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Interview with Exorcist Sheikh Muhammad Taahir

These are taken from the Appendix of a highly informative book “The Exorcist Tradition in Islaam”  © 1997 Dar Al Fatah, written By Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips. If you wish to read more, you will have to buy the book.

Location: Cairo, Egypt
Date: 9/8/88
Name: Shaykh Muhammad Taahir ‘Abdul-Muhsin
Date of birth: 1952
Place of birth: Cairo
Education: BA in Islâmic Studies from al-Azhar University, specializing in qiraa‘aat, 1978. Lectures occasionally at al-Azhar.

Q. When did you begin practicing exorcism?
A. I began about nine or ten years ago.

Q. What caused you to begin?
A. I read Ibn Taymeeyah’s book on the jinn and when my friend in Taalibiyyah described his wife’s state, I realized that it was a case of possession and proceeded to treat her.

Q. What are the signs which indicate that a person is possessed?
A. Some of the signs are that a person mentions that he is uneasy, he finds himself getting up and sitting down frequently, he speaks unintelligibly, etc. This is called demonic possession (sara‘ al-jinn).

Q. What is the first thing you do when a possessed person is brought to you?
A. In the beginning, we ask the possessed if he has been treated by a physician. If he has already been treated by a doctor, we address the jinn, saying, “Fear Allaah!” I speak to it in the same way that I speak to a human. If he is in a state of convulsion, I speak directly to the jinn. Otherwise, I recite over him some Qur’ânic verses. Sometimes it will manifest itself during the recitation and at other times it will hide.

Q. How do you distinguish between one who is possessed and one who is sick?
A. The state of the possessed in unstable, and they usually do not come to me until after they have visited a physician or psychiatrist. Patients usually won’t come until after they have tried all other methods. In that way, we know that he is likely to be possessed or possibly under a magical spell.

Q. How do you distinguish between the effects of magic and demonic possession?
A. In the case of possession the jinn will speak immediately, yet for a patient under a magical spell the jinn will not talk. The one under a magic spell will require recitation for a long time, and he will need to take Arabic folk medicine. This is encouraged, according to the statement of the Prophet (pbuh) collected by Muslim, “Whoever is able to help his brother should do so.” When the Prophet (pbuh) prohibited incantations, someone stated, “O Messenger of Allaah, we have some incantations against magic and scorpions.” He said to them, “Read your incantations to me.” When they did so, he prohibited those containing idolatry and confirmed those which did not. He then said, “Whoever is able to help his brother, let him to do so.” He meant by that, for example, canceling the effects of magic from one bewitched, which may make him unable to go to his wife. He takes a double edged ax, heats it on a fire until becomes red, then he passes it over her. This does not have shirk in it. It is Arabic medicine. Such things are mentioned in Fat-h al-Baaree.
There are two ways of treating magic – one way is according to divine law (sharee‘ah) and another is not. The legal way removes it completely while the illegal method only removes it temporarily. Ibn al-Qayyim mentioned that if the effects of the spell have been present for a long time, it must be broken by Arabic medicinal methods. On the other hand, if it is recent, it may be removed by Qur’ânic verses and prophetic methods.

Q. Based upon your communication with possessing jinn, what are the main reasons why jinn possess humans?
A. The reasons are as follows:
1.    Walking around the house naked.
2.    Being isolated and unprotected by the prophetic morning and evening prayers.
3.    Entering the toilet without the fortifying prayers because the toilets are among the dwelling places of the jinn.
4.    Pouring hot water on the jinn without mentioning Allaah’s name.
5.    Going without making the fortifying prayers to areas of the jinn, like mountain tops and garbage dumps, hurting them by urinating on them or stepping on them – The jinn may then ignorantly hurt the person much more than he deserves. In such cases, the treatment involves addressing the jinn and telling it that the patient had accidentally – and not intentionally – hurt it. If it was harmed in the patient’s home, it should be told that it had not right to be there in the first place, for jinn are not allowed to live in the homes of humans. Thus, the jinn should be told that it is in the wrong. The will actually reply. Sometimes they will say, “I love him.” Other times they may threaten those in their presence by saying, “I will leave and hurt him.” In such cases, the exorcist must have strong faith and believe in the oneness of Allaah and say to the jinn, “You are certainly not able to do anything at all because the only one who can benefit or harm is Allaah.” At that point, the jinn will become fearful and cause the person to shake.

