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Interview with Exorcist Muhammad Al-Funaytil

These are taken from the Appendix of a highly informative book “The Exorcist Tradition in Islaam”  © 1997 Dar Al Fatah, written By Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips. If you wish to read more, you will have to buy the book.

Location: Naseem, Riyaadh
Date: 12/6/1988
Name: Muhammad al-Funaytil al-‘Unayzee
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Riyaadh
Nationality: Saudi
Education: Primary school and religious studies in the masjid.

Q. What was your first exposure to exorcism?
A. Prior to five months ago, I knew nothing about the jinn and was among those who did not believe that the jinn could enter a human being. About five months ago a relative of mine became sick, and I took him to al-‘Amree (the exorcist’s name) in Ulayaa.[1] During the exorcism, al-‘Amree grabbed him by the throat and recited some Qur’ânic verses over him, and a female jinn spoke, saying that her name was Rif‘ah. He asked her if she was a Muslim or non-Muslim and she replied that she was not a Muslim. When he asked her when she entered the man, she answered that it was more than twenty years ago.

Q. What were the signs exhibited by your relative which made you take him to al-‘Amree?
A. Farhaan used to be in the military with the border defense and had his own car. Then he changed and began to live out in the desert alone. He built a shanty house out of old car tires and empty oil drums and became very careless about his personal hygiene. He constantly remained in a odorous and filthy state, and he avoided company. If someone stared at him, he would get angry and challenge the person. He developed a strong love for refuse and collected around himself enough garbage to make a whole country dirty. He also began to dislike his parents intensely, and he refused to see them.

Q. When the female jinn possessing your cousin spoke, was it in the man’s voice?
A. Yes, it was in Farhaan’s voice. Al-‘Amree then asked her where she came from and she said from ‘Iraaq. He asked her how she entered the man, and she replied that it was during one of his bouts of anger. On one occasion, Farhaan was extremely angry with someone and entered the toilet without mentioning Allaah’s name. The jinn then appeared before him in the form of a woman and told him that she loved him. I took him to Al-‘Amree six times for treatment. The jinn would leave from his right foot, and after we left al-‘Amree’s, it would return to him. Each time we went, I would watch how al-‘Amree treated the different patients – how he recited and blew upon them, how he grabbed their necks and they fainted, and how he hit them. Sometimes the jinn did not speak. These were the most difficult cases.
After I took my cousin back the sixth time, I decided to try to treat him myself I sat in front of him and recited Aayah al-Kursee, the last verses of Soorah al-Hashr and other verses which I had gathered from books about the jinn and exorcism and had written down in a notebook. Al-hamdulillaah, I succeeded, and the jinn left just as it did for al-‘Amree. I kept making it difficult for the jinn to stay in him for any length of time by expelling her regularly. Then I when to my cousin’s shanty home, took out his few useful belongings and burned the shack down. I bathed Farhaan and cleaned him up, and his condition began to steadily improve. Then his uncle from Kuwait came and took him away, and he returned to a state worse that he was before.

Q. What are the main reason that jinn possess humans?
A. The sick people who have come to me do not pray, and their thoughts are very corrupt. When I asked a female jinn why she possessed a man I was treating, she replied, “Because he does not pray.” This is one of the main reasons for possession – the abandonment of religion. The second reason could be because they do not honor their parents, instead they abuse them. So Allaah sends a jinn to punish them.

Q. How do you know that the jinn was sent by Allaah?
A. Nothing happens in this world except by the permission of Allaah. When a person goes away from the Qur’aan, his thoughts become perverse. All of those who have come to me were sinful people, except one young girl who was from a religious family, and she became possessed by a Muslim jinn called Khalaf. It was apologetic when I scolded it for possessing her, and it left through her leg with an oath not to return. Possession may also be due to the jinn taking revenge for some harm done to them by humans inadvertently.

Q. Are the possessing jinn usually disbelievers?
A. Yes, they are often Hindus or Christians. One jinn possessed a patient of mine. When I was exorcising it, she revealed how she had influenced him to delay his prayers until he abandoned his night prayer all together.

