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Story: Challenging the Jinn

It was the summer of 1996 and I was on holiday in Azad Kashmir, one night I was traveling on a motorcycle with a friend and he said to me “jagga (Name of the person telling his story) be quiet this place is inhabited by jinns”.
I was young and naive and did not believe in jinn, sensing the fear of my friend I decided to wind him up I shouted “oh jinn come out and mess with me, let’s see how tough you really are” my friend got more scared and told me to shut up which made me laugh and I continued to challenge the jinn.

Little did I know that they would accept my foolhardy challenge.

Two days passed and I was out in the valleys of Kashmir with a cousin and it was late at night, we were walking back to the small village where I was staying at my aunt’s house.
we were walking on a cobbled path with a cliff face to my left and fields to my right as we approached the village my cousin said he had left his walking stick in the valley where we had sat chatting he told me to wait for him on the path while he went back to retrieve his stick, it was a long staff with metal caps on the end.

So off he went to get the stick while I waited for him on the path, after a few minutes I heard a weird noise come from above and to my left and at the same time the noise of the insects which you can hear clearly at night went totally silent. I thought what was that noise I knew it came from the top of the cliff to my left which was about 20 or 30 foot high.
I could not see the top of the cliff being on the path right under it so I walked out about twenty paces into the field on my right and turned around to see what was on top of the cliff.

It was a moonlit night and on top of the cliff I saw a black Smokey shadow about 6 foot tall and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, as I watched this shadowy black creature it started to get taller and wider and I was frozen to the spot in amazement (I was not scared at that point).it grew and grew till it was at least 200 feet tall and 200 feet wide and it blocked out most of the sky behind it.
Then slowly it started to descend slowly down towards me as it got closer it blocked out everything in my vision it was so huge.

It came right up to my face it was close enough to reach out and touch and then suddenly it disappeared and at the same time it felt as though my chest was crushed in a vice or a huge hand could not breath no air would go past my throat because my chest was being crushed tried to fight it off, I rolled around on the floor fighting to get this thing off me flailing my arms around but because I could not breath I very quickly had no energy left.

So I ended up kneeling on the floor with one knee and one hand on my chest and I’m saying to myself jagga breath but no air would go past my throat something was crushing my chest, my entire body was covered in sweat and my clothes were damp. That’s when I heard a tick noise from behind me and whatever was crushing my chest released its grip and I gasped for air. I turned around and saw my cousin approaching the tick noise was the metal cap of his staff hitting the cobbled path.

I stood up and as he approached me I managed to control my heavy breathing a part of me wanted to tell him what had just happened to me but then I thought he would think I got scared for no reason and make fun of me so I decided to keep quiet.
We walked back to the village I was silent thinking about what had just happened to me ,when we got to the village which had small alleyways we said goodbye to each other and he went on his alley and I proceeded up another alley to go to my aunt’s house.

I did not get very far there it was again waiting for me about 30 or 40 feet away on the path I had to go to my aunt’s house this time it was about 6 foot tall and the same black swirly Smokey shadow .I stopped and it flew towards me fast like it was carried by the wind.
It hit my chest and disappeared and at the same instant my chest was crushed and I could not get any air past my throat. I tried to run to my aunt’s house but after taking about ten or 15 paces I was completely exhausted already tired by round 1 with this creature.
I didn’t have the energy to take another step and rested my back against a wall all the time I’m trying to breath but my chest is crushed.

My legs gave away and I slid down the wall into a sitting position with my hands on my knees and my vision started to go.
It was like turning the brightness down on an old TV the edges of my vision went black and the picture got smaller and smaller and then the small white dot in the middle went black. So there I am sitting there with my eyes open but no vision suddenly my whole life went past me from childhood to that day it was like flicking the pages of a book with an image on each page. That’s when I thought I’m about to die. That’s when I recited the kalimah “Laa ilaaha illallaahu Muhammadur rasoolullaah ”
Praise be to Allah (swt) as soon as I read the kalimah I was released from the grip on my chest and I gasped for air, after several minutes my vision returned and I staggered to my aunt’s house holding the walls for support and collapsed on my bed which was outside due to it being so hot in the summer.

I awoke the following morning and a doctor was examining me he said I had some type of indigestion(lol) and I had a deep fear inside me that if I told anyone I would not survive my chest hurt a lot and I did not tell anyone about what happened. When I got back to the UK I started to catch glimpses of the same creature following me but as soon as I looked it would disappear. At first I tried to ignore it but this kept on happening for about a year and I thought am I going crazy I never used to see stuff like that before, finally I decided to confide in my mother about what happened to me, she was shocked to hear about it and said I was very lucky because other people had been attacked by jinn in the same place and had either died or gone mad.