Q. Who are most affected by jinn, men or women?
A. Women are most affected because the jinn love beautiful women. They may even have intercourse with them. A case of possession was presented to me in which a Christian woman said that she feels something come upon her and she struggles with it but it overcomes her. I told her, “Accept Islaam and I will – by the grace of Allaah – remove it from you.” She refused, so I left her. Consentual intercourse can take place between them, but this would be a major sin because Allaah has created that which is suitable for each species. Thus, it is not allowable for humans to marry from the animal world.

Q. Do male jinn possess women and female jinn possess men, or is it possible that male jinn possess males and vice-versa?
A. In reference to those jinn who possess because of love, their love for humans is based on desire. Therefore, male jinn love women, and female jinn love men. However, there is no gender preference when humans accidentally cause harm to jinn. For example, we saw a man from Upper Egypt who knew nothing of the Qur’aan and Sunnah, but in his possessed state he would recite the Qur’aan like a trainer reciter. When the jinn was removed, we discovered that it used to worship in a cave. The man, who was a stonemason, went into the cave and urinated and defecated in it, so the jinn hurt him. We told the jinn, “You are a Muslim who has memorized the Qur’aan, and spoiling this man’s mind and body is satanic.” The jinn complied by leaving.

Q. From your experience, if a jinn speaks, does he use the voice of the possessed person or does the voice change?
A. The voice is often different. If it is a female jinn, it speaks with a female voice, and a male jinn with a male voice.

Q. Can a disbelieving jinn enter a Muslim?
A. Usually a disbelieving jinn enters a Muslm. The conditions of the jinn are like that of humans. Some are Muslims and others are not. Some are righteous and others are not. However, it is possible for a Muslim jinn to harm a Muslim human.

Q. Whenever you address the jinn and invite them to Islaam, do they accept it?
A. Yes. I present Islaam to them and they usually accept. I remind them of the next life and that they will have to return to Allaah. They often comply immediately. Sometimes they listen to a great deal of religious admonition, yet do not respond. The ease or difficulty of removal varies from one person to another. By using the methods involving kufr, the jinn will respond but they won’t leave permanently. If the exorcist possessed strong faith, the jinn will respond and leave. However, if he does not, the possession of the person will continue. In the kufr methods, the jinn are called up using unlawful means, like making oaths containing shirk and kufr. For example, they say, “I swear by your seven most mighty.” In such a case shirk is involved, and assuredly the jinn will answer him and ask him what he wishes because he has exalted them. He will then ask the jinn to leave, but the jinn will ask him to do some things in return. Shaykh Ibn Taymeeyah said that one should not do anything that the jinn request. If he tells you to drink water or sacrifice an animal for him, it should not be done. If he says that he will leave for one reason or another, tell him that he must leave in obedience to Allaah and His Messenger.

Q. From your experience, how do jinn benefit from possessing humans?
A. It is from love or just desire. For example, if an ignorant man walking down the street is accidentally hurt by an intelligent person, the ignorant man decides to punish the intelligent one. What benefit does he get from that? It is just ignorance. There are prophetic traditions which indicate that the jinn may take the form of vermin, like snakes and rats. One may kill a vermin without mentioning Allaah’s name and it may have been one of them. Because, the jinn may afflict him with some punishment.

Q. How does a jinn enter a human?
A. The Prophet (pbuh ) said that the devil flows in the blood streams of Aadam’s descendants. Sometimes it may have fun with the superstitious by saying that it will leave through the eye of the possessed and gouge it out or that it will leave by his leg, paralyzing it. Consequently, the true believer should not accept such statements but tell it to leave as it came. Sometimes the jinn will only leave if they are flogged.

