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Question, My In-Laws Practice Magic


Asalamualikum sir,
i live in the ___for past couple of yrs. i got married in Pakistan. After a few months i realize that my mother in law, my sis in laws and my brother in laws believes in taweez.if my mother in law wants something, she goes to a certain baba and brings taweez for that matter, and before you know it, things will go her way. she is very proud about it. i told them that taweez is haram , but they went againt me. they told me that they did taweez and that’s how i got married. My mother in law went for umrah. I dont know what to do. PLZ help.. eventhough she lives in Pak and i live in usa,this whole thing is causing soo much tension in our house. i read quran n namaz.. is there something i should do so she can stop. Many people have told me to go to different babas, but my heart doesn’t allow me… My mother in law is 65. HELP


Wa alaikum as salaam,

Sister, the punishment for Magicians in Islam is Public Execution. That is the only way to obliterate such evil from our society. Nothing happens without the Will of Allaah, that is what everyone should believe in. If people believe that Taweez makes people do things against the Will of Allaah then that alone is equivalent to Shirk.

Going to another baba/pir, will only worsen the situation. All of these so called peer/baba are viable to bankrupt you and the whole family. They do all this through Jinn, and seeking help from a Jinn instead of Allaah is nothing but Shirk.

I would recommend you make them understand why Taweez is Haraam, show them Hadith from the Sahih Muslim and Bukhari, and the fact that a group of people wanted to embrace Islam, but the Prophet (pbuh) did not refer to one among that group of people. When they asked, the Prophet (pbuh) said, that he is not one of us, for he wears an Amulet. So when he removed the Amulet, the Prophet (pbuh) invited him too.

Another way is to Open the Taweez and show them how there are Diagrams and Figures and text which none but the magician can understand.

If that is not possible, then you may continue to Pray and seek refuge in Allaah, for He is the Hearer of All, and Nothing happens without His Will. Sooner or later, those who seek Taweez, they will lead to disaster, wasting all of their money on taweez and eventually regretting all of it. This is the ultimate example, IF taweez was permissible and was a Spiritual Method and something done for the sake of our Religion – Why would they bankrupt people then?? why don’t they do it for free?? Some may even do their first few Taweez for free, and then trap their clients as such.

We pray to Allaah, to expose such Evil and to help everyone against such harm. Ameen.

Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

2 Responses to “Question, My In-Laws Practice Magic”

  1. Humaira says:

    This isnt a reply im sorry im 10 years old and i just want to say i think that this is bad and they should stop doing this many people have told me about black magic and sometimes i get really scared and i wish that this wasnt reall and the devils i know a lot about devils one of the main thing is that they are evil!!

  2. uff says:

    if you know that your aunt has done a magic on you to get married in a family and you do not want to be maried in a family, what to do then?
    and how to stop her from doing such evils?
    and can we open this in front of every one(whole family) that she has done a magic upon us?

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