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Legitimate Raqi’s (Healers)

If you are looking for a legitimate Raaqi in your country, please contact the pages bellow for details:



421 Responses to “Legitimate Raqi’s (Healers)”

  1. sagira says:

    iam i need to now answer

    • says:

      free help guide to destroying jinn possession and black magic,pls visit may ALLAH cure you all.

      please do not delete this post as the information i have provided on my website can save someones life. JazakAllah khier

      • rajesh mitha says:

        I am in desperate need of financial help but I can’t get help any were even from spiritual healers in south Africa

        • rajesh mitha says:

          I am looking for a raqui in KwaZulu natal south Africa that can help me gain financial help to pay of my detbs and he must except payment after success

    • mariam says:

      someone has put a separation spell on me and my husband since three years ago and me and my husband have got to the point where sometimes we can’t even look at each and other please help me someone

      • mohammed asif says:

        Assalm U alikum sister really sorry to hear that if you are still experiencing these symptoms you can contact me on 07708 417 257

        • Noor says:

          Salaam, I am looking for a Raqi to pray on my family that is always fighting, children not getting married. Too many blockages. Looking for some on in the Bay Area ( San Francisco) California. Please send me an email with the contact. Please Please help.
          Jazak Allah Khair.

    • yagor says:

      This Ruqyah site is for self-help Ruqyah.
      It is for anyone who needs help with exorcism regardless of their mother tongue , religion or country.
      It is in english , including some lessons but the Quran recitation is in Arabic of course.
      Since the Quran is the word of Allah Almighty it will affect any demon even if they don’t understand it and will inshallah drive them out.

  2. Maryum says:

    Please help my son, Khalif Koo, he has been done evil, and he’s changed into a very evil person, source has told me about those who went to grave yard, sacrified blood of an animal, chanted, and made a bomb fire, while chanting, this fire was set on top of the grave of an wicked person, who was a loser, who never gained nothing, lost everything, and was very negative, always into trouble. This mixture was fed to my son, and he has taken on the personality of this evil person. Things are getting worse, day be day for him, He’s lost all his friends, he’s argumental, angry all the time. I fear for his life. The way he starts fights, with others, calling them the foulest of names. It’s really terrible. I, his mother, is at my end, Please answer me, thank very much.


    • abdullah says:

      try get him to drink some ruqyah water,

      get some water and recite over it

      surah fatiha
      surah bakarh verse 255
      surah araf verse 106 to 122
      Surah Younus verse 79 to 82
      surah ta-ha verse 65 to 69
      surah kafiroon
      surah ikhlas 3 times
      surah falaq 3 times
      surah nas 3 times

      this makes me feel better straight away but its only temporary for me

      make sure he prays in congregation, the more islam he practises the weaker the effect the magic will have on him

      • Dawoda says:

        i have the same issue but its annoysme and also talks like my uncule and i feel like my uncule is saying those things then we start fighting and arguing and then some one said to travel to africa and get and cure and come back it makes me feel like im getting dizzy to much feavers and headaches and skull starts paining i need help .

  3. Umm Yaseen says:

    Asalamu alaikum sister. Where do you live? We have a list of a few reliable Raaqis in the UK (they only use Quran and Sunnah)

    Umm Yaseen

  4. Salih says:

    Anyone from India ?

  5. karwan says:

    Assalamualaium salih
    raqi in india shaik mohammed adil bin arif
    he was doing ruquya-shariya last 19 years alhamdullah, free only for sake of ALLAH

  6. lamlhe says:

    Anyone from Srilanka, plse let me know,

    • Sadeq says:

      if you want some one in emirates or gulf countries, contact brother Taleb on +447790311457. you can whatsap him or viber, tango or Skype on ruqyahshareiah
      the sheikh always visiting those countries.
      the sheikh is Arab, lives in uk

      • fehmeeda begum says:

        Assalamwailukum, please I need help.iam staying in Qatar. Any address of Raqi here. Please help in the name of Allah.

  7. shabnom says:

    As Salaamu aalaiykum. I wanted to know if there are any Raki’s in NJ area? In USA.
    CAn Jinns make a change completly. Like hardly pray salah. And mostly do lots of zikr and into sufism a lot. And personality changes. And few years ago changed named to another muslim name? Please email me back asap

    • j says:

      As Salaamu aalaiykum. I wanted to know if there are any Raki’s in NJ area? In USA.
      CAn Jinns make a change completly. Like hardly pray salah. And mostly do lots of zikr and into sufism a lot. And personality changes. And few years ago changed named to another muslim name? Please email me back asap

    • Tariq says:

      yeah there is a raqi in NY if you can contact me at 2012384458

    • Ruqyah shariyah says:

      If you are looking for a legitimate Raaqi in your city, New jersey, Jersey city and Newyork please contact us … free help guide to destroying jinn possession and magic, He teaches Ruqyah so you don’t need to keep going to Raqi’s all the time and ….. Alhamdulillaah Allah swt granted me taufiq to cure people who are suffering from this kind of problem we work in the light of quran and sunnah Allhumdulilah.

  8. Abdul Rahman says:

    Anyone in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi?

    • yousuf says:

      Yes, AlhamduliLLah.

      Could you share your not primarily used email id or ask the mod to share it with me.

      BarakAllah feekum

      • Aiysha says:

        Can I have the contact number of the Raqi that you are talking about ?