This thing followed me for 3 years until I went to Pakistan and saw someone who gave me taweez(amulet) and a bottle of water which he had recited Quran on, he told me to make ablution with the water when I got home to the UK before I went to bed and that the jinn would appear in a dream and I would be able to ask it questions, he said the jinn was female and was in love with me and that if I did not get it treated that when I got married it would sit in the nikkah(engagement) and I would never get rid of it and it would harm my wife.

After wearing the taweez I never saw it again but I never got to try the water because when I got home a visitor who was a little girl about 3 years old picked up the bottle and emptied its contents over the carpet.

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41 Responses to “Story: Challenging the Jinn”

  1. Code Master says:

    I do not appreciate one thing about INDO PAK Muslims as I am one of them.

    They are so stupid and illiterate that almost none of them recite AYAT UL KURSI (including you).

    I see jinns all the time and because I always read AYAT UL KURSI / MUAWAZZATAIN , I never get attacked.

    It is because of the LACK OF ISLAMIC KNOWLEDGE / ILM in our society of which poverty is a major cause.

    Muslims MUST recite ayat ul kursi all the time not just when they are attacked.


    I put a suggestion saying that these days as DAJJAL is nearing , evil is on an exponential rise, children MUST BE MEMORISED the following

    1 ayat ul kursi
    2 surah nas
    3 surah falaq
    4 surah quraish
    5 surah kausar
    6 surah muzammil
    7 beginning 10 verses of surah yasin
    8 six kalimahs ,(declarations)
    9 whole prayer verses

    Then I believe a child can defend itself from any or every evil present in this universe.

    REMEMBER its not easy bein A MUSLIM

    life is hard and dry when you believe in 1 ALLAH and Muhammad PBUH as HIS messenger

    • kawthar says:

      assalamualykum Code master,

      About your comment: i aggree, us muslims are living in the worst time(centry) Someone told me that “Allah has devoured the nonbelivers-the cow worshippers, the idol worshippers and so on-but now they are BACK. The day Allah (swt) devoures them… is the day of we live in the worst centry compared to when Prophets(PBUT) were alive. For EX: Holding on to our deen is like holding a hot metal bar. Be true to yourself and ask Could YOU HOLD ONTO THAT BAR? DO YOU LOVE AND FEAR YOUR GOD THAT YOU WOULD DO ANYTHING JUST SO YOU WOULD BE SO MUCH AS BE ACKNOWLEDGED? Think yourself as a bird with a wing of fear and another with love and your head your actions. if you lose one wing wont you be crazed by the other?you must have fear for your god and at the same love for Allah(SWT)

    • Hannia says:

      That’s a great reality that Indo-Pak muslims are mostly illiterate and beleive in Amil Baba’s and Magic. We have to beleive in Allah and Quran so that we can get rid of all jinns and devils.

    • Zara says:

      Hi iv read what you have wrote about jinns but let me tell you something jinns dont always attack you blame muslims i blame stupid pedofile men, i didnt become like this because this one particular mans who was related to me wanted me to be his bitich like he it didnt go to plan, so instead he and his wife put jinns in my food and by my date of birth and i was only 15 years old still living with the pain i have at least 26 inside my both my feet both my knees stomach four parts both at a side on top and underneath my belly button my back at the top and above my hips my arms my hands two in my mind the speak too and one has converted hes 250 years old other evil one is 790 his sister shes below my coller bone she acts like a kitty i havent ever passed my studies never gana see uni stuck on level 1 go onto level 2 but cnt complete it go back to kevel one coz of the block get kicked out of ever job and people beat me up wereever i go, my name was sumthing else if it hadent been changed to the name aiysha wen i had my great fall i wud have been paralized but i had my fall had my stiches but the whole job was not complete was not paralized they put sumthin in my food so wen i wana have kids i can not have kids ever and ders proof for that too,wen a lady massages me shes feel sumthin different to knots now tell me i didnt deserve anythin like this we never knew much bout jinns my family at all we was just simple people to even know i dnt desreve this i really dont i wud do anything just to live a normal happy life again ;(

      • roohul abad says:

        as salam o alaikum,
        for all hte jinss or magic quran is the ultimate and the only cure. for now i will advise you to read ayatul kursi along with surah ikhlaas, surah falak and surah naas three times each and rub your body by bolwing on your hands after al fajr and after maghrib prayers you will be instantlty relieved. since you are affected i will advisee you to luk for a treatmet and you can check on with abdel raouf ben helima. this is the link all the treatment is according to the wuran so dont worry you can chek out and get the treatment done ok.

