magic which makes a man love his wife. The reason why this type of Ritual is classed by the Prophet (pbuh) as an act of polytheism is because those who have it done for them believe that it has an effect and does the opposite of what Allah has prescribed.’
Refer, An-Nihaaya (1/200)

The above ruqya is considered haram and we call it Sihr because it involves the assistance of Jinn and demons, and consists of acts of polytheism. However, the Ruqya which is based on the Quran and lawful supplications of Allah is lawful. It is when the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“There is no harm in using Ruqya as a means of treatment provided it DOES NOT consist of anything Polytheistic.”

Symptoms of Sihr of Love

  • Excessive love and passion
  • Extreme desire to have sexual intercourse
  • Extreme lust at the sight of one’s wife
  • Extreme obedience to one’s wife

I will write about the treatment once I finish writing about the details of these different types of magic/sihr. Or you may ask for the treatment and I will write them prior to my future articles.


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Wa huwa Aalaa kulli shay'in Qadeer.

37 Responses to “Sihr Al-Mahabba / At-Tiwala (Magic for Love)”

  1. saba says:

    i think i m a victim of this kind of sihr, but i am not life has become a hell.please help me by suggesting the cure.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Sister, curing Sihr involves the help of another person. It must be a mahaarim (unlawful person to marry), your brother, your father or uncle. I started writing the full procedure and I just finished writing the Pre-treatment stage – Pre-Treatment

      Once that is done, the healer must recite some verses of the Quran to you. I have managed to record those verses of the Quran and compiled them into a single file. It is Quran recitation of specific verses and it is almost 25 minutes in duration. Ruqya (recitation of the specific verses of Quran) recited by a Healer or by an Audio tape is the same. If someone is bewitched and possessed, this ruqya will by Allah’s leave cure him. However, If the patient is possessed/bewitched on purpose, and if it involves the work of a Sahir/Witch, then listening to the Ruqya will make the patient epileptic, and the jinn will speak from his/her tongue.

      Now If you want to get rid of the jinn, the healer should to talk to him. It is nothing to be afraid of, they(evil-jinn) burn with the recitation of the Quran. The healer should ask him a few question:

      His name – His religion – His reason for possessing.

      if he’s a Muslim, tell him about the rulings of our religion not to torture other Muslims; and if he is not a Muslim, invite him to Islam. You may then convince him to leave and never come back. If, however, the person possessed is due to Magic, i-e if the jinn tells you he is working for a Witch, you should ask the jinn where the CHARM is buried/hidden. You would want to open that charm and dissolve it in water OR burn it, and recite Ayatulkursi and the last three Surahs of the Quran. Always confirm where it tells you about the place where the charm is hidden. The healer can let the jinn leave the body once the charm is found.

      I wrote it all in brief and always remember; it is much generalized. One can provoke a jinn within a possessed person merely by reciting Al-Fatiha, Ayatulkursi (al-baqara:255) and the last three Surahs of Quran.

      You can download the Ruqya here: Ruqya Curing Sihr of Love

      The jinn burn with the recitation, yet he is forced by the Witch to fulfill the task he’s appointed for. Completely curing oneself requires burning of the CHARM, OR listening to a Ruqya everyday, in the morning, evening and before going to sleep, and praying to Allah, verily HE is the Curer.

      I would like you to refer to this article: Protection from Evil Jinn

      Other than this, if you DO NOT feel any change (numbness of an arm/leg) and DO NOT feel uneasy listening to the above Ruqya, then there is no harm in loving one’s spouse lawfully.

      May Allah Cure & Protect us all from the Evil that HE has created. Ameen

      • Senna says:

        My husband fits the description of a victim of sihr love,but I did not go to a witch or put a spell on him, what should I do ? I’m worried,senna

  2. […] from doing so. It looks like the hindu lady actually bewitched your friend with Sihr-al-Mahabba (Magic of Love). This type of Sihr is often used by Women to bewitch their spouse, with the main purpose to get […]

  3. Ramesh says:

    Hello Sir,

    Recently I broke up with my girlfriend whom I used to love a lot due to a long distance relationship we were in and her constant friendship with unknown boys was threatening me I trusted her but was always worried so I decided and broke up a month drama we both did but in the end we were seprated I couldn’t get over the breakup anyway and was on the verge of committing something bad to myself so my friend who took me to some place the banner the place had was written (HUJRA) I am not of the muslim community but I respect the religion the two problems I was facing were

    1.Unable to concentrate in work
    2.Couldn’t get over the fact that we broke up

    He asked me whether you want to patch up with that girl again I instantly said yes that I time I didn’t knew anything about the thing he was about to do.