Q. Have you found any jinn who spoke in a different language than the one possessed?
A. Yes. We found a jinn in an Egyptian woman who spoke Urdu. He was originally from Pakistan. He said that he was on hajj and fell in love with her and returned with her to Egypt. His name was strange, incomprehensible. He said that he lived in an abandoned apartment and that he had over ten thousand children and grandchildren. Some people may hear this and ask, “How could ten thousand live in one apartment?” However, we already pointed out that they may take the form of vermin, like ants.

I also helped a Saudi married to an Egyptian woman who used to curse her husband in different languages, like English and French. I communicated with the jinn in Arabic, and it left her after promising to do so.
Sometimes exorcists fall into shirk as a result of a jinn. For example, when an exorcist orders a jinn to leave a person by the permission of Allaah, but the jinn swears that it will only leave by other than Allaah (e.g. swearing to leave by a so-called saint) and the exorcist agrees to its stipulation, this is shirk. If the exorcist strictly believes in the oneness of Allaah, he will say to it, “No. You are a liar and a pagan. You are not allowed to swear by other than Allaah. You must swear by Allaah, saying, ‘I promise Allaah to leave the person and protect her from others as much as possible. By the One who split the sea for Moses and made the winds blow Soloman, I will leave her and will not return again.’ ” And it will actually leave.

Q. When you address the jinn, do you find that they have names like humans?
A. Yes. They sometimes name themselves with human names like ‘Abdul-‘Azeez. At other times they have non-human names and incomprehensible titles.

Q. Have any of your children been affected by possession after you began treating possessed persons?
A. No, may Allaah be praised. My children recite from the Qur’aan the two chapters of protection (mu‘awwidhataan) and the opening chapter (al-Faatihah). The Qur’aan is a cure for all physical and spiritual ailments. If the people ask how disease can be resisted, the response is that resistance is granted by the Lord of the earth and the sky. The proof of this is that the companions of the Prophet (pbuh ) treated scorpion stings with the recitation of al-Faatihah. The sting was physical ailment and the recitation of al-Faatihah was a spiritual healing. Ibn al-Qayyim also used as proof the Almighty’s statement:
“We revealed in the Qur’aan what is a healing and mercy for the believers.”[1]
This is in reference to all forms of ailment, physical or spiritual. In several known cases when the possessed reached the door or a particular house, the jinn screamed out, “I will never enter this place because the Qur’aan is read in it.” The Prophet ( pbuh) said, “If Soorah al-Baqarah is read in a house, the devil will not come near it for three days.”[2]

Q. During an exorcism have you ever found more than one jinn in a person?
A. Yes, more than one jinn may cause harm to a person’s body, as Ibn Taymeeyah confirmed. They will also have different voices.

Q. Could you describe the steps that you use for treatment?
A. First I ask the person being treated his name and he may say, for example, Ahmad or Muhammad. During my recitation I again ask for his name and he may say, for example, George. Therefore I know that it is a jinn. I then ask if it is a Muslim and so on.

Q. If you communicate with the jinn and it refuses to leave, what do you do?
A. I recite many verses of Qur’aan over him. And if it still refuses to leave, I they say, “I will drive you out with severe beating.” It becomes fearful, because humans are stronger than jinn. I saw a case in which a jinn was in love with a woman, and I said to it, “I will read a lot of Qur’aan over you.” It replied that it loved the Qur’aan. I asked it how it could love the Qur’aan and at the same time be passionately in love with the woman. I brought a stick and hit her on the neck with it, yet the possessed woman did not feel anything. Only in cases of possession should beating be used.

Q. Do you tie the toes of the persons?
A. There are many different methods which do not contain shirk or kufr which may be used.

