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Story: Brother Abdul Rehman from UK

Assalamu alaikum brothers, sisters & friends

I’m Abdul Rehman a 33 year old Pakistani male from UK, What I will share with u is both disturbing and informing so please make note as u may be a similar victim as I was and am. My story will cover sections of my life where I have had experiences with the Jinn and magic, I hope it helps u.

I come from a Kashmiri family from Pakistan but reside in the UK. My problems started when I was 21 years old, I was to wed my father’s sister’s daughter who I did not want to marry, and I left home through family pressure and started living alone. At this time my father and mother went to Magician and did a type of magic on me to bring me back home and agree to marry this girl from my family. I know this as a family member close to me informed me after.

Within weeks a terrible fear took over my body, I felt scared of everything, I had thoughts that I will die soon and I must get back home to be in the comfort of my own home, I physically cried allot and felt weird lack of energy and aching limbs all over. I even started fighting with my flat mates with who I shared a home with; the mission was to get me back home to them one way or another. I had no idea of Jinn and magic and was thinking it’s me, and my health but through experience I came to realize now that it was a Jinn deployed to make me feel all that so I get back to my parents. I did, the pain in my body, intense fear, and thoughts of death, and extreme love towards my parents within weeks, plus the fact that I was fighting with my flat mates who now hated me drove me back home.

Within weeks we flew to Pakistan my symptoms all subsided and I was being married off to someone I did not want to marry. Through family pressure and the energy of the situation I agreed and married my auntie’s daughter. This was the start of a more disturbing situation.

On the third week of being married in Pakistan I woke one morning with a terrible headache and physically no power in my legs. I started freaking out calling for my mom and dad who ran into my bedroom, they started saying what’s wrong what’s wrong I started convulsing and foaming from my mouth. They carried me off to Al Jinnah Hospital in Kashmir and explained I’m a British born Pakistani and was discovered this morning which such and such symptoms. Drs could not conclude why the right side of my body was extremely hot whilst the left side was extremely cold. I was feeling extreme fear; again the weird feeling of something’s terribly wrong. A kind of butterfly in stomach feeling mixed with extreme fear. I was shaking uncontrollably and even heard Doctors asking my parents if I took drugs. I never did and I was just shocked at what was happening to me.

I was taken home after Doctors refused to understand what was wrong with me. I was bed bound 3rd week into my marriage and shaking from fear and extreme hate towards all my friends and family around me. I remember now my best friends coming to me and me turning my face away from them, I broke friends with all my close friends and I did not know why. I was getting more and more sick, and crying for no apparent reason, extreme fear and doubt about my life. My wife was constantly around me and upset from worry. Into the 7th week of my marriage one morning whilst I was in a state of extreme fear my wife closed the bedroom door and said she wanted to talk to me alone. I asked her to please leave me alone as I was feeling weird pains in my shoulders and ears and I was afraid I might die soon, she said these words which I would never forget, “maybe you’re sick because of what I have done”.

I sat her down next to me desperate for a release from this weird sickness I was experiencing which all my family had worried. She sat next to me and explained. She broke down started crying “ohh maybe your ill because of me” I asked her to explain, she said “your father and my mother and me went to a Christian magician who gave me a taweez to give u to drink so u would not go out with your friends as much and would stay home and love me”. I then remembered all the times she would wake me in the morning and give me warm milk, I asked her why, she started crying and saying that what I was feeling is all because of what she had fed me.

I confronted my dad and his sister who went into denial and then surprisingly so did my wife as she apparently was scared of her mother. So I was left in the middle the only person who was at this point on my side was my mother. She took me to a local priest in a village he read some ayats on me and I became frantic and nervous. He also was a magician and had his own jinn through which he found out that some magic has been performed on me but it went wrong and now a Jinn was tormenting me.

This was the first time I was exposed to this information about Jinn and Magic and I was reluctant to believe but went ahead with the treatment of saffron written paper with quranic texts and some water to drink and mix. My relationship went sour with my Wife as I could not trust her again; in fact I started to hate her. With the treatment I got 40% better to the point where I could walk and communicate. We came back to the UK, me my mom and my father my wife was to follow when she got her visa.

For the first time I started praying Salah in my life, it was not regular but was a start, I started feeling a little better but the nervousness, scary feeling, and weird shoulder pains were always there. I accepted that it was part of me; I blamed it mostly on sickness and refused to believe its 100% magic. The Jinn inside me was reluctant to make me believe it was magic and the jinn assigned to me with the magic making me feel these weird symptoms.

6 months passed my wife got her visa and now was living with us in the UK.

