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Jinn of the house

“If the man enters his house and mentions the name of Allah upon entering it and upon eating therein, Satan says, ‘There is no lodging for you here and no meal here.’ But if the man enters his house and neglects to mention the name of Allah upon entering it, Satan says, ‘I have found lodging for you.’ And if he does not mention Allah’s name upon eating his meal, Satan says, ‘I have found lodging and a meal.’”
It is recorded in Musnad Ahmad by Muslim.

One of the Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) killed one of the snakes in the house and this led to his death. Muslim has recorded it in his Sahih that, Abu al-Saib went to Abu Saeed’s house and found him praying. Abu al-Saib was waiting for him to finish his prayer when he heard some rumbling in the bundles of wood which were lying in the corner of the house. He looked and he found it was a snake. He was about to kill it when Abu Saeed gestured to him to sit down. After the prayer, Abu Saeed pointed to a room and he said, ‘Do you see this room?’ ‘Yes,’ answered al-Saib. Abu Saeed said, “There was once a man who was a newlywed and we went to participate with the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the Battle of the Trench. He used to ask the Prophet’s permission to go to his wife and the Prophet cautioned him to take along his weapons for he feared [an attack from behind by] the tribe Quraidha. The man took his weapons and when he returned to his family he found his wife standing between the doors of the apartment. He was enraged from jealousy and took a stab at her with his spear. She told him to keep his spear away and to enter the house to see what had made her go outside. He entered and found a big snake on the bed. He struck it with his spear and pierced it. He was bent upon taking it outside, but the snake had enough strength to bite him. No one knows who died first from that incident, the snake or the man. The people made mention of this incident to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), asking him to ask Allah to bring that man back to life. Instead, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘Ask forgiveness for our companion. In Madina there are jinn that embraced Islam. If any of you should see one of them [that is, a snake], he should give him warning for three days. If it appears after that, it should be killed because it is, therefore, a devil.’”

“Snakes are the forms of the transmutations of the shape of the jinn in the same way that the apes and swine were transmutations of the tribe of Israel.”
This hadith was recorded by at-Tabaraani and Abu ash-Shaikh in Al-Udhma, classed sahih.
Refer, Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albaani, Silsilaat al-Ahadith al-Sahiha, 3/103.

“Do not kill the jinn, except every one with two streaks on the back, for they cause miscarriage and take away the eyesight. Therefore, kill them.”
It is recorded from Abu Lubaba as Sahih in Al-Bukhari.

Protect your house from Jinn

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Do not let your houses to be like graves. The house in which Surah al-baqara is recited, the shaytaan never enters” It also refers to Ayat-ul-kursi (verse of the throne) Verse 255 of the Surah al-Baqara.
It is recorded by Al-Bukhari and Muslim both.

If anyone feels that their house is haunted, he may recite Surah Al-Baqara and blow into each room of the house. He may recite the same surah, along with Al-Faatiha, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq & An-nas, and blow over water and sprinkle that water in corners of the room/house; or may even sprinkle it outside in the lawn or where someone feels doubted. It will by Allah’s leave repel the evil from the house.

and we all seek refuge in Allah Alone.

5 Responses to “Jinn of the house”

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  2. maryam says:

    it doesnt say about retreiving missing things?iv lost some very important things and i know i havent misplaced it because iv checked the whole house literally and nor has a family member taken it,is there anything i can pray or do to get my things back?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I am sorry sister, there is no way you can find lost things, we can only Pray to Allaah to help us find them somehow. People tend to go to soothsayers or magicians who seek help from Jinn, but Islam does not allow that. You may ask for the lost items after you offer prayers, and Indeed Allaah is the Hearer of All.

  3. maryam says:

    jzk i had a friend whos things went missing same case jinn in the house and she askd someone and whithin a week she found it in the same place she lost it why is it haram to go to these people?

  4. Javed.A.Shah says:


    Jazakallah for the information and Masha-Allah a great website too!

    But I have a question regarding the statement that you mentioned in this section that is “The same Surahs may also be recited over Nails, which may then be hammered into different doorways of the house.”

    Is there any reference from the Hadith to the above statement which says to receite Surahs over the nails and hammer those nails into defferent doors??

  5. W says:

    say Bismillah on everything.
    No evil will ever dare to lay hands on it.

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