Q. Do you recite over water and make the possessed person drink it? Or do you use oil?
A. Yes, sometimes I have, as long as there is no shirk involved. I have used the nushrah method of stone grinding seven lotus leaves, placing this in a container of water and reciting the kawaafir (Soorah al-Kaafiroon [109], Soorah al-Ikhlaas [112], verse 255 of the second chapter and al-Faatihah) over it. The patient then drinks three mouthfuls of this and bathes with the remainder. It is a good and effective method.
When the possessed person comes, I recite verses over him, such as the four verses of Soorah al-Baqarah, “wa ilaahukum ilaahum waahid…,”[3] verse 255 of al-Baqarah and the closing verses of al-Baqarah; the last verses of Aal ‘Imraan (3) Soorah al-A‘raaf from the Almighty’s statement: “inna rabbakumullaah alladhee khalaqas-samaawaati wal-arda fee sittati ayyaamin thummastawaa ‘alal-‘arsh yghshil-laylan-nahaar…”[4] for about four verses until His statement: “innahoo laa yuhibbul-mu‘tadeen wa laa tufsidoo fil-ardi ba‘da islaahiha wad‘oohu khawfan wa tama‘an inna rahmatal-laahi qareebun minal-muhsineen”;[5] also “laqad jaa’akum rasoolun min anfusikum”;[6] Soorah al-Mu’minoon (23); Soorah as-Saaffaat (37); the ending of Soorah al-Hashr (59); and Soorah al-Kaafiroon (109).[7] This is called the small dose (jur‘ah sughraa). Those possessed always are affected by it and the jinn usually comes out after this recitation. If the jinn does not come out or manifest itself, I know that the person is not possessed. However, instead, he may be bewitched. Sometimes the jinn will manifest itself while I address it after the recitation. Some cases may be delusion and therefore are called delusionary magic (sihr al-awhaam). Sometimes the person may have ailments due to bad character.

About 50 percent of the cases are brought to me are demonic possession or magic and the rest common sicknesses.
Once a woman came to me and I recited upon her, and the jinn was burned up. It is possible for them to be burned. On another occasion a Saudi man came to me who had been bewitched by menstrual blood and sperm. He was screaming like a calf being slaughtered.

[1] Qur’aan, 17:82.
[2] This version of the hadeeth was collected by at-Tabaraanee in al-Mu‘jam al-Kabeer, vol. 6, p. 163, no. 5864, and by Ibn Hibbaan. Both isnaads share a weaker narrator, Khaalid ibn Sa‘eed al-Madanee, as was mentioned by al-Arnaa’oot. (See al-Ihsaan fee Tarteeb Saheeh Ibn Hibbaan, vol. 3, p. 59, no. 780.) Imaams Muslim, Ahmad and at-Tirmidhee reported a hadeeth similar to this, but without a mention of a time period. (Sahih Muslim, vol. 1, p. 377, no. 1707.)
[3] Qur’aan, 2:263.
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[7] This is based on upon a narration from Aboo Laylaa and collected by Ibn Maajah. However, it is not authentic due to the presence of Aboo Janaab al-Kalbee in its chain of narrators.

28 Responses to “Interview with Exorcist Sheikh Muhammad Taahir”

  1. Ferdous says:

    Assalamu alaikum ,
    Wonderful reading this page.
    all praise belongs to Allah, the Highest.
    I have a person known who is may be possessed by evils eyes of jinn or may be shaytaan( Allah knows best).
    She complains of sever pain in her stomach which doctors are unable to treat.It’s been many years.Sometimes the pain is so much that it’s unbearable and sometimes it’s not there at all.Can this be treated?

    jazakallah khair

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salam brother Ferdous,

      Yes brother, if it is confirmed that the condition is not a Medical condition. Then she should go through a Ruqya – First Stage of Ruqya

      If she gets stomach aches during this Ruqya, then she may have been fed with Sihr in water/meal etc. The way to dispose this is to take Tea made from Seena Leaves. Once the Tea is prepared, take some in a bowl and Recite the Generic Ruqya:
      1 – Surah Fatiha
      2 – Ayat-ul-kursi
      3 – Last three Surahs
      Over it, in a way that the air from the mouth touches the surface of the tea/water. After that, the patient should take three mouthfuls from the tea. This may produce slight aches in the stomach but it is used for bowel cleansing for ages, and has proved in removing the sihr that is stuck inside the bowels, by the Will of Allaah.