        Please provide my email address to Mr. Yousuf


      • sadia says:

        A.O.A brother yousaf can u tell me any aalim for ruqyah in abudhabi

      • Ashad Mozumder says:

        i want to get treated from the effect of jinn i can see them its a long story please help me .contact me in my mail id or my no.+97553561659.i dont know why i am running away from adhan and namaz but in reality i want to go in mosque but my mind says not to go clearly i can feel even though i am trying to go.and always whenever adhan is going on i feel not to listen it feels iritating.please contact me.after a long time i came across this website.

    • Mohammed Ayub says:

      Dear Brother

      Shk Abdul Aziz al kindy in AJMAN, Pls contact him on mobile 050 8060232. He perform ruqya free of charge.

      • Muzammil says:

        Dear Brother Mohammad,

        Assalam o Alaykum,

        My name is Muzammil, lives in Riyadh, KSA. My sister is in Dubai and really needs a authentic RAQI for her problems to be cured.

        The name you mentioned here, is he authentic and approved by the Government? can he understand/speak english/urdu?

        I will really appreciate your reply in this regard.

        JazakAllah Khair

        • Khurram says:

          You can also send her to Al Rashdiyah in Dubai. It is near Police Station of Al Rashdiyah. For ladies timing is 9PM to 12PM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The door closed at 10. Its free and you can just go to Al Rashdiyah near Police Station and ask from any shop. This is in a house near children playground you can contact at 0501702082. He will guide you exact location.

        • nawazuddin says:

          Assalamualaikm. Brother n sister my name is nawazuddin. Alhamdulillah i do roqaya free of cost in dubai u can call me 0509403054.

          • Sathar says:

            Salaams brother. I seek professional training as a Raaqi. Will you be able to help me or do you know someone I can be trained under? In Sha Allah.


      • Maqsood says:

        Assalaam alaykum
        Is he still available in Ajman at given number.

      • Shazia says:

        Please suggest a Raqi in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Please send me a mail if you know someone. Jazak ALLAH

        • Khurram says:

          You can also send her to Al Rashdiyah in Dubai. It is near Police Station of Al Rashdiyah. For ladies timing is 9PM to 12PM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The door closed at 10. Its free and you can just go to Al Rashdiyah near Police Station and ask from any shop. This is in a house near children playground you can contact at 0501702082. He will guide you exact location.

        • Mohammed says:

          Assalamaliakum. RUQYA & HIJAMA available in Dubai and London ….. for booking

          CONTACT: Muhammad Ghouri 07929144064, 07774228126
          Muhammed 050-1439697 or 050-2168925

      • Muhammad says:

        i have visited Shk Abdul Aziz. he is good & experienced Raqi. Treatment is very effective. you can visit him, Insha Allah, Allah will give yoy Shifah.

      • Noor says:

        Can you so kindly tell me where does he live.
        I am looking for a powerful Raqi in the Bay Area.
        Need one so urgently. Thank you so much. Allah bless you.

    • Sadeq says:

      if you want some one in emirates or gulf countries, contact brother Taleb on +447790311457. you can whatsap him or viber, tango or Skype on ruqyahshareiah
      the sheikh always visiting those countries.
      the sheikh is Arab, lives in uk

    • Khurram says:

      It is in Al Rashdiyah – Dubai. It is near Police Station of Al Rashdiyah. For ladies timing is 9PM to 12PM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The door closed at 10. For Gents only Sunday and Tuesday 9PM to 12PM Its free and you can just go to Al Rashdiyah near Police Station and ask from any shop. This is in a house near children playground you can contact at 0501702082. He will guide you exact location.

    • Mohammed says:

      RUQYA & HIJAMA available in dubai ….. for booking call 050-1439697

  9. Kofi Sunan says:

    Assalamau alaikum all……….stay clear from Raqis that charges set fees as they are more than likely, are cheaters and deceivers…

    Like the brother mentioned in other post them to the tax office as they are deceivers and also to the council….

  10. Adeeli says:

    Shaikh Ismaeel from London.

    His email is “”. He teaches Ruqyah so you don’t need to keep going to Raqi’s all the time and how to fight the magic yourself.

    Email him inshallah

  11. Mehmed says:

    Selam Aleykum,

    there is someone who asked for help in youtube cause he dont bad things like using a ouija board in parks and cemetery after that he had whisper and sometimes he was followed and everytime paranormal experiences, he is or was? an unbeliever…i saw that and thought help him in the name of Allah
    i send him 2 links, one what is an ruqya audio i think
    this one:
    and second one was an record of surat al baqara
    he listened to first one a bit…then he said that the thing whispered to him this here “this…will…not…help…your…life.”
    also the jinn whispered him that i would not help him and so on…after that he saw many illusions and at his home he heared things and also he saw something written on the door this here: “freedom is near” he really is scared and ask me for help…i send him links and gave him a few little prays like bismillah and so on…but it really is hard for me..first iam not really good at english…live in germany and not in U.S.A like him..also he dont want to give his name and city cause of the jinn what is saying him not to trust me…he asked me for someone who could help him…
    pls help him…
    have you anyone here from USA he could help him via information what to do who he can call? a number, also someone who dont takes money and do this based on quran and hadith? cause this guy said that he will try again this board thing and try to speak with jinn,..i said that he should not do this and that the jinn will lie to him and so on and also that it is blasphemic to do such thing..

