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Curing Evil Eye after it has happened

If the person with an evil eye is known, he should be asked to wash his body and retain any wasted water that he has used, that water should be poured over the affected person from the back, and he will – with Allah’s Leave – recover.

Imam Ahmad, Al-Nasaa’i, and Ibn Maajah narrated, in a report that was classed as Saheeh by Ibn Hibbaan that Abu Umaamah Sahl ibn Haneef said:
Abu Sahl ibn Haneef did Ghusl in Al-Kharaar. He took off his cloak, and ‘Aamir ibn Rabee’ah was looking at him. Sahl was very white, with beautiful skin.
‘Aamir said: “I have never seen anything (as beautiful) as this, not even the skin of a virgin.
And Sahl fell to the ground and became very sick. The Messenger of Allaah was told about his sickness, and it was said to him: “He cannot raise his head”
He said: “Do you accuse anyone with regard to him?
They said, “’Aamir ibn Rabee’ah” The Messenger of Allaah called him and rebuked him strongly, and then he said:
Why would one of you kill his brother? Why did you not pray for blessing for him? Wash yourself for him

So ‘Aamir washed his face, hands, forearms, knees and the sides of his feet, and inside his Izaar (lower garment) in a vessel, then it was poured over him from behind, and Sahl recovered straight away.*1*

Method of Washing

Ibn Shihaab Az-Zuhree said: The method of washing as described by our scholars is as follows: the person with the evil eye should be given a vessel of water and told to wash his body with the same water in the following order, without placing the vessel on the floor:
To rinse one’s mouth, then spit the wasted water back into the vessel,
To wash one’s face with the water in the vessel
To wash one’s right arm with one’s left hand and one’s left arm with one’s right hand,
To wash one’s right elbow with one’s left hand and one’s left elbow with one’s right hand,
To wash one’s right foot with one’s right hand and one’s left foot with one’s right hand,
To wash one’s right knee with one’s left hand and one’s left knee with one’s right hand
To wash the parts under the sheet,
According to Al-Qaazii ibn Al-‘Arab, the parts under the sheet refers to whatever parts of the body are covered by the sheet.

Afterwards, the wasted water in vessel should be poured on the affected person’s back, in one go.*2*
It will, by Allah’s leave, cure the affected person almost instantly.

Courtesy of Wahid ibn ‘Abdus Salaam Baali & Shafiq Abdulghani. JazakAllahu Khairan.

*1* Muwatta’ Maalik, 2/938.
*2* Al-Bayhaqi’s Sunan, 9/252.

5 Responses to “Curing Evil Eye after it has happened”

  1. Ahamid says:

    I am an adult Muslim from Pakistan. I have seen my elders using dry red chillies for curing evil eye. Method involves taking an odd number of dry red chillies and revolving these over affected person’s head 7 times clockwise and 7 times anticlockwise. All the while Durood & Surah Falk & Naas are recited and then blown on the affected person and the chillies.

    The chillies are then burnt over an open flame. If the affected person really had an evil eye, then the chilly won’t give any smell. If however he was not affected by evil eye but simply medically sick, then the chilly would give off a pungent smell that would discomfort your throat.

    This has been tried and tested by me numerous times, and always found to be correct. The affected person simply stands up from all his pain and sickness the moment chillies burn without smell, by the Will of Allah.

    • Mohammed Ayub Ali says:

      Dear Brother

      Above given method is against the islamic teaching, You should do perform as suggested by salaf saliheen.

    • abdul aziz says:

      Jazakallah khair for the contribution.

      It has also been mentioned on other information portals. There is nothing in what you have informed us of here that goes against the islamic teachings. the fact that it was not practiced by the salaf does not equate to it not being valid.

  2. Mahdi says:

    Al Salam alekam please can you help me out my wife she’s having to much pain in chest I took too many times to doctors they saying she don’t have any problems also my wife when she pray special in morning when she doing pray also when she listen Quran and she keeps saying I can’t breath nearly 2 weeks that’s happened if could send coun number I could take to him any where in uk inshallah

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