  2. Mohamed says:


    How can I contact Shaykh Muhammad Taahir ‘Abdul-Muhsin? Please help, it is very important.

    Thank you

  3. saika shabir says:

    salaam alaikum,
    my shoulders and my lower back feel very haevy and painfull. My legs also feel heavy and
    numb. I feel a burning sensation in my hand and feet. When i pray namaz my whole body feels heavy and sometimes i feel like i am floating in the air. I dont know whats happening to me. I think theres something in my body. Once, sometimes i feel very drowsy and mu body would get really haevy and i would see somethink like a mans dark shodow standing infront of me and sometimes when im sleeping i would see the same thing sleeping next to me. Please help me.

  4. Mohamed says:

    @saika: can you tell about any dreams if you have any?

  5. sara says:


    I have been having this problem for few years. After doing continious ruqiyah on water, i can feel lot of movements and vibrations on my body, what is the cure for this. Any advice will be highly appreciated.


  6. umbilal says:

    Salamu Alaikum,

    My daughter is 13 yrs old suddenly she started acting strange and staying in the bathroom long periods of time and then talking to someone. We did a full medical check up and they said she is fine. But she started quickly deteriorating(mentally). Finally we took the ruqya route and we realised that she had 2 or 3 jinns in her. She sometimes says she hears 2 or 3 voices. We have been seeing a shiekh and reciting on her daily. We have also done hajama’s.She has gotten better but is still speaks incoherently. Recently while i was reciting surat Al Baqara as she was sleeping the jinn communicated with me tell me its 5000 yrs old and it has kids and its there due to sihr given to her by a fellow student who’s mom is a magician. please advise.

    Jazak Allahu Khair

  7. Abdul says:

    Casting out Jinns is like evicting squatters whereby the the building that the squaters have taken over is the human body
    and the squaters themselves are evil spirits or Jinns who have lost their own bodies and are therefore homeless.
    so, the Jinns will form an unholy spirit gang and use their combined strength in numbers to supress your soul and overpower your gurdian spirits which are fewer in numbers than themselves.
    A single person’s spirit has less chance of overcomming a multitude of those evil jinns even if that person recite many verses of Qur’aan at them.
    To truely cast out jinns or evil spirits, you have to seek strength in numbers, and that strength can only come from surounding yourself with people who are positively spiritual.
    The collective spirits from all those individual combined is what drives out the evil jinn from a posesed person.
    Spirit can touch spirits because they are solid to each other.So, to evict the evil spirits or jinns ,you will need a crowd of people to soround you, and the good spirits from those people to enter your body and pull the jinns out of you by force.
    pulling jinns out by force is what causes people to get burning sensation in their bodies and also vomits during exorcism.
    casting out evil spirits is not that simple, it is not as simple as saying go away in the name of Jesus or reciting many verses of Qur’aan at them,it is a group effort.Beating the body of the possessed person will only force the jinn to assume the identity of the possessed person as a way of hiding itself.

  8. Aisha says:

    please help me with the contact of shykh Abdul Muhammad MMuhsin

  9. Aisha says:

    Asalam Aliekum Warahumatula Wabarakatu please help me with the phone number of Shykh Abdul Muhammad Muhsin

  10. Hassan says:

    As salaamu alaikum warahmatULLAH

    Very informative mashaa ALLAH

    Please can you advise how I may get into contact with the Shaykh?

    I am in South Africa.


  11. khatija says:


    i was suffering from 2005 i had many treatments with best psychiatrist , psychologist but it was of no use last one of my friends took me to a amil he told me i was possessed with asrat since many years… he love my eyes so he possess me…i have been cure now and he left me . today alhamdulillah i m very much healthy..but i m left with stress and worrying questions… what all bad grave sins was done by me was because of that asrat….if yes how i overcome that thoughts and start new life . i have referred many books and websites …and the answer is same .. i was in depression for 2 years no one can help me to come over but after treatement i m very much relax but left with some stress and worry which is making me cry..was the cause for my depression was that evil was the activities which made me go in to depression was done by that evil thrrough me… i have repented and still repenting..but i want to know what was that evil role on me