    • Noor says:

      I know one very good powerful Raqi who does this according to the Quran. Very powerful Raqi. His name is Abu Mujahed.
      He lives in Chicago but he can come any part of the country if they pay for his travels and hotel. But he does charge but he is very good. Ph# 630-709-5382
      Another good Raqi is Brother Sayeed. He lives in Florida and he also can come to any part of the US if you pay for his air ticket and hotel. But Brother Sayeed is Free. He does not charge anything but he only takes Donation > anything what you so desire. So all the best.

  12. Warda says:

    I live in toronto, is there any near the area i can contact ?

  13. kevin francis says:

    Hello please tell me if there are any Rakis in South Africa I need help I have been to many from all religions no one can help just paying money

  14. sharonda ashworth says:

    are there any one to perform ruqyah in new jersey united states i need help with daughter she has shut down watch tv all day and night wont go out side please help 862-250-4270

  15. Abu Hannah says:

    Hi All,

    Here are some very beneficial videos on Sihr/Ruqya and by some genuine Raqis based in the UK. Muhammad Tim Humble Diaries of an Exorcist

  16. Muhammad says:

    Yes brother, there is a Ruqiya centre authorized by the Govt. located near Rashidiya Police station. It is very popular and once you are near the Rashidiya Police station, anyone can guide you to it.

    • irfan says:

      Assalamu Alaikum,

      Dear Brother,

      Can you please give me any E-mail id or contact number or Ruqhya center near Rashadiya? because i have tried searching in the internet and i couldn’t get the result

    • Khairun says:

      Dear Brother Muhammad,

      can you please give me the name or phone number of Ruqiah Center near Rashidiya police station.

      We urgently need of good raaqi.

      Thank you

  17. Abul Hassan says:

    Salaamun Alaikum,
    Can you please provide more information of the Raaqi in India. contact details and address please.
    I found this forum very informative alhamdhulillah.

    Extraction from the reply:
    Assalamualaium salih
    raqi in india shaik mohammed adil bin arif
    he was doing ruquya-shariya last 19 years alhamdullah, free only for sake of ALLAH

  18. Abul Hassan says:

    Salaamun Alaikum,
    There will be free traing on Ruqya deliver by famous Tunisian Shaykh Ben Halima Abderrauf in London for 2 weeks and a week in the up North UK. The contact no:I have given is 07806613085.

    Training will be held in East London inshaallah.

    I myself suffering from the Sihr for sometimes. Alhamdhulillah by the grace of almighty Allah I never miss a prayer and try to pray in Jamaath constant dhikr and adhkar. But, I do have some shortcomings. But, bi ithinillahi t’ala will put curtain on it.

    Yours brother in Islam,

    • ruksana noor says:

      Slam Brother, i have four sons and some one has been doing taweez on them for the past ten years i was informed that most are bured in graves i would like to speak to an authentice Ruqya in th eUK can you recommend.


  19. Umm Hamza says:

    Whatever you need…you will find here on this website…everything is ligitimate according to Islam.

  20. gafar says:

    somebody told me all these bellow I need away out

    As salamu allaiqum

    Dear you are black magic victim and your problem is serious. The black magician is doing different type of black magic over and over again. . It needs to be removed on a continuous basis. And will take about 2-3 months or more to take care of these issues. Removing the black magic once only is not going to be effective in victim case. These magician do spell’s many times a day. In fact at times the black magician repeats the magic every hour. victim have to cut this ongoing black magic on a continuous basis like when magic will come and enter victim body victim have to cast spell and break black magic .victim second problem magician send his bad shaitan jinn over and over again . Magician order to shaitan do black magic to victim and shaitan did to victim. Magician sends bad shaitan jinn to destroy victim life. This is nessacry to do spiritual work to get rid of this thing but it takes time this is not 1 day or 15 day game. This is war magician want to destroy victim and victim have to defend his life in his case. If victim lose his position magician will destroy his life,

    The side effects of not getting an appropriate treatment for magic which is a spiritual disease of sorts are:

    Sleepless nights hamper the focus and attentiveness of a person. He finds it difficult to carry on with his duties in a normal way. Not getting enough sleep may lead to insanity and weakness.

    Severe headache is a symptom of black magic. So if a timely cure is not sought, continuous headache destroys his normal life as he is unable to concentrate.

    Black magic raises the body temperature which makes the victim feel that he has a fever. So he keeps consulting doctors and starts worrying that he may be suffering from some chronic ailment.

    Another result is that he is loses his job or his business meets with a huge loss. So he gets financially drained. If he keeps ignoring all warnings by his well wishers that he may be an unlucky victim of envy and enmity of some relative etc and could be under a spell, his situation would keep on deteriorating.

    As they say, a stitch in time saves nine. Likewise, not healing oneself of this disease which destroys not only the health but also the wealth of the victim, leads to complications. One after another, all the property and assets of the victim, whether his own house, car, business etc have to be sold. The expenditures go on mounting, so do the loss, if not treated on time.

    The victim becomes frail because of health problems. The medicines he takes do not cure him because the problem is beyond the influence of a few pills. He ends up wasting a lot of money but in vain.

    There are constant hurdles in his life due to which a lot of his matters lie unresolved. The victim keeps living with a false hope that his problems will get solved.

    Hence, it would be wiser to be aware regarding this issue and if one thinks that symptoms of black magic are showing up, and then he or she should take the requisite steps to nip the problem in its bud.

  21. Blue Bird says:

    Is anyone know about a RAAQI in BANGLADESH ?

  22. Abu Moonisa says:


    Ma-sah’allaah excellent directory may Allaah(swt) make it a success.