My behavior changed, I used to disgusting acts on myself and was always watching pornography daily 24 hours, and I was extremely sexualized and would call Sex Chat lines and waste all my money on Dirty Sauna Houses and Such things. I was a different person constantly looking for filth. I was also constantly living in a blur, my head felt like I was in a bubble, scary feeling switching to nervousness, to doubt about Islam and religion, and weird pains around body, I also used to get angry real quick towards people and snap, 1 year passed in the UK and my symptoms started to get even more sinister. I finally went to the Dr and explained all what I was feeling.

The doctor was a Hindu and from a priest family, he told me straight, young man I am a doctor general practitioner but what u have with u is magic u must go and get yourself released from its grip, I can feel it from u and see something but I cannot cure u , u must go and find the cure from someone who knows how to cure this things, I was shocked that my GP Dr was telling me this.

The next day I phoned a friend and he took me to Bhai (brother) Idrees a holy man in Birmingham UK. Bhai Idrees gave me a paper which he drew a circle in and told me to look at the picture. I did and all of a sudden a face appeared of an old man. Bhai idrees explained that I was Bewitched and a Jinn was with me. I was given holy water and certain things to which I was to do. I did and during those first few weeks of treatments things got really bad. I started fighting at home with everyone, and at times I felt my head would explode. I did the treatment and was still praying on and off, I felt around 60% better. I then was introduced to another and another and another holy man; I took treatments from all and managed to get some sort of life back. But I would always feel the ‘Thing linger in the background”. My relationship with my wife became more and more strained, I hated her for several reasons, one being the fact that she admitted feeding me the stuff which made me feel like I was feeling. We used to fight always; she got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful girl. 3 years into the marriage and constant fighting I decided to divorce, now looking back I do feel that the arguments and the constant feeling to divorce was fuelled by this evil entity inside me. She went to London with my daughter to stay with her father who immigrated to UK.

I was 24 Divorced and now a believer that magic and Jinn exist. I was on a mission to get better and was introduced to an amal through a friend and he performed a ritual on me which cost allot of money. I was desperate to get better and was not so informed about Islam. He did a ritual on me and within days all of what I felt for last 3 years was lifted. I finally felt myself, the sexualized behavior, scary feelings, pains all subsided.

This time I realized what was happening to me all this time, and made me suspicious of my family and its involvement with magicians and magic, I realized how involved my parents were with these people and any problem in the family or refusal to listen to their commands resulted them in going to these men to perform magic to grant them their desire. My eyes opened up to conversations, and after I started seeing my sisters and brother being affected by magic and the circle of going back to the magician to either grant a wish or cure, I finally decided to move out from my family home and settle abroad alone.

I was 25 and now living in a foreign country so I can make my own life and get away from all of that magic, and jinn and problems. I knew I would miss my family but also realized their habits and lack of knowledge about Islam and the subject of magic. I confronted them several times to stop going to these people as many times they performed spells on me to come back home.

I’m now 33 and several attempts have been done on me to return home back to them that are the reason I don’t want to go home. When they perform a spell I get the obvious symptoms which I have become used to, the fear, nervousness, no sleep, weird pains, constant worry etc… And the urge to go back to the UK which is the biggest clue. Another clue is the constant calls from my parents from the time the spell was performed asking ‘how do u feel” I usually respond I’m fine, but in reality I do feel quite sick. They obviously want me back home, and are relying on magic to get me back through jinn which come and cause me distress here.

Now I have become more and more knowledgeable of the situation Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God). Pakistan and the south Asia in general is full of the stuff magicians and magic running in families. Acts and behaviors manipulated by Jinn assigned to the certain magic in place. How many of us are infected and we do not know. The biggest Defense is Sallah (Prayer) and remembrance of Allah and the Ruqya. I guess it’s tough but things usually will get worse before they get any better, One should be on a mission to cure themselves, and through Quran and recitation, and pray Insha’Allah u will. Also finding a raqi is a good option but one must be praying himself 5 times in order to let in the light, stay away from drinking alcohol, and such stuff and let the light in so u can cure yourself. Have faith in Allah, in some ways if I was not inflicted by what happened to me then maybe I would not be praying as I do now. So all things happen for a reason and one should Thank Allah for all he does as he knows best.

Salam Brother Abdul Rehman

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  1. Aisha says:

    Aslamualaikum can I have the contact details for this brother please?

  2. Abdul Khan says:

    Assalamu alaikum Brother, Alhamdulillah, you are better and more stronger than before.