    He asked for my mother name and mine and girl name and her mother name I gave it to him he asked me to come to him two days afterwards so I came to him and he gave me two taweez and said you will start focusing on work in something after wearing them I did felt good later two days he gave me 1 more taweez and said that wear it and some paper to burn and some to put under some sort of rock I did that too…

    It has been 10 days and my ex gf has started talking to me though we still fight over some things but have I done something wrong??? what is all this can yo u please some light on it and after doing the all this will she ever propose me back I wanna be with her but I dont want her life to ruin over anything ! Please guide me

    The healer said that in 40 days everything will be fine what I have got done please shed some light over it thanks!

  4. Ana says:

    Throw away the taweez instantly. And face your problems like a man.

  5. Salma says:

    Ramesh I would like to speak to you about your situation please.

    • nawaz says:

      Assalamu alaikum sister,

      I badly need help I have did some kind of magic to change my girlfriends parents mind..i wanna know how it will be effected to me if I make tauba nd repent will that wil b accepted

  6. jibran akram says:

    i had same problem i broke up with my girlfriend she stopped making contact so i meet this healer and he asked for my name my mothers name the girls and her mothers name and told me to burn some papers every evening and things will be ok inshallah but he didnt say how long it takes too work.

    Does this work ?

    how long do they take ?

    • mahmuda says:

      @jibran,i’d done thae same like you.Did you got the result now?I heard waiting is important.My hozor also gave me 3 peice of paper to eat to 3 lady dog.And an amulet too.Now i’m just waiting.

    • abu khalid says:

      You have commited a major sin and an act of kufr by going to a magician. You have taken part in witchcraft maybe unintentionally. I urge you to do Tawbah to Allah, break off all contact with this ‘healer’. Same goes to mahmuda

    • Abiha says:

      Hi Jibran Bhai and Ramesh Bhai.
      Can u plzzzzzz contact me on my email address:
      Plz contact me ASAP,

  7. me says:

    The above people who commented seem to have gone to a magician (sahir) as they ask for mothers names as jinns who are assigned to you to make you act a certain way need your mothers name to trace you. You all probably have jinns with you and in your homes, you will probably have some illnesses and other issues as a side effect. You need to seek out ruqya (shariyah).

  8. Mehru says:

    Amulet(taweez) is haraam

  9. Abdullah says:

    Do you people need to bewitch someone to love you? that’s manipulation not to mention shirk.Give up that evil practice and repent.How will you feel if another person (whom ypu dont want)did this to you, to love him or her?

  10. hameed says:

    brothers and sisters in Islam i was very close to someone once who claimed to be very religious but also claimed to be a so called healer. |At the time when i knew him i was going thru a very bad time wiht divorce which involved my 3 kids. I found it so hard and in my desperation i befriended this person. I was so close to him that we spent a lot of time together. His was from the gambia and his father was also very very religious. They claimed that they only did halal healing. I found myself doing all kinds of things from body washes with all kinds of things to making wudu with water with natural products in. somethnig inside me told me it wasnt right yet i was drawn into it further and further thru my desperation. I found that over a 3 year period very little changed and in the end having been involved with all kinds of things given to me by the grace of allah i wass able to get away from it all. To be honest my life only started to become clearer once i put all of this behind me. after a period of 2 years i was actually looking back thinking was that really me who believed all that stupid stuff. what i found really upsetting was that i actually looked at this guy like my own brother. I actually started to resent being cheated by all the rubbish that was fed to me by this so called healer.What i found and still find disturbing is that he would sit and read a 10,000 tasbeeh almost every day and pray 5 times a day and fast and ask me to pray yet i did not understand how he thought what he did was acceptable to allah. Inshallah people can take this as good advice that this practice is kufr complete kufr. the best advice that i can give any person with a sane or insane mind is put your trust in allah 100% and i promise you allah will give you better than that you are trying to get may allah bless us all and protect us from the shayateen. ameen

  11. hameed says:

