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Diagnosis of Illness


Can the Raqi tell if an illness is devil possession or something else?


Obviously, the experienced Raqi has examined and treated such varied cases as well as similar ones that he has become skilful at diagnosing psychological illness through his knowledge of their typical symptoms. However, not all Raqis do have such knowledge. Some Raqis may claim to have it, but in fact they do not, for they depend, when diagnosing, on mere guessing, not on proven knowledge.

Wallahu-A‘Iam (The truth of the matter is only with Allah).

From the book ‘Fatwas on Faith Healing & Witchcraft’ by Khaled al-Jeraisy. Translated by Dr. M. A. M. Mohammad

5 Responses to “Diagnosis of Illness”

  1. Shaikh Mohammed Saleem says:

    As Salam Alai Kum !!!
    I have a very serious problem since many years
    Actually its not me but my wife is suffering from this> i ma not sure if there is a Jinn in her body but she is very much fond of water n keeps on cleaning again n again her hands n body
    Previously she used to take 1-2 hours for bath but now it has increaed to 5 hours n sometimes twice day
    I am so worried
    Can u please halp me out

  2. abdul says:

    Assalamu alaikum,
    I am abdul from ajman, I am suffering from lots of problems in my life day by day it’s increasing. . Can you help me to find out the right person to solve the problem. Anybody in ajman, plz reply me .I very urgent.

  3. Huda says:

    Asalamu alaikoum

    My mother apparently has a jiin in her, this had been confirmed twice however never sheikhs did an exorcism I suppose as he gave her things to take however she doesn’t take it regularly.
    She’s very hot tempered and we don’t have a good relationship I suppose I can blame it on whatever has been in her for this long. She has health problems as well which medically have not been diagnosed. I myself also have health problems which I’m closer to regarding my diagnosis medically. I wanted to take her and myself to a good sheikh who can expel this jiin in her as it is frustrating me that nothing is being done about it. I know that she has to put the effort in as well but I’m sure that a sheikh who knows what he is doing will be able to get rid of it for good. The first time they said that she had a jiin in her is 4 years ago and now again. Could you please direct me to someone who can help her out

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