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How many Jinn can enter one body & how many times?

First of all, I would like you to read the article Jinn Possession, before you can understand the following.

Read Jinn Possession HERE.

Multiple Jinn can possess a single person. It has been confirmed by reliable witnesses. Even today, when a Healer performs an exorcism, he often confronts multiple jinn dwelling inside the possessed body. I have personally witnessed a couple of jinn (husband & wife) dwelling in a single body.

If you read the topic – The Causes of being possessed – in the article Jinn Possession; we come to know of the fact that, it is painful and agonizing for a jinn to possess a body in the first place. They might easily possess someone who does not believe in Allah. However, it is one of their agenda to distract people from the right path and never bother possessing them for they are already on the wrong path. Yet, there are wicked jinn who might still possess a few.

But overall, most of the possessions are the cause of Sihr (witchcraft). We might refer to the article Agreement between a Witch and a Demon HERE. Looking at the conversation between the Jinn and the Exorcist at the bottom of the article, we can easily conclude that it truly is painful for jinn to possess a human, yet they are forced by Witches to obey their tasks.

About how many times a jinn can possess a human body; it has been witnessed but rarely does the same jinn possesses the same victim multiple times (i.e. after exorcism). Depending on the Faith of the exorcist, the higher the level of Faith, the more his recitation burns the jinn. But it happens in rare cases that the same jinn returns to the same body after exorcism. Since Quran recitation by the exorcists burn the jinn within a possessed body, it is unlikely for the jinn to return.

Allah knows Best.

14 Responses to “How many Jinn can enter one body & how many times?”

  1. Waheed says:

    pls teach me the verses to burn the jinn from possessed person.. I need help

  2. Manu Sharma says:

    Someone has told me that my wife in under some possession which is forcing her to go to another person. Please tell me how to know the truth. We are Hindus and don’t know anything about this. Please help us as we are in a big trouble. Please reply urgently.

    • Abdul Mateen says:

      Hi i would like to know where is this jinn trying to take your wife? and how long has it been going on? and does this jinn speak freqauntly?

  3. Zaheer says:

    When I was 12 year old something happened and I think something leaving inside me I can’t feel the air or anything I had a bad dreams too that someone is trying to exorcism on me and I don’t know what’s happening exactly im feeling so heavy and If its Jin please so suggest me how do I get rid from it.

  4. Muslimah says:

    Ruqyah recordings to use daily in addition to reciting Qur’aan on oneself:

    Other ruqyah websites giving advise:!about2/ct8f

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