    I also have been victim and still is from an imam in a local masjid. He is well known to carry out sihr on people due to envy etc etc.

    I would be greatful if you could forward your e-mail address as I need some help in dealing with this Kufr acts by the these enemies of Allah SWT.

    Jazakamullah Khair

  3. Mehru says:

    Assalam o alaikum. Its a touchy story. Thanks to ALLAH evrythng is alryt nw

  4. Abiha says:

    Salaam bro Abdul Rehman

    I really need to ask u something and might need ur help s well. If u can plz contact me on my email add:
    I don’t wanna ask in public forum. Waiting for ur reply.

    Many Thx

  5. Abiha says:

    AOA bro.
    Hope u still come on dis website. Plzzz contact me ASAP on


  6. Inshallah says:

    AOA brother Abdul Rehman

    Can u plz contact me on my email ad:
    Urgently need ur help.
    dont wanna discuss it here.
    waiting for ur reply.

    Many thanks

  7. Sayed Yaseen Shariff says:

    Asalamu alaikum Dear brother abdul rehman but what about your daughter and specially your parents you are going on wrong path they are doing all this evil things just to bring you too home please give dawat to them on the right path before it is too late and try to bring them to your place for few days and let them to know how much big sin they have done by doing witchcraft…show them what islam tells on this matter

    • khan says:

      very true.
      your parents are your own, you should stop them doing these things,why dont you go to saudia arab, get cure and become exorcist yourself. and start you life the way cure them..

  8. Abiha says:

    AOA bro Abdul Rehman
    Hope you are well.
    I read ur story, I desperately need ur help bro.
    Plz contact me ASAP on
    Hope to hearing from you soon.


  9. Lost soul says:

    Asalaamal alakum, brother I too have difficulties from my father and brother in-law. I would be great ful if you would be kind enough to give me the details of Bahi idrees or any one that may be able to help. In my case it is my father that does the black magic on me my wife and children. Brother consider me as desprat for your help if I am searching on a site for a cure. Your urgent reply would be appreciated and may ALLAH reward you. Jazakalla khar.

    • Brother in Deen says:

      Assalamu alaikum,

      From what he wrote about this bhai Idrees, it seems bhai Idrees is also dealing with Jinns. My advice to you bro/sis is to stick to authentic Sunnah of the Prophet Sallallahu Alyhi wa Sallam and seek ruqiyah from Islamically knowledgeable brothers. is a good site and brother Abu Muhammad is a well known Raqi. Do some search in your local area and you will find Raqi brothers using only Quran/hadith for the cure from this evil.
      Allahu A3lam. May Allah cure all those afflicted with this evil. Aameen.

  10. smileymuslim says:


    I’m also kashmiri. I also have black magic. But don’t worry. This is a test from Allah to see if you trust him even through these harsh periods. PLEASE DON’T LOSE YOUR IMAM. Alhamdulliah it will be fine. Those people will get punished worse than the sinful muslims. Dontworry.
    inshallah it will be fine

  11. Iqbal says:

    as salamu alaikum

    Jazakallah khair bro Abdul Rehman for sharing with us.

    Barakallah fi

  12. Noname says:

    May Allah protect us from the evil ameen. I have been affected too. I felt like going mad and was getting mohammed ali knotck out from every step I take in life. Everything in my life was on strunggle hold. I lived in timeless world wallahi and I can only tell what if feels like. But no name for it. Trust its horrible but it opened my eyes to alot.

  13. Abdul Rehman says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters

    If u want to get cured i suggest DR Sana Ullah Khan research him on you tube.

    regrads mumba

  14. Nasker Shabbeer says:

    As salamwalekum,
    Brother i am happy that u got relief from jinn that was a na-paak jinn spell puted on u thanks to allah.

  15. khan says:

    Exploring more people would reveal such stories, are very common. to become victim is easy and healing is bit difficult, as to find True and strong islamic healer.

  16. Shameem says:

    Assalam o alikum brother your story is very touching your parents are misguided and heading towards hellfire plz explain to them that you know all that they do and its not right islamicaly . I like you also have a family member who is busy working her black speels on me my children and my sibling ! She was the only one who did not get to come to england i was born here an after me so were my brothers she is bitter and twisted that she has had a hard life there and my parents tried but for some reason she could not come here maybe takdeer ! Anyway cut a long story short she believes we owe her big time she has children whom she wants to get married to my kids an also my brothers kids so in order to keep us under control she did black magic on my brother and me an our children it has had very bad results as the sehr has changed to a deadly disease for my brother and i myself am constantly ill and scared to be left alone i am looking for someone to help me remove the black magic plz will you reply me brother?

