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Curse of the Pharaoh

right hand and became unable to take pictures. When the pictures of the sarcophagus were developed, they found engraved on one side of it a picture of a young woman clad in the garments of a priestess, with signs of anger and evil showing on her face. When they asked everyone who had seen the sarcophagus or had anything to do with it before the pictures were taken, they all agreed that they had not seen any pictures or images on any part of it.

In fact, there are many stories that are told about the calamities that have befallen everyone who has anything to do with excavations of the Paranoiac antiquities of Egypt. Another example is the story of the Englishman Paul Britten who locked himself in the chamber of the king Khufu for a whole night. In the morning he told the world that he had seen ghosts, and he had seen a huge funeral procession in which he was the deceased. What he saw, heard and felt is exactly like what is experienced by one who takes hallucinogenic drugs; he also felt suffocated and thought he was about to die.
And there is the story of the Englishman Emery who was supervising the excavations at Saqqara (Sakkara) on March 1, 1971. The man suddenly let out a scream and started meowing like a cat, barking like a dog and howling like a wolf. His wife stayed by his side in the hospital until he died on March 11 of the following year.

And there is the story of Johatz Wimtisch, who copied hundreds of engravings from the walls and tried to interpret them, but he was struck with delirium which the psychologists diagnosed as a kind of personality split. Then there was the French scholar Champollion who deciphered the Rosetta Stone: after his return to his homeland he was struck with paralysis, which was followed by delirium and a coma.

Although what is known as the curse of the Pharaohs appears to have emerged in recent times, approximately seventy years ago, in fact the ancients also spoke of something similar. Around seven hundred years ago, Shihaab Al-Deen ibn ‘Abdul Wahhaab Al-Muwayri wrote in his book Nihaayat Al-Arab fi Funoon Al-Adab stories about the building of the pyramids and their wonders, and told of some very strange accounts.

He said: One of the strange stories that are told is that when Al-Ma’moon opened the pyramid, the people started coming to it and for years they would enter and descend the chutes inside. Some of them remained healthy and others died. A group of youngsters, some twenty men, decided to enter and not to come out until they had explored as far as they could inside the pyramid. They took with them food and drink, supplies for two months, and they took string, rope, candles, fuel, axes and baskets. They entered the pyramid and most of them descended the first and second chutes. They reached the bottom of the pyramid and saw bats as big as eagles hitting their faces. Then they reached a crack in the wall through which a constant cool breeze came through. They went to enter it, and their candles went out. They put the candles in glass containers and tried to enter, and the crack nearly closed up on them. They felt scared, then one of them said: Tie a rope around my middle and I will go in; if the crack starts to close, pull me out. Just inside the crack there were empty vessels, and they knew that the bodies of the dead were – Next Page

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