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Jinn speaking about Dajjal


  • When the jinn speaks “Our Father”, they refer to “Ibless” “Satan” “Shaytaan”.
  • Ifreet/Efreet are the strongest among the Jinn. Go to “Types of Jinn” for more info about Efreet.
  • This not my video & the brother reciting Quran is “Benhalima Abderraouf” If you wish to know more, you may wish to visit his official website:

16 Responses to “Jinn speaking about Dajjal”

  1. Amir says:

    “Stamp of Shame”? The only stamp of shame is that one who lives in the sewers and thinks its good…
    That should be a hammer for ultimate shame.

  2. umair says:

    looks fake, but enjoyable 😀

  3. Salahuddiyn abdar-rahiym says:

    There are no Jinn in this vid, but there are two Fakirs (fakers)astaghfir Allah.

  4. Hasnain says:

    It’s be nice if you guys who say it’s fake can give proof for it being so instead of just alleging random things.

    • Halal says:

      Honestly I don’t think it is fake. First the brother is very known with a very good reputation, what gain does he have to try to deceive people? He is just endowed with the ability to get rid of Jinns which the Prophet has told us specifically how to do so, therefore how can one reject something which there is no denial its existence and how to protect one self from them. Second, there are Jinns that possess people all the time, therefore this is no strange phenomenon. Also we know that Shaitan has many people demons he send to many places all the time,and the worse of them are those that sow see between people. They come to him at his throne where he question them regarding their evil work, the worsts of them is honored by him, no strange phenomenon. I believe this video very much, clearly you can’t accuse something of being fake unless you have clear evidence other wise to do so.

  5. Abdullah says:

    This video is fake. look how close he is to the sister. Naughty boy!!

    • Manish says:

      Dear Friend,

      Jinn are real, similarly stupid like humans. They are confused also although they do have some supernatural powers.

      I am in constant touch with a jinn, and truth about a jinn called qareen also true…jinn makes you think about evil things, rarely they talk about good things and believe me we men are hypocrite too…I believe Allah is true light and only hope if true love and guidance.

  6. Faz says:

    It is your Qareen telling you it is fake, Wake up my ignorant brothers!

  7. Moon, says:

    I don’t think if it’s a fake. But the brother is well-knowed in Paris. He’s a Raqui.

  8. wasim says:

    This guy performed rukya on me live, and since then ive had no issues with jinns

  9. habib ahmed says:

    Assalam o alaikum, i m from mumbai,Alhumdulillah i do ruqya,by quran and sunnah any one in need can contact me on my cell +91 9820592466

  10. intiyaz says:

    i saw a strange monkey such as half human and half man..i wanted to send it out of my hoise but it didnt went out..a small snake entered our house and this strange creature turned into snake and started fighting with the snake..lastly the snake bite my sister and cousin brother later again strange creature changed into dove and killed that snake…

  11. zubs says:

    The video is not fake I’m one of his students from South Africa .

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