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Curse of the Pharaoh

revolver, it went off and a bullet hit him in his left thigh. Surgery was required, and he died on the operating table. Before undergoing the surgery, he left instructions with one of his friends who had accompanied him on his visit to Egypt—whose name was Mr. Hopley— that if anything were to happen to him during surgery, Mr. Hopley was to hand over the sarcophagus to his sister who was living in Baker Street in London. Mr. Hopley prepared to carry out his friend’s wishes, so he took the sarcophagus to Port Said in preparation for shipping it to London. But when he reached Port Said he found a telegram from London awaiting him, informing him that his brother had been murdered. When he reached London, when the sister of Mr. Douglas received the sarcophagus she put it in a corner of the room. From the moment it arrived in the house, one disaster followed another. The day it arrived, her daughter was killed crossing the road to school, when she was struck by a car. One week later her husband committed suicide, broken-hearted at the death of his daughter. Her financial situation worsened, and she suffered a nervous breakdown. She summoned astrologers, mediums and spiritualists, who all agreed that the presence of this sarcophagus in her house was the cause of all these problems. She was very frightened, so she contacted the British Museum to come and take it away, as a gift from her. Whilst the sarcophagus was being transported to its new home in the museum, one of the porters started making fun of the mentality of fellow-Englishmen, who believed in the Paranoiac myths, and how they took care of what the Pharaohs had left behind, allocating a special place in the museum and appointing people to look after it like servants. When the sarcophagus was put in place, this porter experienced a sharp pain that left him writhing in agony for several minutes, and then he fell down dead next to the sarcophagus.

All of those who were working with Egyptian artifacts in England took an interest in this sarcophagus. They formed a committee to research into this problem. And this committee in turn appointed the H.A. Mansell photographic company to take a series of pictures of this sarcophagus from different angles. The company sent its representative to take the pictures, and he carried out his mission and came back to the company to start another task that awaited him. He went to do that job and when he came back, he had an accident in which he lost the fingers of his – Next Page

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