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Who is Satan (Iblees)

Satan [Iblees] is mentioned in the Quran many times. He belongs to the race of the jinn and still lives among them until the end of this world. After he was created, he worshiped Allah so much that Allah let him enter the heavens. Some scholars even say that he was the Teacher of angels. But afterward, when Allah created Adam, He (Allah) ordered the angels and Satan to prostrate to Adam. Which Iblees refused, and for that he was cast down to the earth once again . However he was granted his final wish for all the worship he had done – to live till the end of the world, just so that he can mislead the children of Adam (Humanity).

Meaning of the word

The word Satan (Shaitaan), in the Arabic language, is a general term for any arrogant rebel. The word Shaytaan has come in the Qur’an in more than 85 verses. A category of Jinn is called Shaytaan for their Evil nature – or may be called as Followers of the Satan [Iblees]. For that reason, the real Shaytaan is known for the name Iblees instead. Iblees is also an Arabic word, which means something that has despaired of any chance of mercy from Allah. ‘Alabalas’ means he has no good in him. And ‘Ublis’ means despaired and lost.

The Act of Rebellion

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said,

When Allah fashioned Adam in Paradise, He left him as long as He wished to leave him. Then Iblees roamed around him to see what he actually was and when Iblees found him to be hollow from within, he recognized that the new creature had been created with a disposition such that it would not have control over itself & he said to Adam

“[Adam] if you are given mastery over me, I will surely disobey you. And if am given mastery over you, I will destroy you.”

When Allah breathed into Adam his spirit, he ordered the angels to prostrate to Adam. Iblees used to worship Allah with the angels so the order was also addressed to him. But Iblees considered himself too great and, out of pride, he refused to prostrate to Adam. He cried, “I am better than him. You created me from Fire, and you created him from clay!” – Next Page

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