    • khatija says:

      i was suffering from 2005 i had many treatments with best psychiatrist , psychologist but it was of no use last one of my friends took me to a amil he told me i was possessed with asrat since many years… he love my eyes so he possess me…i have been cure now and he left me. i was in depression for 2 years no one can help me to come over but after treatement i m very much relax but left with some stress and worry which is making me cry..was the cause for my depression was that evil was the activities which made me go in to depression was done by that evil thrrough me… i have repented and still repenting..but i want to know what was that evil role on me

  12. abdul says:

    asalama alaykum….its been twenty years now am possessed by jinn.. sometimes I get sex dreams at night with different women, sometimes I kills snakes ,dogs, flying, sometimes something when I sleep something tight me and wants to kill me and I feel hopeless but the worst thing is when I study my eyes become blind I see dark, memorize anything and in my throat I feel something is stuck all the time and cant swallow it…I feel so the will of allah please help

  13. Shain Raja says:


    The discussion was vey informative. I am also possesed and have been trying to fight against it for many years
    but only had temporary cures. Please tell me how to contact the Sheikj for help on using the correct method.I am very upset as now my children are also effected.

  14. nabeela ali says:

    Salaam, my 4 year old has been seeing since she was born. At first we couldnt figurs out why she laughs and giggles and look so much on the roof. Here in USA the kids who often tends to be in their own world and dont speak are autistic. We took her to so many doctors and they said she is aautistic, but as a mother i knew something else was going on. 5 months back she complained of severe pain in the right leg and stomach pain with green stool. I even noticed that her hair was glueing togther. we consulted a haif sahib and he said she is possessed by jinns. Then day by day we see all the signs and even sometimes the jinn talking when in her body. We started treatment with hafiz sahib in pakitsan over the phone where he would recite verses of auran and even we follow all the steps and read surah bakhra every day. But the jinn wont leave her they wont even talk to us and tell what they want. My sister in law had a great grudge with me when my daughter was born and dosent talk to me even now. I have a feeling she did black magic and sent the jinn on my daughter. How do i find out if she did it or not. and also treatment over the phone is working well as treatment face to face ?? please help me, Jazaka Allah khair.

  15. rrrrrr says:

    I found that on Internet. Have a look That may work by will of Allah. Bismillah hir Rahmanir Raheem
    Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters,

    I am going to share with you my personal experience dealing with sihr and jinn. i have been a victim of sihr all my life. I have only found out about it 1 year ago but before that I had no idea about sihr/magic. I couldnt progress in life because of it, I have failed to get a proper education and job. I never get any marriage proposals. It also had a tremendous effect on my health and I have been suffering both mentally and physically all my life.

    I have seen a few raaqis since I found out about my sihr but let me tell you it is very difficult to find a good raaqi and I still have not managed to find a trustworthy raaqi. So, I am doing self ruqyah. It has been one year and a few months that I have started doing self ruqyah. I had my ups and downs during the process cause it is constant battle against the shaytan. I thank Allah for giving me the strength and support to fight this battle against my enemies. Although I am not yet completely cured from the sihr but I have improved a lot in many ways Alhamdulillah.

    Now I am going to share with you what I have been doing to beat the sihr but first let me tell you that there is no quick cure, so dont expect a quick recovery, you have to be very patient and work hard. This requires a lot of hard work.

    Things that you need to do

    1. Put your complete trust in Allah only. Nobody but Allah can save you from this. Allah is the healer, the saviour.

    2. Perfect your character. Control your speech from foul language, lying and backbiting and control your temper cause you rage and anger makes an easy access for the shaytaan. When you become angry, say Auzubillahiminash shaytanir rajeem 3 times or do wudu.

    3. Be generous, spend in charity and always be ready to help people in need.

    4. Say your prayers on time. Recite the fourth kalima 100 times at fajr time. Recite the morning and evening adkhaars everyday after fajr and asr prayer. You can find the morning and evening athkhaars in hisnul muslim.

