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Drinking Water, Performing Ruqyas in Menstruation


What is the validity of drinking or washing the body with the water on which Qur‘anic verses have been recited? Is it allowed to perform Ruqyas unto those in Haidh (menstruation), Nifas (parturition) or Janabah (the sate after intercourse when one has not washed yet)?


In the case of Janabah, patients have to do Ghusl (have a bath/shower) so as to be ready for receiving Ruqyas treatment, even if it is only drinking or washing with water on which recitation has been done. This believed to render treatment more effective.
In the cases of Haidh and Nifas, females can use water recited unto, for delaying the Ruqya treatment till Haidh or Nifas is over can be harmful.

From the book ‘Fatwas on Faith Healing & Witchcraft’ by Khaled al-Jeraisy. Translated by Dr. M. A. M. Mohammad

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