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Sihr al-Hawaatif (Magic for Hallucinations/Bad Dreams)

Please keep in mind, it may be the cause of some psychological disorder and might have nothing to do with jinn. However, reciting the verses of Quran will never harm him, but it will instead cure him, if the cause for hallucination/s really are jinn [Demons].

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “If one of you sees a dream that he likes, it is from Allah. He should praise Allah for it and he should relate it to others. If he sees what he dislikes, it is from Satan. He should seek refuge in Allah from it and not mention it to anyone. Thereby, it will not harm him.”
Recorded in Sahih al-Bukhari.

How is it done?

A person goes to a sorcerer/witch and requests that a certain person be bewitched. The Witch would ask for the name of the victim, the victim’s mother’s name, and also traces of the victim’s smell, things that have been in contact with the skin/sweat of the victim – like the victim’s hair, garment, clothes, handkerchief, cut nails etc. If that is too difficult to obtain, the witch would perform Sihr/bewitch some water, then ask the client to spill it along the way which that person normally uses. If the victim crosses that place of water, knowing his name and mother’s name, he would be affected by Sihr/witchcraft. The client may even use that bewitched water/food to be added to the victim’s food/drink.

Once the victim is bewitched, the witch then instructs the appointed jinn to appear to the person both in reality and in his dreams, in the form of savage beasts attacking him; to call him when awake in voices which he recognizes and which he does not; to cause him to suspect people that are close to him and people who are not.

The frequency and strength of the Sihr/Magic may vary, depending upon the strength of the agreement between the jinn and the witch, and also upon the ability of the jinn itself. Symptoms may vary according; they may either be mere whisperings, or may even drive the victim to Lunacy/madness.


  • Bad dreams / Nightmares
  • Dreams with people calling him
  • Dreams with Snakes chasing him and sometimes getting the feeling of being squeezed by one
  • Hearing familiar voices calling his name with no one around
  • Sensing whisper/s in his head

These dreams may come to normal people – that too from a Demon/Shaytaan; but that does not mean that he is bewitched for having such dreams. However, if the frequency rises, it may be the work of a Sahir/Witch.


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Allah Knows Best.
Courtesy of Wahid Abdussalaam Bali & Shafiq Abdulghani, JazakAllahu Khairan.

3 Responses to “Sihr al-Hawaatif (Magic for Hallucinations/Bad Dreams)”

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  2. sharaz ayub says:

    please can anyone email me on how to cure sihr al hawathif jazak allah kheir

  3. Angel Spirit says:

    To cure sihr al hawathif;

    Recite twice a day 3 times surah e Naas which is the second last surah of the Holy Quran once at sunrise and other at Maghrib

    For all types of Sihr (Magic) perform this amal (acts/chantings);

    3 times 4 Quls twice a day(Surah e Ikhlaas, Surah e Falaq, Surah e Naas, Surah e Kaafiron) i.e. 3 times 4 Quls Once at Sunrise/Morning, and then 3 times 4 Quls at sunset (Maghrib). Also one time at sunrise and Maghrib recite Ayat al Kursi and Al Fateha

    For Each Amal described above recite 11 times Durood/Salawat at the opening and closing of an Amal.

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