    5. Dont listen to songs or music. Remove all types of pictures from your house. Angels dont enter a house where there are pictures.

    6. Play surah Baqarah loud in your house everyday. This has really helped me to remove the external jinns from my house Alhamdulillah.

    7. Recite this ruqyah after every prayer. Start with durood shareef 11x, then recite Surah Fatiha 1x, Surah Baqarah verse 1-5 (1x), Surah Baqarah verse 255 (1x), Surah An Nisa verse 56 (3x), Surah Al Araf verse 117 -122 (1x) but verse 118 (3x), Surah Yunus verse 79-82 (1x) innlaha sa yubtiluhu (3x), Surah Taha verse 65-70 (1x) but the verse 69 to be recited 3x, Surah Yasin verse 1-12, Surah As-Saffat verse 1-10 (1x) but recite the verse 8 (3x), Surah Ad-Dukhan verse 10-18 (1x) verse 11 to be recited 3x, Surah Ad-Dukhan verse 43-48 (3x), Surah Al Ahqaf verse 29-32 (1x) recite verse 31 (3x), Surah Ikhlaas (1x), Surah Falaq (1x), Surah Naas (1x) then join together both of your palms and blow on your palms and wipe your palms all over your body, head and legs. End with durood shareef 11x.

    8. Mix a tablespoon of blackseed oil in a big bottle of olive oil and recite this ruqyah into the oil mixture. Surah Fatiha 3x, Surah Baqarah verse 255 (3x), the last 2 verses of Surah Baqarah 3x, Surah Al Araf verse 117 -122 (3x), Surah Yunus verse 79-82 (3x), Surah Taha verse 65-70 (3x), Surah Ikhlaas 3x, Surah Falaq 3x and Surah Naas 3x. Recite durood shareef 11x before and after the ruqyah. Use this oil mixture from head to toe. you can also mix a few drops of musk into the oil for a sweet smell cause this might irritate the jinn even more.

    9. Recite the same ruqyah from number 8 into a jar of blackseed honey and keep stirring the blackseed honey with your finger or with a spoon while your reciting the ruqyah in it. Drink a teaspoon of this honey every morning and evening.

    10. Now prepare for ruqyah bath. Recite the same ruqyah from number 8 for the ruqyah bath. There are a few different ways to make the Ruqya bath but they are near enough the same. You will need the following listed ingredient for the bath.

    Saffron – 3 pinches
    Sidr (lote tree) leaves. 7 leaves, or 7 pinches if you have it in powder form
    3 table spoons of Apple cider vinegar
    Dead sea salt (coarse, not powdered)
    1 litre of Water

    You can get most of these ingredients from a ‘middle eastern’ or ‘ethnic foods’ store. The Sidr leaves can be a little tricky, as in you cant always find them on the high street so you’re best bet is to try an Islamic book shop or ‘middle eastern’ store.

    All of the ingredients that you have should be recited upon or ‘blessed’. You can either recite upon the ingredients individually in their own bottles or you can put the ingredients into a bowl and recite upon the mixed ingredients. It’s better if you can recite upon them each time when you have put the ingredients into the bowl as the recitation is more effective [1]
    Put all of the ingredients into a bowl and recite the same ruqyah from number 8. Blow into the bowl – if you’re able to, it’s good if you can get some spittle into the bowl when you blow, try it by ‘wettening’ your lips with your salivah. Otherwise, just blowing onto it will suffice
    Take a small amount of Apple cider vinegar and massage it into your head, enough to cover your scalp/hair.
    Fill up your bath with warm water from the tap as you would if you were having a normal bath. Pour the contents of the bowl/ingredients into the bath. Sit in the bath for 30 minutes and submerge yourself as much as you can in the water.
    After some time, 10/20 minutes, Take the bowl and pour the water over your head at least three times or as much as possible. This will wash out the cider vinegar from your hair.
    After the bath, pat yourself dry but do not have a shower or wash off with soap afterwards – just pat yourself dry and leave it over night. You can have a shower in the morning inshaAllah. This is the best and most effective method. If you have followed these instructions you will see a difference inshaAllah.
    This is a very effective ruqyah bath and it has really helped me to get rid of some sihr Alhamdulillah. Do this bath everyday or every other day.