    I have a patient in the USA in the Delaware State close to Pedophilia; his in need of a Raqi ASAP. Can u help?

    jazakallah Khair


  23. emina Syed says:

    know any good raqi’s in perth australia?

  24. emina Syed says:


    if sihr is done to separate a man from his wife, can this affect the children as well?

    Jazakallah Khair

    • mwende says:

      Hi. If you found any help, please help. There has been a jinn in my house since 2012. it has refused to go and leaves in my closet. my father in-law used black magic to seperate my husband and I. we have three children and havent seen him since 26//12/2011. my children really miss their father, but he has cut us off.
      please help.

  25. Mohsin Ali says:

    I m effected of jinns.i am so much disturbe. Can Someone tell me about islamic.ruqiya.healer in Germany. Send me his phone number or mail id or some other contact in Germany.

    My mail id is

    i will be very thankful to you

  26. linda says:

    Hi i.wonder is there a raaqi in Sweden?

  27. mariyam says:


    any raaqi in east london area ???

  28. ripon says:

    is there any raaqi in dhaka banlgaesh. i need unbent plz help

  29. sara says:

    Can anybody help please, many years ago i had dead pigeons on my roof, i put them in the river,shortly after my husband left me and our 3 kids he became so nasty and still is.I raised my 3 kids by myself, my family disowned me because husband left. I tried to go to court to sort things out but him and his family took all our money and have hidden it.They dont pay mortgagae and only pay it when bailiffs are going to take house. When he saw kids he was so horrible and evil to them, kicking them out of his house when they were young.I asked a brother and he took many thousands of £’s but he did prayers for and 9 taweezs were found all with our names, divorce, kids failure, sickness destitute kids leaving ect and one with nails and hair.The brother did prayers and ‘cleared’ them. my children are still failing at there studies, one child has been sick for nearly 5 years and no doctors or hospital can find what is wrong, the pain she is in is so bad she cant even drink water without being in pain.My big child is a ‘party’ animal, and my last child has become a liar, thief violent and has left home to live with relatives. Things move in our house, light bulbs unscrew themselves and drop but never smash, when i put the bulbs back in they always work. Kids get scared at night time and they used to see someone/something.All 3 kids want to live with their dad even though he does not want them. They talk to him and he tells them how horrible i am. Kids have completely turned against me, as 1 taweez said and i can honestly say that they HATE me.I phoned the brother who said that the blackmagic has come back and he cant help because it is to strong for him (nori)he gave me the number of a sister who again charged thousands of £’s i had to sell stuff that i had left, she told me that i would loose me kids and it was not my kismat but blackmagic that caused my situation, and my husband is supposed to be with us. After paying her she cut the number off, and the brother checked and said she was unable to finish the blackmagic and has run off with £. He said she has disturbed it so badly, and the jinn is what is making my child sick.My husband is now living with another woman and the sister said that the girlfriend did a heart sacrifice thats why the sister needed the £ to try to destroy the blackmagic on us all and she took Allah’s name many times, so i believed her.Now i have thoughts all the time about dying, in my head i know how and where, i spend many hours praying but these thoghts still come into my head. Someone gave my the number of perr baba who wants £. Can somebody please help me, im sorry i have no more money left, i live in berkshire but can get to london.I need to talk to somebody who is not hungry for £.

    • zpp says:

      Salaam sister i feel very sorry for your sistuation. U have spent so much money and your situation hasnt improved. Recite ninety nine names of allah. Also recite last four chapters of surah al baqarah insha allah this should help. Also send me an email lz i have a contact number of somebody that doeant charge lots of money, and will be able to help.

      • mrs. iqbal says:

        salam. we are in very much trouble and want to know any true and honest raqi who treat fee sabeel ALLAH, please help me thank you

      • NOOR says:


    • Raj Kumar says:

      Please contact
      He is 100% Genuine and not hungry for money.

    • Maryam says:

      sister look for Abu mohammad ,he is a raqi in london i suppose, very good and honest , watch his video, lots on u tube .
      YouTube – ‪The World Of The Unseen – Part 1‬‏

  30. mina says:

    salam aleikoum,

    I am looking for a raqi in Dubai, do you know where I can find someone to make roqya ?

    barakallah oufikoum

    • Khurram says:

      You can also send her to Al Rashdiyah in Dubai. It is near Police Station of Al Rashdiyah. For ladies timing is 9PM to 12PM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The door closed at 10. Its free and you can just go to Al Rashdiyah near Police Station and ask from any shop. This is in a house near children playground you can contact at 0501702082. He will guide you exact location.

  31. Slmz,

    We are running a Hijama service in East London, and are often asked to refer people for Ruqya, but do not have experience with any reputable Raaqis in the area, who we can reccommend with confidence.

    We are looking for a reccommended and Shariah compliant Raaqi to partner with. This will enable us to refer all our male & female patients seeking Ruqya in and around East London to the same Raaqi.

    If you know of a good Raaqi, or if you are a Raaqi who is interested in working with us, please contact us via our website.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    JzK. Slmz.

