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What are Jinn and Demons?

Some call them Jinn, while others call them Reptilians. Different names for the same invisible creatures living around us. Demons, however, refer to an Evil-Reptilian/ Evil-Jinn. We will come to all of this in detail soon Insha’Allah (God willingly). But one of the strong concepts that come forth about the facts of these creatures is from Islamic and pre-Islamic times in Arab. When there was no word for these invisible creatures in other places of the world, Arabs had already categorized them as another creation of God.

Truth is, Jinn (Demons) have a world of their own. Living on the same planet we live on; but within a different dimension. A dimension Higher than our 3-D world. Giving them the advantage to remain invisible, when we are all visible to them. Plus, they can move from their dimension into our dimension easily; and appear in the form of any object or any living thing. It can be an illusion, and also feel like a real object. That is the reason they are called Reptilians (Shape-shifters) by some people. Just the way we can draw 2-D objects on paper, and are able to look through its cross-sections, likewise they are invisible to us. However they do possess some characteristics in common with humans. Listing

  • They have a Free-will,
  • A Conscience to choose between the path of good and evil,
  • They think and reflect like humans.

So by implication, Good-Jinn are referred to as Jinn or Spirits. But when Jinn are Bad and Evil, and causes harm, they are referred to as Demons and Devils. Hence Jinn and Demons both have the same origin, yet categorized into Jinn and Demons only by their actions and characteristics. We will discuss their types soon Insha’Allah.

They, however, differ from Human in some characteristics – mainly their origin. But, before we speak of their origin, let us know what the word “Jinn” itself mean.

The word Jinn in Arabic refers to something that is ‘concealed and hidden’. They are called Jinn because they are ‘obscured from the Human Sight’.

“Lo! He (iblees/satan) sees you, he and his tribe (evil jinn/demons), from whence you see him not” (al-A’raaf: 27)

Books of scholars from Islamic and Pre-Islamic times tell us more about the origin of the word itself:

  • Al-Jawhari (the author of Al-Sihaah) said: Al-Jaan is the father of the jinn, the plural of which is Jeenaan.
  • Al-Fayroozabaadi in his book Al-Qaamoos Al-Muheet explains: Jannahu Al-Layl means the night covered him. Everything that is concealed from you is Junna ‘Anka (concealed from you). Jinn Al-layl means the darkness of the night. Al-Mujannah refers to the land where there are many jinn. Al-Jaan is the plural of Al-Jinn.
  • Lisaanul-Arab by Al-Mudhir: Janana means to cover or conceal. Everything that is concealed from you is Junna ‘Anka (concealed from you). Jannahu Al-layl means the night covered him. Hence Foetus (fetus) is called Al-Janeen because he is concealed in his mother’s womb.

From the above history, we can clearly see how the word Jinn came into being. Plus, that also confirms the latest definition of the word itself – concealed and hidden.

And Allah knows best.

Courtesy of Dr. Umar Sulaiman, Jamaal al-Din & Dr. Abu’l-Mundhir. JazakAllahu Khayran.

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