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Interview with Exorcist Muhammad ibn Sai’yid

These are taken from the Appendix of a highly informative book “The Exorcist Tradition in Islaam”  © 1997 Dar Al Fatah, written By Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips. If you wish to read more, you will have to buy the book.

Location: Ghubayrah, Riyaadh
Date: 22/6/88
Name: Muhammad ibn Sa‘iyyid ad-Dawsaree
Age: 55
Place of Birth: al-Aflaaj (Qaseem), Saudi Arabia
Education: Qur’ânic studies in masjids.

Q. When did you begin to practice exorcism?
A. I began to practice exorcism thirty-one years ago. I visited some shaykhs who were reciting the Qur’aan over a woman. They concluded that nothing was possessing her. But when I came near her and touched her, she fell down. So I recited over her and to our surprise, the jinn spoke. It said that its name was Sa‘d and was from such-and-such a village. The jinn then swore that he would leave her, and he promptly left. After that, I realized that Allaah had blessed me with the ability to fight the jinn. Whenever I came near possessed people, they would begin to tremble, and when I read over them verses, such as Aayah al-Kursee, the beginning verses of Soorah Yaa Seen, the mu‘awwidhataan and Soorah al-Ikhlaas three times, the jinn would leave.

Q. Did you learn your method of exorcism from anyone?
A. My uncle used to exorcise with the Qur’aan, but he would also hit. I do not hit. I only read over the possessed. The jinn say, “You have burned us with the Qur’aan. May Allaah burn your parents.”

Q. Can you identify the main signs which indicate that a person is possessed?
A. Sometimes one can tell from the way that the possessed walks. Other times one cannot detect possession until after reciting over them. Some patients have epilepsy (sara‘), which is not caused by the jinn. At other times they are affected by the evil eye.

Q. From your experience, what are the main reasons why people are possessed?
A. The actions of human beings lead to their possession. They may unknowingly pour hot water upon a jinn or they may fall upon one while playing football. If a person forgets to mention Allaah’s name in either case, a jinn may possess him. Some patients are affected by the evil eye. One woman whom I recently treated had spilled tea on the ground and had mentioned Allaah’s name on behalf of her brothers, but she forgot to do so for herself, so a jinn possessed her. Possession may also be caused by magical spells. Magic opens the door for the jinn to whisper doubts in the mind of the bewitched person.

Q. What is the percentage of men and women who become possessed?
A. The greater majority are women.

Q. Do only disbelieving jinn possess humans?
A. The corrupt jinn, whether disbelieving or Muslims, possess humans.

Q. Do male jinn possess only women?
A. In the past, I only found one jinn possessing. Now, groups of male and female jinn will possess a person. There are no hard and fast rules. The jinn are different types. Jinnyyah al-ard cause the possessed to lose their consciousness, making them unaware of what happened to them until they regain consciousness. When a person is possessed by jinn ar-reeh he knows when the jinn comes and goes, and they converse with one another. The third type is the whispering jinn which mainly affect the minds of’ the religious. They whisper such things as, “You are going to die, do not bother to pray, etc.”

Q. How do the jinn benefit by possessing humans?
A. There is no benefit. They are merely corrupt, like corrupt humans committing adultery, etc.

Q. Does possession take a long time or is it swift?
A. There are two types. One type causes distress and seizures over a long period of time, while the other will enter quickly and leave quickly if exorcised.

Q. From which part of the body do the jinn enter?
A. Jinn enter mainly by the air, sometimes through the nose or mouth. Or sometimes they feel like an ant crawling gradually up a leg. Only a jinn al-ard enters through the blood. It fears the adhaan and Qur’ânic recitation.

Q. Which parts of the human body do the jinn occupy?
A. They occupy the head or the heart. They cause the heart to beat faster or to become irregular. When operations are performed, no physical defects are found. The jinn may concentrate on one part of the body and later spread over the whole body and speak in the voice of the possessed.

Q. During exorcisms, do the possessing jinn try to possess you?
A. No, but they threaten me, and I threaten them. If they were able to kill me, they would.

Q. Do you use other means of exorcising like tying fingers and toes?
A. No, I only use the recitation of the Qur’aan and rose water. Tying fingers and toes was used in earlier times. Now, it has no effect.

Q. Do the jinn leave from a particular part of the human body?
A. They often leave from the hands, fingers or nose, yet there is no specific place from which they leave. They are like steam in a pot. When the water boils, the steam will raise the lid and escape.

Q. If the jinn give an oath when leaving, do they return?
A. Sometimes some of them return and at other times they bring others in their places. Some leave and do not return.

Q. During your exorcism, do you hold or touch any part of the patient’s body?
A. I do not grab or squeeze any particular part of the body, but I may slap the patient on his shoulders or the top of his head.

and Allaah Knows Best.

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  1. ali says:

    very interesting, however some people can get carried away with these sort of issues becaues the are so intrigued. Just be careful not to get carried away with the fascination of jinns.

  2. shugri says:

    I feel my life is miserable and is going down. I started to have wispering at 11 and now iam 29. This is the worst though. I can’t go outside, I can’t socialize, I can’t prpay, I can’t do anything constructive as something blocks me. My school, my jobs, my marriages, anything, I feel hopeless.
    Any suggestions, all the raaqi want a lot of money I don’t have.

  3. Ali says:

    Jinns maybe scared of iron and the smell of garlic. Since Jinns enter through the mouth sometimes when you yawn, it might repel them if you chew garlic during sleeping time and have your breath smelling of garlic. Might help if you keep a keyring or a rod beside you on the bed but do not keep a knife just incase you stab yourself or someone when having a nightmare. I do not guarantee these are best practices, though. And so take proper Islamic advice.

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