    Rashid & Shamim
    Health Hijama Cupping Therapy
    London, UK

    • hamed says:

      I am Hamed Iqbal, doing ruqaya shariah since 5 years,did all types of ruqaya, by touch of hand,holding forehead,and by voice, did 3500 cases so far,but i am in Pakistan now left Saudi Arabia since 2013,may, worked as a marketing manager in Riyadh city for 22 years, but learned a lot from Quran, and experiments on several persons with different disease, depression,headaches,high blood pressure,piles,memory loose,ruqaya heals all plus more needs hard work on patients,but end results are always peace,deep sleep,comfort,,, i would like to join you if possible, sponsor me i will arrange rest to reach, my cell, 0092 333 5203675, and skype. hamed.iqbal4, and mail,,,,

  32. Seema says:

    Salam pls find me a Raaqi in New Jersey , USA . JazaK Allah

  33. Maryam says:

    Asw, Does anyone know of a good raqi in mumbai and uae who works with quran and sunnah and working for the sake of Allah. I got married a year ago and I feel thers evil eye or black magic on my husband and this is affecting our marriage very badly. Please help. Thanks Jzk.

    • Mohammed says:

      Assalamaliakum. RUQYA & HIJAMA available in Dubai and London ….. for booking

      CONTACT: Muhammad Ghouri 07929144064, 07774228126
      Muhammed 050-1439697 or 050-2168925

    • habib ahmed says:

      You can contact me sister i do ruqya in mumbai by quran and sunnah no taweez and shirk my cell num 9820592466

  34. Mujib Shaikh says:

    Any good Raaqi in India… Please share details.

  35. komola says:

    Assalamu Alaykum,
    > My name is Komola and I neeb help, help for my brother. I believe he has been possessed with Djinn.
    > Everything is started in Uzbekistan in 2002 when he walked out from us and we didnt know where he is. One our friends called us a said he saw Ulugbek (my brother) in front of local mosque yelling to someone but he is alone. My dad broght him back. Since then he stated seing things. He will scream or laugh out nowhere. Or throw bottle or food torward the window. We didn’t know what was going on with him. We took him to our local mosque Imam to ask him an advice. But he said its probably mental problem because he couldn’t feel any other energy from him. We had no choice but agree Imam and took him to a clinic. They did the evaluation and diagnosed him with schezofrenia. We have been treating him for that since then. But he never got better. His mood will change all the time. Today is he will be quite and sleep all day and tomorrow he is aggressive. But he said he stop seing things but I still dont know if he was lying or not. Then in 2009 we moved to United States, Florida Naples. Nothing changed. We took him to good doctors and all of them said its schezofrenia by reading his medical history from Uzbekistan. But the problem is they can diagnos him by he’s moods and character. The is no screening or test can be done to prove he is schezofrenic. But we keep treating him for it. Doctor said there is better medication here in USA. If he drinks them on time he will be stabke. He will be able to work like everybody. So we started new medication but no change. Then another medicine still no change. And about 3 month ago doctor prescribed him a shots. But to doctors surprise they do not work. Then I told my family to ask local Imam Riad here what he can do or help. Imam Riad said its more likely he is possessed with Djinn or Djinns. The way he acts says and see things good match for what we read on Islamic books. Alhamdullilah we thought we found the problem now all we need is extract the Djinn from him. But its not easy. Imam Riad read a lot duas and gave him special water. And it was a little progress. He was getting better we could see the improvement. But for past 3 weeks he became very bad. Astahfurillah, he will say he is not a muslim he will never go to mosque. He start smell everything. Food water candy. Nomatter what he eats he smells it first. He start smoking. He never ever smoked in his life. Everything we put surah Baqarah he will turn it off or brake the CD or computer.
    > Imam Riad can do only so much. He cant help us. He is still doing best as he can may Allah bless him, but my brother getting worse.
    > So I am sending this email to as many islamic associations I can find to get help. Inshaallah we have a car in our family and we can travel. We can take him to any place in USA if we have to. Just, please, try to help us.
    > M6 brother is 33 years old. He inshaallah will be 34 in October.
    > Whoever muslim brother and sisters who had same situation, help please.
    > Thank you.
    > May Allah bless as all.
    > Komola

    • Abu Muhammad says:

      Dear Sister – Very late reply for your query…I expect that Allah SAW cure your brother.

      Please follow below
      1)Play Surah Baqarah Continuously…
      2)Wash him with Quranic bless water adding Sidr Leaves…make sure water should not drain. (Make sponge bath)
      3) Drink him plenty of Quranic bless water

    • Maryam says:

      search on line for raqis in usa but do make sure they are genuine, meanwhile make your brother listen to the surah bakarah, if he breaks cd etc and dont want to listen then that means that the jinn inside him is being affected so make him listen more and more and you will find lots of ruqia recordings on u tube as well .go on this and make him listen all day Insha Allah by the will of Allah Suhaan wa Tala your brother will be cured soon,

  36. hania says:

    Can someone tell is there any Raaqi in Indianapolis indiana. or in chicago who can help us without taking money for this.

  37. Muhammad ali says:

    Dear Sir,I am facing some Spirtual problem(Some body told me it is jinn) pls can you guide me where I can fin d Raqi in Dubai,Rashidya.


    • fitri says:

      Wa’alaikum salam.

      I just wonder, you are a people from a country with “dense” Arabic atmosphere and you need a ruqyah practitioner. I imagine you can read and speak arabic very much more fluently then what I can do as an Indonesian. I maybe can’t read arabic as fluent as you. Of cource I’m a Moslem. But I just wonder, that a people with good arabic literacy need to come to ruqyah center. I’m sorry if this distrubing you.