    My advice to all these people seeking love through these types of healers is that this is the very magic practiced by the yahud jews that sulayman A.s. buried under masjid al aqsa! he built a mosque over it because it is the magic of the shayateen practiced by the disbelievers. To test people allah sent 2 angels harut and marut to teach people this magic as long as they proclaimed that they were unbelievers this was to test from allah to filter out the disbelievers. Should you follow these kind of people then you are following them to one place only and you dont need to ask me where that is ….. for by Allah these people belong to one place only. these are the people who have sold their soul for a small price and the love for this dunya…I am not asking but begging as a muslim brother to refrain from even contemplating this kind of help. it is better to pray 2 rakats nafl in the last third of the night when allah is at the lowest heaven and beg for his help. jazakallah khairun

  12. navtaal says:

    are mulim jins(male/female) attracted towords non-muslim men/women(human) or can harm nom muslim people? can anyone tell me?

  13. Wasim says:

    Assalam alaikum, I have experienced signs of Qareen within me…some voice always wisphers me to do wrong and bad things…anyonelse have any experience of Qarin ??

  14. shemi says:

    Assalamu alaikkum,

    I hav problem with my husband. he has a relation with one lady. she his neighbour, and she has no husband,two childrens, her daughter married already. my problem is my husband is always in her home and giving money to her. when he wake up then he go there. me and my husband living together in dubai. me also working. but he send money to her, and calling her always. always i am crying and dua to allah.. butt no any changes. now he is telling to me, “he dont have to avoid her, that relation, if u dont like, u may go, i’ll give u thalaq”… wat i want to do. i need my husband. please give me a answer. i dont have to live without him… please help me..

  15. Iahk says:

    I’ve been together with a girl for almost 2 years. Yes there is up and downs in our relationship.

    We almost got married as we plan, but I’m not ready due to my parents situation where they are getting divorce, and now my mom is having a cancer.

    As we delayed the wedding plan, my girlfriend suddenly said she wants to become a muslimah and get close to God, and I am very respectful for her decision.

    But the problems occurs when there is a guy, who came intervene our relationship during our past 2 years. We always fought and argued when he is in the story of our topic.

    We fought 3 times, and my girlfriend always kept saying she can’t forget the guy, and that’s the only reason.

    During the 2 years, she showed a lot of symptom being on sihr, and I read about it online.

    I left her, cause she can’t forget the guy and the are already engage after we broke up in 2 weeks time.

    It’s very sad cause I can’t marry her due to my internal problem (mom having cancer and It’s impossible for us to get marry in short time) and she can be that heartless.

    Maybe it’s wrong for me to ask, but I’ve met 7 people who has ability to read on sihr and all of then said that the guy put sihr on her. I’ve tried to convince her mom to bring her for ruqyah, but her family don’t believe on sihr but her mom told her about it.

    After several weeks seperation, she suddenly texted me to meet up and we spoke about the sihr and she just said she will just pray to Allah to cure her naturally.

    I’ve asked the 3 out of 7 people who has ability to help her and cure her but they said that it’s hard cause she is not the one who seek for help, and it’s hard to cure from far.

    I do love her and pray to god every single day, including salat tahjudd, salat tauba , salat hajat and salat istiqarah. But I just recently stop salat istiqarah cause she said please move on since she is already engage in our last meeting.

  16. zameer says:

    i think im a victim of this but my situation is abit . im crazily in love with my wife and i cannot do without her doesnt matter what she does i always wanna be with her but i say my situation is complex because past 4 months i found out she has a jinn which makes her hate me and she wants to leave me only thing keeping her with me is the kids .

    so this this is the situation i love her to bits but she hates me cause of the jinn .
    someone please help

  17. arya says:

    Can u pls give md ur number. I need yo talk to you.

  18. SISTER GEE says:




    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Please try again sister. It has been fixed.

      • kumar says:

        help me please….
        iam too much attracted to a women… iam feeling too much desire for her…i thing it wrong by the way she is a widow and some days from morning i feel attracted to her…what should i do…help me….iam wasting my time thinking about her…
        im not a muslim …im christian…but i got to know about some verse to heal from blackcmagic im reading Al-Fatiha,al baqarah1-5,255,256,257,284,285.286 and iklhas falaq and al nas at night before sleep ….and in the morning ikhlas falq and al nas…………what more should i do…. many problems have cured by this as people in front of houses do blackmagic but this sexual desire thing im not able to remove helppppp meeeeeee

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