Q. When someone comes to you, how do you know that he is possessed?
A. If he acts unnaturally, always looking at the ground, or he gets up suddenly and walks around. The possessed are generally unable to sit still in one place for any length of time. He frequently goes to the toilet and seems to be generally uneasy. Sometimes he displays a strange, eerie smile. He may laugh in an abnormal way without any reason, as if he is seeing things we cannot. I have noticed this among the twenty or so cases which I have treated.

Q. In your cases, did the jinn speak or did the possessed people communicate their situations?
A. The cases were different. Concerning the young girl whom I mentioned earlier, the jinn spoke in a deep, male voice. Usually in the beginning of a session the people themselves speak, and later the jinn take over. On one occasion while we were praying in our masjid, we heard the sound of loud breathing. After the prayer was over, we looked around the masjid but saw no one. We went into the gravel courtyard of the masjid where we found my cousin, Farhaan, lying on his stomach and moving as if he were swimming in the gravel. When I grabbed him by his throat and asked the jinn why she had returned, she responded that she would leave, which she did. My cousin had been passing by the masjid and the recitation of the Qur’aan during prayer had affected the jinn within him. Another time during a visit of some imaams from the neighboring masjids, a woman was brought to my house. She came in, sat down for a moment and then she suddenly got up and began to run. When I called out to her she stood still, but her body was quivering. I told her to come back and sit down in front of me, and I asked her what was wrong, but she said nothing, When she came close, I took a hold of her throat, recited and blew over her. Then I asked the jinn what its name was, and it replied, “Mirgid.”

Q. What was the purpose of holding her throat?
A. The human mind loses consciousness and the jinn appears in order to defend itself.

Q. Do you use any other means in your treatment besides Qur’ânic recitation and pressing the veins of the throat?
A. I do not flog. I have never beaten anyone except in one case in which the person was possessed by a disbelieving jinn which refused to communicate. It remained camouflaged. So I hit the person three times with my hand, and the jinn began to talk, revealing things about itself. After reciting over a person and determining what his condition is, I recite over a bottle of olive oil or water the mu‘awwidhaat, Aayah al-Kursee, Soorah al-Ikhlaas, the last verses of Soorah al-Hashr (59:21-24) and verse 54 of Soorah al-A‘raaf. Then I blow over the oil or water and say, “Bismillaahi alladhee laa yadurru ma‘asmihee shay’un.” (“In the name of Allaah, with whose name nothing is harmed.”)[2] Sometimes circumstances occur when it is necessary to threaten the jinn. If there is a disbelieving jinn who refuses to leave, I tell it that I will tie the person’s fingers and toes and then burn it. This has an effect because when the fingers and toes are tied, the jinn cannot exist. And if the Qur’aan is recited continuously over them, the jinn will be burned up inside of the person, which may even kill the person. So, you cannot continue to read over them if you tie their fingers and toes. In any case, I only use this as a threat.

Q. Are there different types of possession?
A. Sometimes the jinn takes complete control over the human mind, and the human does not remember anything that occurs during that period of his possession. At other times the human retains control and is only overcome by the jinn for short intervals.

Q. Is possession a swift process or does it take place over long periods of time?
A. There are two circumstances. In some cases the jinn encounters a human unintentionally. For example, if a person failed to mention Allaah’s name while pouring hot water into a place where there happened to be a jinn, it may possess the person immediately. In some cases when I ask the jinn why it possessed a person, it replies that hot water was poured on it or on his/her children. At other times the jinn may take a form and appear before a person who does not remember Allaah. The person will become very afraid, and it will take control of him.

Q. What form do jinn take?
A. Sometimes they appear as humans, sometimes as a black dog or a camel. In human form it may even greet a person, and when he extends his hand to shake hands, it disappears. This creates great fear in one’s heart, and the jinn usually possess humans who are in a weakened state due to extreme fear.

Q. What percentage of your cases of possession are women?
A. About 80 percent of those whom I have seen are women. Jinn have strong and weak personalities. Female jinn are stronger than male jinn.