      Maybe I can give you a few advise. Try to practice the ODOJ method. ODOJ is one day one juz (from the holy AL Qur’an). Read a juz for a day. With your arabic fluentness maybe it’s not difficult for you to do this. It’a a method to counter jinn’s threats. Or if it’a to much to do, try to read selective AL Qur’an ayat, i.e. AL Fatihah, AL Baqarah, and the “Three Qul” (AL Ikhlas, Al Falaq and An Nas), or other surat. Read them several times, maybe for 5 minutes. After reading a certain surat, try to blow to a glass of water. After the 5 minutes readings and blowings, drink the water. Insha Allah gradually it will cure you. Do it every day, until the sick person feel better and healthy again.



  38. Masum says:

    Salaamun Alaikum,
    Is there any raqi from Italy. Please give me contact details.
    I found this forum very informative alhamdhulillah.

  39. mohammed says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,Dear,Can you please give me contact number of Ruqya center in United Arab Emirates.

  40. Aisha says:

    Aslamo Alikom,

    I am suffering from recurrent miscarriages with unexplained medical reason and also nightmares and I read Quran and Roqya. Looking for sheikh in USA, in PA , WV , OR IL . and place for Hijama too. please reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you in advance

    • NOOR says:

      Are you still looking for one? I have a couple of names.
      But do let me know if you are still looking.

    • Rayhaan says:

      Dear Sister,

      Please contact this person at abdulrehman786.p@gmail . I can’t explain how powerful this person is. I am 200 percent confident that he can remove any black magic, demons etc., My 14 years of struggle has come to an end after approaching him.

      Just try him once.



  41. Yasmin says:

    Assalamu Alaikum dear brothers and sisters, Does anyone know of a raqi that does ruqia for people regularly in Birmingham (UK) ?


  42. salma says:

    assalam aleykum dose Anyone know Who recites Raqi in Staten Island New York please let me know I have someone that have bad thought about there self please for sale of Allah send me Email Jazak Allah khair

  43. Mahmoud says:

    Salam walikom. Do’s anyone know any raqi in california. Siher has been done to our family and to no avail we have not been able to find a true raqi that fears allah. It’s all about the money. Please help as to allah may help you. Salam walikom.

    Brother Mahmoud

  44. yosuf says:

    s dere any islamic healers in srilanka?

  45. Jevid says:

    AoA … Are there any Raaqi in florida, USA. In particular Miami, Florida. Please respond ASAP.

    Jzk for you help !!

  46. Noreen says:

    Are there any raqis in Maryland or virginina?

  47. amina says:

    I need Good Raqi near Dearborm Michigan please help

  48. Muhammad says:

    Asalamu alaikum, does any one know a trusted Raqi in Atlanta? Please contact me

  49. Dr. Mohammad Saiful Alam Talukder
    Consultant Cosmetic Dentist and Hijama Therapist

    Hijama Planet: Treatment training and Research Center
    House: 91/1
    Road: 11A
    Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    (Opposite lane to Abacus restaurent)
    +88.0161.2079727 (viber/ whatsapp)

  50. osman says:

    Salaam alaykum. Can anyone help me with the contact details of a genuine raqi in Riyadh who treats ppl free for the sake of Allah.

  51. ADAM says:

    Salam alayakom. i wonder if someone knows any good raki in California area or in any other state? please please it’s URGENT djazakom allaho khayraa

  52. Mohamed Ireshad says:


    I am looking for a reliable raqi in Sri Lanka, please help me.


  53. Muhammad Arslan says:

    Is there any realiable person in Glasgow that anyone knows of who does ruqyah due to the quaran and sunnah??

  54. Laiba says:

    Assalamoalaikum! Sir i m a girl suffering from sihr of impeding of marriage as i red a book black magic n evil magician published in London .from i m confirmed coz almost all symptoms matches in my case.i m strugling for past 6 years but no avail ,from 1 months i m doing ruqyah treatment as mentioned in that book by myself ,so plz suggest some raqis number in India coz i live in jharkhand.or suggest some useful information what more i have to do.

  55. monwar says:

    assa la mu alikum .i m from bangladesh(Dhaka).can any brother or sister give me any address for treatment jinn & blackmajik .

  56. sachin says:

    i am looking for someone who can tell me if there is any effect of black magic on me or not?

  57. sachin says:

    i am just 20 and i cannot describe my pain. if someone can please help me out. please help me please.

  58. kiazudeen says:

    is there any raqi’s in brisbane or australia?

  59. Zahia says:

    any good Raki on nyc my son is possesseurs Please Jazakoum El Allah kheiren

  60. Zahia says:

    Please i need help with my son he is possessed. He does not go out does not talk to nobody please I need a good Raki in New York Shoukren Jazilen

  61. Abu Muhammad says:

    contact Abu Muhammad @ – for Ruqya in India for Bangalore & Hyderabad

  62. Ziad says:

    As Salamo alaikom, Hello I am ziad I have been facing some serious problem for a long time. Actually me and my entire family. I believe somebody has done taveez on us. Each and every one of my family members are sick for a long time including me. and this problem is getting worse. this thing has not only affected our health but also our wealth and some other things. My mother founded a taveez about 2 years ago and there were many Arabic sentences written on it. I showed it to some molvis but they couldent figure out what’s written on it. My brother burned it. but we still facing those problems and its getting worse day by day.

    Actually I am looking for an expert brother or sister who has sound knowledge about this stuffs and can help me out. I will discuss the entire scenario in detail.

    Me and family are in huge problem. i will be very much grateful if anyone can help us out.

    My mail address:

  63. kpkhan says:

    Where can i find some raqqi(Spiritual Healer) in stockholm, sweden.