    11. Now prepare recited water to drink. Recite Surah Fatiha 41x and Surah Yasin 1x, Surah Ikhlaas 3x, Surah Falaq 3x and Surah Naas 3x into a 2 litr bottle of water. This is called verses of healing. Dont forget to recite durood shareef before and after the surahs. Drink this water everyday.

    12. Recite surah Yasin and Surah jinn everyday.

    13. Pray salatul tahajjud (the night prayer) atleast 2-3 times a week. The more you pray, the better because this is a very beneficial prayer when duas are ready to be accepted.

    14. Keep making dua and cry to Allah until healing occurs. Be strong and patient. Never give up hope on Allah. Remember you will get whispers from shaytan that the ruqyah is not working but dont stop doing ruqyah. You shouldnt give up. Be regular with your ruqyah baths, oils and other remedies mentioned.

    15. Last but not least I forgot to mention a very important treatment for sihr, Hijama. Get Hijama done every month as this is extremely effective to beat sihr.

    I should mention that you will get some side effects during this process, like you might get body pain, vomiting, tightness in your chest, heartbeat, stomach cramps. Listen to Surah Baqarah when you see these symptoms. When I got body pain I massage my body with a massager while listening to surah baqarah. It really helped to ease my pain Alhamdulillah. If you have movements in your stomach or bloatedness then purchase senna leaves and make tea with them and drink every day for two weeks.

    I know this may look too much hard work but as I said it requires a lot of hardwork and theres no quick cure. Trust me, when you put your complete trust in Allah, everything becomes easy. Remember Allah is testing through this trial because you are beloved to Him. So, dont be sad and never give up hope.

    I pray that Allah grants you complete shifaa. Ameen.

  16. Asma Fatima says:

    Salaam I am married for 5 1/2 years no children, I have done medical treatment but no result, recently I came to know that I have asraat ie the reason I am not getting pregnant please help a Muslim sister in lot
    of pain.

    • Afaaq says:

      Please take out the time to browse through the website. There’s a lot of helpful posts for breaking magic via Qur’an. If u still have questions you may email us on our official email. You can find that in the ask me questions section, insha’Allah

  17. Grace says:

    As Salaamu Aleikum,
    Please brother I need help with my runaway daughter who I belive is possessed by jinns>
    I am only learning the Quran and cannot recite yet.
    Please email me using the email I have registered with for more, please am at my wits end.
    Its been two months since she ran away.
    She hates her family, is filthy, eats even in the middle of the night, stays in the toilet over 30 mins and goes again and again -she can visit the toilet over 10 a day.

  18. Miemuna says:

    Please help me.. I think am possesed when the Quran is recited over me I get very angry and aggressive and I start screaming but in my own voice not in a different voice, I dream a lot and in dreams I see what is going to happen in the future most especially death, I don’t faint or get into epileptic shock.. Ps yesterday was the first time the Quran was read over me

  19. Sarah Nambasa says:

    I need your address and telephone number please I travelled from Uganda six months ago I search for you

  20. Rozina says:

    Asalam u alaikum I need serious help . I have multiple illnesses and I’m in continuous pain 24/7 . I am always unhappy and see the world negatively. I am afraid reciting the Quran and reading namaz as I feel there is something next to me. I’m the past I have seen it of things that are not visible to others. Lately I am very afraid I feel something keeps touching me and is with me . Plz help me. I’m not sure if there is a jinn close to me but I am sure my step mother and her sisters have done majic on me. I have problems all the time plz help

  21. marem says:

    sura Baqara, Saffat, Rahman, Jinn 3 hours dayly of 3 times each dayly into per 5 oilve oil, water for drnking and washing.. blow after each page.. wash 1 time, drink 3 times, rub the oil better 2 times.
    Cure from 3 till 6 months until the jinn leaves body.

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