Q. Do only male jinn possess women?
A. Male jinn enter women or men, and female jinn do likewise.

Q. Have you encountered cases of more than one jinn possessing a single human?
A. Most of the cases which I have treated involved only one jinn, but there were two instances in which I found more than one.

Q. Which part of the human body do jinn enter and leave by, and in what part do they dwell?
A. Usually they enter by the big toe and leave by the big toe or finger. When they are leaving through the foot or hand, it begins to shake and rise, whether the person is sitting down or lying on his back. The jinn seem to concentrate in the chest or the head of the person. Those possessed usually experience a tightness or constriction of their chests along with severe headaches. They may also hear sounds which no one else can.

Q. During exorcisms, do the possessing jinn try to possess you?
A. I have experienced the partial entrance of the jinn into my hands up to my elbows. It felt like electricity or ants crawling up my arms.

Q. Could you describe the steps you take in performing a typical exorcism?
A. As I mentioned previously, I first recite certain verses and chapters over the patient and then blow on him. In difficult cases I sit on the person’s stomach and have two people hold his hands, then I blow on his face. If the jinn respond at this point, I begin to communicate with them. If they do not, I grasp the patient’s neck with my thumbs on the jugular veins and ask the patient to inform me when he feels dizzy or sleepy. If the patient falls asleep, it means that he was only touched by the jinn and is not possessed. Otherwise, the patient begins to lose consciousness, then suddenly lie awakens with an evil look on his face. Also, a foul odor comes front him before the jinn begin to speak. At this point, I let go of the patient’s neck and find out who the jinn are and why they came. Then I scold them and order them to give an oath to leave. If the jinn refuse, I threaten them by saying that I will burn them after tying the fingers and toes of the possessed. Usually they leave by this point. I then recite over olive oil and water. The patient rubs the oil on the aching parts of his body, and he drinks or bathes with water. This treatment is repeated for three to ten days until the patient becomes gentle and roughness goes.

[1] A district in northern Riyaadh.
[2] A du‘aa collected by Aboo Daawood (Sunan Abu Dawud, vol. 3, pp.1411 2. no. 5069) and authenticated by al-Albaanee in Saheeh Sunan Abee Daawood, vol. 3, p. 958, no. 4244.

12 Responses to “Interview with Exorcist Muhammad Al-Funaytil”

  1. shaheen says:

    dear brother please can you tell me how to rid of jinns that are sent by others i have great anxiety and the electricity feeling in my legs i have internal shaking and have leftside facial tightness and burning gums with no explanation all this started after a family holiday in pakistan. One day i went to an elders house who helps people with spitual issues upon entering his house he asked me to make wudu and asked me to sit on prayer mat and to close my eyes and not to open them he did some praying and zikr after half an hour he told me i could open my eyes and told me that i had a jinn in me and has been with me for three years he told me that this jinn was a religous muslim jinn and told me that it was sent after me in pakistan so to ruin my marraige he told me that my husband had one jinn in him too and that he has cleased us both. After he gave me some water after he read and blew over it he told me to drink it for 41 days and keep riciting haq bahu sach bahu he told me it will take a few weeks before i feel better at this point after a week i have more anxiety but the electricity feelin has settled almost but still have leftside symptoms i read surah falaq on daily basis and am learning namaz i just want to have a normal life i have never harmed anyone and do not understand why people do such this this elder i went to did not take any money at all he never takes money of anyone. I just wanted to share.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I do not approve this as a true way of healing someone. First of all sister, even the Best legit Raqi (Islamic Exorcist), DOES NOT have the power to identify if a patient has one or more jinn, and what the jinn are for, and its purpose, Most of all, he cannot even predict if the patient has a Medical Issue or something that relates to Jinn.

      He HAS to recite Quran to you and see the apparent reactions and your feelings towards it. If it is a Jinn, you might get numbness and tightness in a limb or an organ etc (with the recitation). Or, in most cases of SIHR (Magic), the jinn will possess the patients body and speak through his tongue.

      I recommend that you read through a few articles bellow:
      Protection From Evil Jinn (Demons)
      Features/Signs of a Magician, Fake Healer
      Curing Sihr, Stage I
      Curing Sirh Stage II

      The verses which the man told you to recite, do you know what it means? or did he explain what it meant? It may as well be Praises to the demons. But eventually, you will feel more pain and will be forced to go to him and later on he may ask for money. In short, these men are viable to bankrupt you.