  17. Sophia says:

    Seriously, I am yet to find any parents with Pakistani origins who are not into magic practices. The height of their ignorance is that they also consider it “Islamic”.

    I am under exactly the same problems the brother has described except for my parents did not want me to be married to anyone in specific but just that my father, with the help of his older brother and sister carried out magic spells on me (Also my mother, older brother & rest of the sublings).

    They did it on me to ensure I remain “righteous” & obedient to my father which resulted me behaving like a robot to their commands.

    These magic practices are common in my father’s family. Just like the brother, I had no knowledge prior to being affected despite being aware of my father’s family’s involvement in ‘amulets’, ‘taaweezes’ uses, etc.

    Now I am 38, never been married because every single man who proposed me for marriage directly & those marriage prospects I met through family references all tend to end after strange circumstances which cannot be explained. I know with so much involvement of evil in my life to turn around things for me, even if I do marry a suitor, my marriage will end very soon. Because seemingly, I am exceptionally obedient (Not that I was not prior to my father’s magic) but I do not have a normal temperament anymore like I used to have… I am an extremes in everything. Just like the brother, I suffer extreme fear when away from home or even to go out of home in a 1 KM distance… When put off by something, I become violent and abusive regardless of where I am… home or on the road…. I had never abused / shouted at my parents but after the spells, despite the extreme magic love & obedience towards my father, an anger, I used very filthy curse words for him… which I am sure as hell I would never use even for a foe if I was my natural being without any foreign entity controlling my behaviors….

    I had a good job, car and was living a decent independent life without being corrupt… Now I dont have nothing… Meaning no chance to get away from father to have find my own life like the brother has… I applied for immigration to two different countries but the rejection comes with kind of excuses that even my consultants start shaking head in disbelief… They cant belief someone with my professional profile could be rejected with such stupid excuses…

    With no life partner, no children, siblings or mother for moral support (My mother and siblings are stuck in their own problems due to the similar magic spells on them caused by my father), no job, or a place of my own to go to, now I just wish to die in peace… Because many times my extreme anger has caused me to leave home without shoes in my feet or money/mobile…. That people who found me sitting on the roadside brought me back home…. In these circumstances, I do not see any light anymore… I hope I do die outside on the roadside in one of those episodes and die in peace… But I will never forgive my father & his family for destroying my life…… By now, I do not consider myself normal anymore… I am half crazy by now…. But I hoe I die in peace…. As per my father he did all those things with a good intention…. Well, may Allah’s wrath be on all such “muslims” who destroy lives of other muslims in their jahalat and ignorance and assume this is all ISLAMIC…. What could be more cruel to put your own daughter through something like this when she was the one who used to love her father the most…. Now I only curse him every minute that I think of him….

    • Mumin says:

      Asalaam alaykum,

      its clear that many are suffering from the evils of these unclean practices which are forbidden for rightful reasons. I too have suffered from many years and although i cant say its easy, i can say that their is light at the end of every dark tunnel. The only way forward is Al-Quran and Sunnah, i cannot whole heatedly trust anyone be they raqi or amal except for that which was revealed unto us as practicing muslims:

      1. Change is first and foremost with oneself and your company and surroundings,
      2. Make your homes as islamic as possible by keeping it clean, getting rid of music, movies, pictures, statues…Play the Adhaan loud at all times and pray salaat best you can
      3. Read quran(play loud if one cannot read arabic)

      4. Read the Duah and blow upon your hands then rub your bodys from back of head down to your feet thrice as did our prophet Muhammad messenger of Allah:

      Start everything by reading audobillah then bismillah

      Surah faitha x 3
      Surah ikhlas x 3
      Surah falaq x 3
      Surah nas x 3
      athkars then bismillah x 3
      Amin then blow upon your hands and rub your body as detailed above

      Ayat ul kursi is also a must when you feel scared or feel your not alone, also to be read after wudu at night 3 times and rubbed all over body and four corners of your beds starting from the right towards the left

      Inshallah the problems will subside and you shall become stronger resulting in the effects of jinn sihr becoming weaker

      Jazzak allah Khairan

      Do email for more detailed support, i will endeavor to help and support my brothers & sisters through the education and experience i have obtained as a result of my own sufferings and battles to beat these evils

      salaam alikum

    • Mumin says:

      Adversities, problems, sickness, pain are a clear sign for those whom are closet to Allah (s.w.t)