  64. jasmina says:

    I live in the united states new york area. does anyone know who can help my whole family as through the years health, wealth, sanity and marriages all are falling apart. please if anyone knows of anyone to help us?

  65. shahul Hameed says:

    Looking for a Raqi in Bangalore

  66. Yazid says:

    Hello world is there any one who knows any Islamic exorcism center in Dubai or use generally, if so please send me the contact pliz on this email

  67. Yazid says:

    Hello world is there any one who knows any Islamic exorcism center in Dubai or UAE generally, if so please send me the contact pliz on this email

  68. ASSLM says:

    Looking for A good Raaqi who can clear jina an bad sihr. In south Africa Johannesburg shukrn.

  69. Nishat says:

    Can anybody please tell me in detail about sheikh adil….the raaqi in Hyderabad.please help me out .its urgent

  70. Nishat says:

    Assalaamu alaikum…brother karwan …are u there? Please help me out dear..can you or anyone else tell me about sheikh Mohammed Adil bin Arif of Hyderabad? My family is facing so much …I already lost my younger brother by black magic wallaahu aalam…plz if anyone have contact no.of sheikh adil ..plz give me or his adress ..please reply soon …bohot zyada preshan hain hamsab…May Allah help all of us ..Aameen ya zaljalaali wal ikram.plz reply must Iam waiting for ur answer..Assalaamu alaikum
    Allah haafiz

  71. Nishat says:

    Assalaamu alaikum.. Alhamdulillah brothers n sisters…finally I got his contact no. Plz pray for my family ….and one more request if anyone of u know about sahi raaqi who can visit the victims home ….plz inform me . Allah haafiz

  72. Amina says:

    Salam looking for raqi in berkshire. Allah bless you

  73. Amina says:

    Salam, Amina looking for raqi in berkshire,slough.for jinn possession

  74. fnk says:

    I am looking for Raqi in Riyadh Saudi arabia.

  75. bawi says:

    Salam can any one give me address of ruqa in dubai who will help me to get rid of from seher thank you

  76. basem says:

    aslamo Alikom

    I Live in USA Virginia- Could you please refer me to Legitimate Raqi in USA?

    Aslamo likom

  77. Seema syed says:

    Assallamu walaikum

    My mother is suffering with unexplained pain in her thigh as someone cutting her flesh, 20 days ago she was in icu for liver cirrhosis but next day doc said its just infection and got ascites but now she is at home but still suffering badly, my brother recently met with an accident and all of us get bad dreams, someone please help us whom to approach in Bangalore (INDIA).

  78. na says:

    Assalam alaikum,

    There have been many incidents in my family with jinn possesions. We have trusted many molvis to help us in our problem. I have not slept in so many days because of this issue. I stay in ajman with my mother and 2 sisters. Please if anyone knows a legit raqqi let me know. Please only if you have experience or know tge raqi personally let me know.

  79. Mohammed says:

    Assalamaliakum. RUQYA & HIJAMA available in Dubai and London ….. for booking

    CONTACT: Muhammad Ghouri 07929144064, 07774228126
    Muhammed 050-1439697 or 050-2168925

  80. Qutbuddin says:

    i stay in UAE and i am looking for a best raqi over here for the treatment of my brother. i had tried the number given above in rashidiya and it is not working. please someone help me with this. jazak Allah khair.

  81. Arishma says:

    Assalāmu ‘alaykum
    Is there ang raqi in pakistan punjab

  82. Anonymous says:

    Salams. I need urgent help and advice ! Please help me for the sake of Allah and I will make so much dua for you from the bottom of my heart.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Basically. My brother in law has got black magic done on him.

    And I read about the symptoms here and it makes sense. Everything adds up. Anyways he has a beautiful loyal wife and an adorable baby daughter who he left because of this black magic.
    He said he needs to go umrah because his head is messed. He can feel it but he doesn’t know it’s black magic. And if he was confronted with if he would probably get so mad and just flip.
    He has disappeared – no one knows where he is.
    How can we get him back and cure this black magic.
    Also we know who did this. How do we sort things out.

    Also, you know the people who do this to ruin other people’s lives. Do they go heaven and do they get forgiven. Because I want them to burn in hell for what they did. Burn forever.
    Allah does talk about these people in the Quran saying how they have sold their souls and they will get no share in the hereafter.

    May Allah help all our problems. Do you know any trust worthy people I can go to ?

    May Allah have mercy on you. ??

  84. ABDUL AJEESHA says:

    assalam alaikum
    i need some raqi adress and phone plz help me

  85. ABDUL AJEESHA says:

    assalam alaikum
    i need some raqi adress and phone plz help me
    in duba uae area

  86. NOOR says:

    I am looking for a Raqi in San Francisco ( in the Bay Area), California. USA. Need one very URGENTLY. Please help.
    Does he charge?

  87. Ireshad G says:

    Kindly find a RUQYA service in SRI LANKA

  88. nisa says:

    Pls help need some rakhi in and family hv sihr

  89. nisa says:

    Pls help any raki in duabi .i hv been suffering from sihr for past 10 yrs.tried lot of maulavis and went to many mosque bt still no nt yet married too .i tgink sihr playing with my marriage nw and my parents suffering and my sister too.we didnt do anything bad to anyone.we heard through a ustad of mosque tat my daddy sister had done sihr to us .she wants us to we prayed lot still no b true i hv cried and said many times there is no ALLAH .BT ASTAGUFIRULLAH I KNW IT IS WRONG .BT I CAN see very bad ppl living good without sihr and me and my family are really good at heart and religious still we suffer.pls help me.