      Please keep me updated

  2. haajira says:

    Salaam brother,

    My younger brother Abdullah is 21 years old. He has always been very religious, but also very segregated from the rest of the family. He had a very troubled upbringing, was bullied at school and didn’t confide in anyone.

    3 days ago he went missing and was found by the police and sent straight to the hospital as he was walking around like a mad man on the streets wearing odd clothes and muttering to himself. He hasn’t prayed or kept a fast in a few days prior to being found. He was always agitated and spoke of turning people pure, being someone like a new prophet. My younger sister maryam told us that last week he told her he was the ‘new jesus’. Whilst being in hospital, sedated etc, he tried eating pork (even tho the nurse gave him a plate especially for him which had halal food), he refused to shower, kept vomitting, and started reading a surah loudly as tho he knew what it meant exactly. he also refers to maryam my sister as his ‘mum’. he told me and my mum that when he looked in the reflection he saw ‘white troops under his tongue’.

    We believe he has had black magic done on him. What do you think of the possession? We think it might be a christian jinn? Please advise.


    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salam sister,

      I am deeply grieved by your story, may your brother get well soon, Ameen.

      First of all sister, you need to know if the change in his behavior is drastic and dramatic. If you believe that his personality changed all of a sudden, then this may well have been a Shaytan. The best way to find out is to get an Imaam from the closest Masjid, and tell him to perform the Ruqya on your brother that is in the Hospital. Do not speak to your brother about it, that you are going to bring an Imaam for him, but do so secretly. Stop feeding him with sedatives so that he can be in the transition where the jinn can come through and speak through his tongue (All of this – only if you believe that his personality has changed drastically, if not, it may well have been a medical issue).

      However, a prayer won’t hurt anyone so it is still best to get an Imaam to recite a Ruqya, a Generic ruqya. By putting his hand on the forehead of your brother, and recite the bellow – loudly in his ear:

      – Auzubillah
      – Surah Al-Fatiha
      – Ayat-ul-kursi
      – Last three Surahs

      If the imaam is not aware of the Ruqya, you can refer an article from this website. First Stage of Curing Sihr (Ruqya)
      just so that he may get the idea of it.

      Lastly, we must Pray, and seek refuge in Allaah and ask for HIS help. And Indeed HE, Allaah, is the Hearer of All and Indeed He is the Most Merciful.

      Please keep me updated on his condition. and May Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon All of us. Ameen

  3. Billa says:

    Assalamualaikum brother

    Iam a divorcee.iam having a parents are seaching 4 another guy.unfortunately one of the scholar here asked me to say some numbers,recite fatiha,some surahs and based ön that he said iam pocessed.Because of this i got divorced n its hard to get married to anyone.for getting out of the pocession,he asked my parents to recite 333 nariah swalath for 14 days n blow on my head n water in a bowl. he the asked to inform on the 12th day.i do my namaz regularly.iam always clean.
    Is this true what he said? Waiting 4 your valuable reply.

  4. Abdullah says:

    Hi asalamolaqum, I am a teenager, I don’t know why I have stopped following my prayers for no reason. When i went to do taraweeh during ramadan, everytime I would go My leg would not stop shaking. as soon as i leave the masjid and I go walking it is PERFECTly fine. The next day I go in and I start praying again it is Completely SHAKING i cant stop it like theres electricity in it or something. What is this. When i pray at home with my dad there is no shaking, but during taraweeh there is extreme in my leg. What is the cause of this? I dont want to go to a SHEIK because im Scared

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salam brother Abdullah,

      Fear not brother, I would advise that you pray in the Masjid like you did before. If your leg is shacking and if there really is a Jinn involved, then the shacking reflects that he is not liking it and will eventually leave your body, Insha’Allah. So I would recommend you go to your Masjid and pray like you always did Insha’Allaah, and also speak to the Imaam of your Masjid, and no one else. Tell him to recite some verses in your ear or on your leg, to rub and press it gently. If there is a Jinn, it will by Allaah’s Will leave your body and you will start to feel much better.

