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Evil Eye in Islam

The evil eye refers to when one person harms another by means of the eye.

Ibn Al-Qayyim said: The origin of the evil eye is liking something, then the evil soul follows it,  pursues it and seeks to do harm to it, seeking help to apply its poison by looking at the object. *1*

Ibn Manzoor said: It is said “So-and-so was struck by the evil eye” if an enemy or an envious person looks at him and he is affected by that and becomes sick as a result. *2*

Al-Haafiz ibn Hajar said: What is meant by the evil eye is looking at something with admiration contaminated with envy from one who is evil in nature so it results in harm.*3*

It basically involves the work of a demon. When a person likes something and admires it, an evil jinn tries to destroy that thing as a result of envy. It is more effective when the person who admires is more envious, or when the person is of bad nature.

A bad person is more likely to be loved by evil jinn. Therefore, if such a person likes something, the evil jinn would seek to destroy it because they would never want that person to admire anything other than bad things.This confirms a type of evil eye that is struck by the jinn themselves. Likewise a jinn likes something and another jinn then seeks to do harm to it.

And Allah knows Best.

*1* Zaad Al-Ma’aad by Ibn Al-Qayyim, 4/167.
*2* Lisaan Al-‘Arab by Ibn Manzoor, 13/301.
*3* Fath Al-Baari, by Ibn Hajar, 10/200.

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  1. hoda says:

    alhamdulila every think allah made in my life but as human is to difficult to bee seek all time. i had infection in my head and i cut my hire many time and i not feel happy if i feel a litel happy the some thing going wrong i don know why i am not bad person i pray five time helpe the poor p and i fasting ramadan i caver my body i dont lain p. i don know what is wrong. i like to bee happy and build up my life but i cat every think is difficult.i hope some one will give me advise inshalla

    • Mohamed Yousuf says:

      salaam sister I am a 13 year old boy and since I have been praying I have found happiness but the key to build your life is to have more hope in Allah read more Surahs such as Surah Rahman that Surah made me think Allah is more then great sister I am giving you a website go to it.Recitation By Salah Bukhatir, Ar Rahman

  2. tahar says:

    salamo alaykoom i would like to do rokat al ain for mayself
    can you guide me please
    jazak allah khayr

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