  90. Aiman says:

    Salam, i was hoping you can help me find a raqui in chicago!!

  91. abdusalaam says:

    Raaqi in East London is very reliable.

    He doesn’t only do the ruqyah but teaches you how to destroy it with Allah’s permission and pass that knowledge to others. Really blessed brother. He gives you all the time you need and is a herbal doctor/islamic psychologist

    Abu Ismaeel: 07875435746

  92. Noor says:

    Asak, I am looking for a very powerful Raqi in the Bay Area.
    Need a male Raqi very very urgently. Thank you.

  93. Aida says:

    I think I have been cursed. My husband and I are having many problems in our marriage and I believe it’s down to a curse. When I was younger it was always said that I would marry my cousin. We use to joke and laugh about it but as I got older I had no interest and said I wouldn’t marry him. His mum who has now passed away was said to have put a curse on me that if I didn’t marry her son I would never marry at all. She also put a curse on my brother and said that his marriage would only last 5 years. He then had a divorce after 5 years. I started to believe that it was true and that she had cursed me too. I met my now husband and from the start we always had issues of not trusting each other. My family didn’t want us to get married as he’s from a different culture. For four years we battled with family to allow us to get married. I asked a sheikh about the possibility of a curse and he said get married and if you have problems then we can look into this curse. So finally my family agreed although my eldest brother still won’t talk to me. During the planning of the marriage we had problem after problem but the marriage went ahead. We had a few months of marriage where we very happy but after that the jealousy, insecurity and arguments started again. I was convinced my husband was having an affair. After 2.5 years I decided to get a bugging device in the house so I was able to hear who he was bringing into the house. I started to hear a women coming to the house everyday. I could hear them talking and her mocking me saying I was boring wife. I then confronted my husband about what I heard and he denied everything and said it was all in my head. The arguments got worse and we decided a divorce would be the only option. We went to speak to a sheikh and he made my husband swear on a Quran that he never had an affair but I still knew he was lying because I know what I heard. We agreed on a divorce but after we left the mosque I quickly decided I didn’t want a divorce and begged my husband back. Since we’ve been back together the problems are still there. He’s still having the affair and I’m constantly in tears. I feel like I’m on the verge of a break down but I don’t know how to stop it or get my husband to tell me the truth so we can start working on our marriage. We’ve tried everything but nothing helps so now I’m starting to think this curse is real. I want to see if I am possessed by a jinn by someone professional and not a con artist. I live with my husband, no children in East london. If anyone has any advice please feel free to reply.

  94. JC says:

    Salam everyone. I’m looking for a legitimate Raqi in the Detroit Metro, USA. Please help. Thank you.

  95. Abdulrahman says:

    Asalam walakum warahmatallah wabarakatah ya akee, my name is Abdulrahman From New York. I found your email address online and I need your assistance please. My father been sick for past 4 months and doctor can’t seem to find the cause. It started when he visited family members for small eid, he ate 2 bite of food and felt weird. Later that night felt nauseating and dizzy, we took him to dr and hospital but they couldn’t find anything. Now 4 months left his body shakes (medical term rigors) then he sweats followed by fever and big drop in blood pressure, (he also has stomach bloating, constipation, dizzy, dry cough). They test for possible infection but never find anything, they did scan and tests but none are able to explain his symptoms. He says he feels heavy when hear quran rehearsal and at one point couldn’t pray salah (now it’s little bit better). My family feels maybe he been inflicted with evil eye or even black magic. Is it possible you have experience and can possible help us my father is really suffering. We are willing to pay your travel/expense. Or would u know someone in new York that you highly recommended? All his symptoms fit that of black magic… Please help

  96. Afroz says:

    Can anyone please give me raqui address in sydney

  97. Almir says:

    I need help. My family has had some black magic done to them for quite some time. I live in the Long Island NY area. Is there anyone around here who can help ?

  98. salaam alaikoum can you please help me brother I am victim of balack magic I want to cure from magic I am living here in Toronto Canada I want to get read out of black magic can you please help me out I am victim of black magic I am strong victim of black magic can youplease help me every two over magician send his magic speel on me I am suffering I went to raqi in here Toronto he did hijama also ruquia on me but I am steel suffering with black magic and witchcraft

  99. I am suffering since two year magicine control my brain also magicine control my whole body I am fully control in magicine hand through the magic

  100. please help me to get read out these probleum

  101. Yasmine says:

    Salaam, I am from mauritius having lots of personal and financial problems. I need the help of a raqi. Please help.

  102. Fareez says:

    Assalamualikum I can tell you of a very good raqis but they are in India . I was there recently and Allhamdulillah I was cured of my possession . They are Qrrc center located in Hyderabad in India . They do not charge any fee or take any donation or any gifts it’s free and everyone is welcome .All treatment is done in the light of Quran and Hadees only. Please let me know if you are interested and I can provide there contact .

    • Afroz says:

      Dear brother,
      Can you please give the raqis address in Hydrabad.

      • Fareez says:

        Dear brother ,
        Please find the complete address listed below for Qrrc . You can contact Sheikh Adil and provide my name as reference if needed . May Allah provide you shifa . I have also provided the site above please note this site is still being developed

        H no: 13-5-86, Arif Residency, Top Khana Ground, Tappachabutra, Karwan Road, Karwan, Hyderabad, Telangana 500006, India

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