      May Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon all of us Ameen

  5. Aliza says:

    Assalam Alaikum, this year I started hearing voices telling me they were Allah, Angel Jibrael, and a few prophets and imams, and Fatima Zahra (SA),Maryam (SA), and Zaynab (SA). They moved my hand and wrote down things. Then they wrote down things like Allah wants you to listen to music, wear makeup, put up pics on fb of myself etc. I ended Up doing all these acts 🙁 but I repented the police had taken me to the mental illness hospital. Like they still can move my body and move my hands & they tell me to put my palm over my eyes & I see things. I just realized that I was mentally ill now. But I think this was a jinn and today it was telling me it is a jinn and it told me that I’m perfect & that his name is Abbas & he is shia jinn. Really weird I feel there was a few jinns. I think someone did black magic on me it destroyed my life and my reputation in front of this guy. Because this jinn made me I don’t know if it was this Same jinn or another one but it made me message a guy and they guy thinks I’m a bad person. But before this I never talked to men. I was so religious and I was innocent :(. This jinn took my innocence. I don’t know what to do my parents have done so many duas but it’s still not leaving. Like now it helps me at times but I still want it to leave me. I’ve asked it to leave but I know it’s still there because my hand moves w/o me moving it please help me. I’ll give you more info if you want. Is there any way to get the ruqya done on me or something to make this jinn leave?

    • Nermeen says:

      Omg yes this is most definately a jinn. And I do advise you to go to a Muslim excorcist if possible. If not possible there are certain ayas that drive away jinn. Just type Quranic cure, exorcism. Try reading Ayat al Qursi day and night. Read Surah al Bakara in your room. Quran actually makes the skin of infidel skin burn. The muslim excorcist can help you in case the jinn has control over you which is why I advise it. Because in this case it and its fellows if any do have some control. Not all of them revert to beating (as it is only recommended if the beating hurts the jinn more than you) so I would recommend going to a guy who doesn’t use physical force.

      Also google is more powerful than you think. So search for rukyas there. One power way is to say Darud Shareef 11 times, say bismillah around 487 times.
      (Please check online in case my memory is correct) Read Darud Shareef 11 times. Blow onto water. I found this on a muslim website and it’s claimed to remove black magic.

      You’re not insane. And didn’t deserve to be in a mental hospital, or at least labelled insane.

      • laila says:

        Assalam Alaikum my names laila when i was a little girl my dad was into black magic and i was present on the day he was connecting with the jinns, from that day i have not been the same, ive been waiting to smoke and to comment zina and other harram things, from that day ive been seeing jinns and sounds and am acting really weird like i would fell angry whe nthe quran is being read and i wont want to make ghusl i mostly see jinns and they talk to me and tell me to worship shaytan. last night i saw a jin on my husband i dnt no what todo i need help before it gets worse i also use to get beaten in my sleoeo and i use to see the dajal in my sleep please help

        jazak allah

  6. ahmad says:

