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Curse of the Pharaoh

inside that crack. They tied the rope around him and when the gap started to close, his companions tried to pull him out but they could not manage it. They heard his bones cracking, then they heard a loud scream and they fell unconscious. When they woke up their companions brought them out with great difficulty. Some of them fell down as soon as they reached the top of the chute. They came out of the pyramid and sat there in shock, and they were sitting there like that when the earth threw out their companion to them, speaking like a soothsayer, words which some of the monks in the monasteries of Upper Egypt explained as meaning: “This is the reward of one who seeks that which does not concern him.” Then he fell down dead.

And he tells us that some people entered the pyramid and descended to its lower part, where they went around and found something like a footpath. They followed it and found a dome beneath which there was a pool into which water was dripping; it would spread then vanish, and they did not know what it was. And they found a place like a square room, the walls of which were stone with amazing colors. One of them broke off a stone from it and put it in his sleeve, whereupon his ears were blocked with the wind, and the wind kept blowing for as long as the stone was with him.

And they found a place like a huge fountain which had gold coins, weighing nearly one hundred Mithqal (Gold Dinar). They took some of them but they were unable to move until they put them down again. And he narrated that during the time of Ahmad ibn Tuloon; some people entered the pyramid and found a bottle of thick glass on a ledge in one of its chambers. They picked it up and left, but then they noticed that one of their number was missing, so they went back to look for him. He came out to them naked, laughing, and saying, “Do not look for me.” Then he fled back into the pyramid, and they realized that the jinn had taken control of him. Their story became well-known, and they took the bottle and people were barred from entering the – Next Page

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