      Giving up is what they want and will only make your lives worse but if you stand up and fight with what our creator and master Allah has gifted us with “Quran & Sunnah” this is what their afraid of and this is the only thing that will beat them back to whom sent them…Dont make them proud, make Allah proud and show them what true belivers are made of, “is it not better to take a hit from the creation rather than the creator himself”

  18. Mikail says:

    How can anyones parents, even if they hsve the slightest knowledge of islam allow a jinn to harass their own son? its unthinkable. Personally iv never heard of this kind of thing in pakistan

  19. Mumin says:

    People use magic for mostly all and any reasons possible but despite them thinking its for the good or bad, the bare truth is that every magic is kufr and comes with more harm and negativity then it does rewards or positivity. The rulings of this subject is that anyone who undulges in these pratices as having disassociated themselves from islam and the punishment prescribed for this evil practice is instant death which is due to the fact that sihr black magic cannot work unless one commits shirk blasphemy or insult to Allah, Quran or islamic practices( Na
    auzobillah asfaghfirullah adeem) T

    bottom line is the jinns do not work for free and their is a heavy price to be paid in return for anything they offer, this price can be the lives, property, family, children and even the souls of those who practice and those who pay for these evil services in the first place

  20. Akram says:


    i was doing my post graduation in software engineering those days it was about 2 years ago. i was living life normally, hang out with friends, used to perform salah time to time.. then i met that girl (actually woman) on fb.. we used to talk normally just like friends, i dint mean to make her my gf or something coz i was really ok with my life. she always showed me that she is into me, she proposed me indirectly and trust me i was not a bit into her she wasnt of my taste or you can say i dint like her a bit like that way.. she was already married so no chance.. i said you are married and she was like ok with my answer.. she dint stop talk to me or dint break contact with me now i really wanted to get rid of her but she started emotional attachment that i m not happy with my hubby, i m facing tortures, my life is in hell etc. so i decided to be in touch with her to support her as a friend (that was my biggest mistake). time goes on and i spend 1 and a half year with her. she was married but always lived in her fathers house often goes to husbands house like a visit then again comes to fathers house. finally she broke all the relations and attachments from her hubby and got divorce from him. her parents gets shock, trauma and depression.. then she suggest my name and she ask me to marry with her.. i dont why (i really dont know why) i said yes.. even knowing already that what she did with her husband, i said yes.. co. i dont why but i think i was in possession or something i dont know. but trust me i would never ever say yes if i was really in my conscious. anyways her father called me i convince my parents i cried, i was depressed, i fought with my parents for that woman who is older to me.. anyways my parents agreed just for my wish.. got married, 6 months ago.. then the story begins,, i came to know she is taking a treatment of schizophrenia, suicidal tendency, anxiety, depression etc.. her parents always call me and request me to take her with me for her treatment and medicines, but now i came to know she is not in depression or schizophrenia actually she is possessed with a jinn.. how do i know i can tell, she awakes at mid night stares walls or something without any reasons then after 2-3 minutes comes in consciousness and say what happened what am i doing, i am afraid what wrong with me etc. she always complain that somebody wakes her up at midnight with weird voices and noises.. she makes weird sounds and moans at night in sleep. she dont like to be touched she gets angry and stares like gonna eat, sit alone, dont talk to my family members, sometimes runs to the roof saying that i wanna die, cuts her wrist, everytime she complain that i am sick i m not feeling well.. we dint made any relationship since i married.. means i dint made any relationship with her ever. just because she said to me or you can say she warned me that i dont like these things like touching, kising, relationships etc. i tried so many times but she throws me away like a man does.. she says whenever i am closed to her she hears a sound saying you are just mine.. she prefer to live her fathers house more then mine, she is doing the same she did with her ex.. know i really came to know what is happening i managed to find some contacts she talked, i found out she had personal paranormal healer.. i talked to him he confirmed that she is possessed with a jinn but you dont worry etc etc.. her parents hide the truth from me. but i got the truth now.. she is completely possessed and the jinn doesnt let her live with any other men. 3 and half months ago she went to her parents house again and she is now asking for divorce without any solid reason just saying that i am suffocating with this relationship i wana die plz leave me i want to be alone etc.. i tried my best to convince her but she is completely refused to hear anything.. all i came to know till now is that she was possessed met me then destroyed my consciousness and senses married me and after three months of marriage asking for divorce again.. what about her parents well i think they know everything they are in depression they cry shows their pain and always says what is happening we cant understand but i think they understand and they know everything.. i am at my home doing business and she is with her parents we dont talk now..she is very abusive, immoral, disobeying and careless..(but i know why) should i divorce her or support her dont know what to do.. tell..

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