    sir, i am ahmad and i live in a child i used to scream during sleeping in the bed and sometimes otherwise also.the first time i remember i was walking from my house to my khalas(a few streets away)and i felt like this(takleef,uncomfort and unesiness,shaking and biting my sleeve and hand,my saliva coming out of mouth)i dont rem such an experience before this incident.i frequently started having it and mistook it forhead spins(my mother used to have head spins at that time(medical problem).i was a child and didn,t know how to react what was happening to me.this continued for a while:i feel my brain was not like a normal persons all this time,also i was very fearfull i dont remember a single day at my schoold assembly that i could stand properly and straight without shaking or biting my hand during the national anthem.i got myy eeg and mri MRI was clear although in the eeg report i was diagnosed with partial epilepsy (14 years old)i was moving during the test continuously)all this time wasn,t comfortable with myself was uneasy,couldn,t walk outside on a road or specialy at night and specialy under the naked car on the road,i used to get feared and bite my skin and sleeve.2011,i lost alot of weight started my university,before this i never had normal school lige:never very very unsatisfactory very irreguklar and very fearfull and as if i am in another wordl unconscious.i became a lttle confident and became much better untill february 2011.but i did have this problem all this time also but it wasn,t so severe.february i suddenly left university became overconfident shifted to our new house.march came i became much overconfident,april and then may.gave two [papers anf parents made a plan to go abroad i was not willing wanted to study in those summers and join some classes.but suddenly decided.suddenly my my heart beat became weired couldn,t hear it couldn,t feel it.did an ecg which was normal.i became paniced.the night before i was leaving i had hicups non stop fpr an hour or more couldn,t feel my heart beat couldn,t feel the sesitivity of my heart.suddenly chest started burning.uncomfortable flight in the morning,when i reached i felf so fearful and so so hungry and like something was seriously wrong with me wasn,t normal low low as if something is eating me from inside and heartbeat couldn,t my self green tea with sugar but didn,t do better.the one month i stayed there was like death…i thought i have developed a severe medical problem that i have developed cancer or some other serious disese)heart vessels blocked or something like this)died every day over there.came back althogh my thoughts became more deep more logical i became less fearfull but stiill upon returning i went through the most worst part of my was miserable ufff it was alot of uziaat and the head as if i dont know cant explain it but had alot of uziaat.during my time abroad i also developed a lump on my left chest was linked to the heart beat problem.couldn,t rejoin my university,had takleef in my legs ufff alot alot.started reacting on every thing aggresively .had alot of takleef in my heart.alot of buring in my chest movement in my chest neart the lump,dark circles around everywhere,alot of insanity and for one and a half year i couldn,t become better.had a severe of breathing problem.however,its been a few days that i have come out of that condition.but i feel that i still have that problem to me.dont feel natural and normal still.but ofcourse much better then i used to feel at that time.i used to have alot of insanity and unconsciousness then.during this time i vsited this lady my family has known and when she used to keep her hand on my head imy problem used to react to it and sometimes she used pull something from my head.all this time i thiugh that i someone had done black magic on me bec i had lost alot of weight and was in the limelight throughout the year in my mothers and fathers family for my weight loss.but the lady told me that i hacve something hawai to myself from the skys.completed her elage/treatment b ut she couldn,t cure me completely the takleef was still the meantime i once went to iqbal salfi,a spiritual healer in rawalpindi,a well known one and alot of cases he has solved that i know.he gave me zafran.. i was still in alot of takleef then even ..he gave me zafran oil to put on eyes(he had read quran on it..put eye drops in my eyes(had read quran on it)gave me talawat for before the bath and bairee leaves to bath with.he had told me tgat i hav this problem from my mothers womb and it will IA go if i do the tratment and pray also.also they had ruqya treatmwent there.i started the baths but left suddenly the elaje.and then waited for my college to reopen didn,t get any better but worse and i have become better but i haven,t cured the problem is still with me this much i know.but it statrted reacting to my visit to uk :i realy feel like this very strongly and its very obvious.all this time i didn,t pray and my flow of though and memory had become realy realy and realy bad especially after coming from abroad,i mean 2 3 mionths after coming.even know it reacts so i know its still within my body.but i think now it has setteled down.i know allah is the only one who will help but just wanted to discuss..maybe u can help me out a bit with my case.also recently i had started praying and reading qurann i became almost cured but i used to have alot of these overwhelming waswasas about iman islam and namaz and also sexual that i left tghen i started then i left then i started then i left then i finall left.i shouldn,t have but left it.but it did nake wonders for me namaz and iman

  7. Hauwa Aliyu says:

    Salamu Alaikum ,
    My name is Hauwa from Nigeria…
    I have a friend which was sent a jinn to harm her…
    We tried many things… Habatul sauda (black seed)…
    Olive oil…. Prayers. They do appear and talk to us and go…
    Sometimes do tell us that “if we know what they are told to do to her we won’t dare come close to her”…
    I prayed inside her water and she hit my hand and the water pured….they have been there for so long… They reside in her body..
    If am given instruction to help her insha Allah I’ll surly do it for Allah sake…
    Please brother what should I do about this?

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