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Lifespan of the Jinn & Demons

Concerning their lifespan, we do not have clear evidence that proves the length of their lives. However, most of the scholars believe that they have a life longer than our lives. They say that a jinn would live over a thousand years; that is why most people go to the soothsayers, often to know about history through these jinn. But only Allah knows how correct they speak of history.

Since a Jinn is never allowed to contact a Human just like Human beings are not allowed to contact them. So it is most probably a bad jinn who would cross his dimension and work with someone who speaks of history in return for money and Shirk. Still, most scholars, who believe to have contacted honest Muslim jinn, speak that they have a life longer than our lives, and that is how they know about history.

I personally met a Scholar here in Pakistan. He told me that he is being contacted by Good-jinn, only to know about the teachings and rulings of Islam, and to know about the glad tidings that Allah has sent down for the believers among the jinn. He told me that one of the jinn, who came in contact with the Prophet (pbuh), passed away just Recently; believing that he had a life of over 1400 years.

Also, there is a hadith that speaks about their population, but that too is Za-ef (weak). Most people say that the reason they are More in number is not only because they have a life longer but that they have more children.

“The jinn have children in the same way that the sons of Adam have children, but theirs are more in number”

It was related by ibn Abu Haatim and Abu al-Shaikh in al-Udhma, on the authority of Qataada.

Lifespan of Iblees

Iblees – the accursed Satan, is the only jinn that has been given respite and life until the Day of Judgment.

(Iblis) said: “Allow me respite till the Day they are raised up (i.e. the Day of Resurrection).”
(Allah) said, “Indeed, you are of those reprieved.”
(Al-A’raaf: 14-15).

7 Responses to “Lifespan of the Jinn & Demons”

  1. RedMango says:

    Very nice post!

  2. Munira says:

    Oh seriously? You can come in contact with the jinn? My friend doesn’t believe in it and I asked her, “How do you think the magician in the video [Indian rope trick] was able to make the rope float in mid-air?”

    Since that trick was from back then, she couldn’t say it’s an illusion. Did he ask which dimension it was from? Fourth? Fifth? Sixth?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Sister, the question if jinn can come in contact with Humans is a reality. Jinn do come in contact with people but for a reason.
      I still do no understand your question but I will elaborate the contact query you have in mind.

      Jinn work for Magicians (Witches/blackmagicians), and Jinn also (but rarely) contact trustworthy scholars. The reason for coming in contact with Witches is because of their agreement.
      Read these two articles:
      Agreement between a Witch and a Demon
      How does a Witch bring about a Demon
      You may read all the 7/8 ways on how they call upon their demon/jinn to get their assistance in harming someone. That will help you in understand the basis of their contact.

      The other type of Contact, i-e with Scholars is because, Just the way we Humans have Free will and are a Creation of God, likewise They are; and we both are responsible for our actions. Hence when they wish to convert to Islam, they would contact a virtuous person for that reason. Read the article
      What are Jinn and Demons
      The Purpose of Jinn and Demons

      But now the reason for NOT contacting them is that. They are capable of many things which Humans are not, and why would Human contact them for a reason other than the above? If you think you can teach them something good, they will come to you by their own will, But if he comes to you when you are an ordinary person, then expect to pay in return for whatever the jinn would help you with. History tells of many people who have been distracted from the right path just because they came in contact with jinn and the fact that a jinn would never work for free, if you ask for his help, he becomes the dominant specie then, he might fulfill your intentions in return for your faith/soul. For that many reasons it is prohibited to contact Jinn, and therefore, if any jinn contacts you, chances are that the jinn is actually a Demon (Evil jinn).

      If you have more questions please do not hesitate to ask them. However, I would like you to go through some articles and afterwards if you still have doubts about anything, you are welcome to ask about it.
      Answers to Multiple Questions 01
      Answers to Multiple Questions 02

      Also, here is the list of the already published articles –


  3. Munira says:

    I wasn’t clear on the question I asked:

    What questions did the Scholar ask? Does he know it’s not good to come in contact with it?

    What dimension is it from? What form did it take, because I know jinns don’t show their real identity.

    I have so many questions.

  4. maryam says:

    We have jinns in our home,and my things keep going missing,i knew exactly where i left it but later its not there,ive lost a few VERY important things,would you know of any way i could get them back?

    • wasif khan says:

      You can easily get ur thngs back by just reciting the ayah
      “Inna lillaahe wa inna ilaihe raajioon” with faith in Allah and sending darood sharif on Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)

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