      • Muhamad says:

        Why don’t you go to an honest and professional sheikh . to get rid of all these jins

    • Shabana says:

      i agree because muslims instead of reading Quran and treating themselves run around maulanas who again misguide them by giving taweez{amulet} n all i myself sometimes have glimpse of in form of men n dissapear i start reading ayatul kursi and surah naas and my heart finds rest…

  2. maryam says:

    so she was trying to give you a heart attack because she loved you?lol iv heard similar stories

    • Aamir Salim says:

      Ooh please dont take it as a jolk..!!! I could happen to you, or any of us (GOD Forbid)
      But actually when a demon or any devilish spirit falls in love with you, i does not impose its love, just beacuse they are “Spirits”(with no body, just a soul) and we are humans, with a soul inside a body…! as a matter, a relation in between a spirit and body is impossible so they try better ways to torture you, or to scrab or tease you…!
      No offence, Aamir.

  3. a.kaiyum says:

    i saw a jin stting next to me, she was like a rajpoot of india kind of dress but hollow face…defenatly a women.

    next day i was very very angree. so angree that i could eat some one alive. in the afternoon i had some one try to sit on top of me while i was sleeping(early fajar time) and this thing so heavy try to sit on me and i could not breath..being soo angree i could not move at first.. but some how”allah o akber” came out of my moth and i that thing was pinning me down moved as it was shoked. i went strit for it to grab it and eat it alive.. but i was a shaddow ran out of the window and never came back.. belive it or not it is true and it really did happen to me.

  4. Muhammad Ali says:

    This is Not my story, A visitor like You came and shared it to become public for people to read and learn something. I do not know what made you think that I wrote my personal experience. Please let me know so that I may correct it and stop people like you from breaking down before hand.

    Thank you.

  5. Nishil says:

    Asalaaamu alaikum.

    Something important everyone forgot to point out is the mentioning of the ta’weez.It is against tawheed to wear that evil thing.And it is just a way of curing sihr with another form of it.And the individual never gets cured.

  6. Mohamed says:

    Its in an anuthentic hadeeth of the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam:
    ” Whoever wears an amulet(taweed) has committed shirk”
    Also in another narration:
    ” Verily Ruqya (Shirk ones) amulets (taweeds) and tiwalah (sihr al mahabbah) is from shirk”..

    May Allah guide us all and help us to Trust only in Him and depend only in Him.

  7. ridwan says:

    I beleive what u said am pocessed too…
    I went in a cave and made somee noise since that after esha i saw shadows looking at me sometime they hold my hand or sit on my stomach, its been 2 weeks and its killing me…
    Am wating solutions from a moalana hpe that he finds a solution

    • F Haq says:

      Be at wudoo all the time, recite Surah Falaq-Naas often, Ayatul Kursi and follow the sunnahs before sleeping inshaALLAH they I’ll be helpful.

      Also the house in which Surah Baqarah is recited the Shaitian cannot enter that house for 3 days.

      When you enter your house say Bismillah and also recite Ayatul Kursi and make sure of reciting the dua’s before and after going to the toilet. If possible make wudoo every time you go to the toilet and have your ‘awrah covered at all times.

  8. Mashaallah,
    very nice story…

  9. Hawk says:

    Sleep on your stomach, then you won’t have anything trying to sit ontop of you. I remember having major trouble getting up for school in NYC, felt like someone was sitting on my chest every morning. I think I invited this thing into my life by way of pornography. I didn’t know what it was, I just thought that I was having nightmares or not getting enough sleep, but waking up was a chore, I had to literally fight for a huge gulp of air, and shock myself into waking up. Any how, one night I went to bed early while everyone in the house went to a party, it was a nice summer night in Brooklyn, the sun was just setting people were still outside, but the house was a little dark because I had the lights out, while on the bed watching kids outside the window, 4th floor apartment, I turned around and looked into the living room, 4 feet away this giant Blackness stood there, it was about 6 feet tall, Blacker than the night, I could make out it’s dark body which was beyond the darkness of the room. My hairs were on ends, something told me, in my head to turn around, and don’t look at it, I will tell you when it’s safe. So I turned around and faced the window where there was light outside, I REFUSED to turn around. Then over sometime, I felt that it left. Weird. Anyway, I have till this day never ever slept on my back, I sleep on my stomach, and any girlfriend i have I have told them if you see my sleeping on my stomach roll me over. I haven’t been bothered since. However I do wake up with scratches on my face, or arms from time to time.

    • kawthar says:

      Assalamualykum Hawk,

      Im dont know if it was a jinn for me `cause in the mornings when i wake up i feel like im too heavy to move like too weak to hold my self up just like a baby. but then i remeber why i am here and what my purpose is in this world.when i asked my maclin about this straight up told me that it was a shaydon. the shaydon put chains on your hands anklesand maaby body. you have to recite the quran and something else i forgotton at the moment.

  10. Azzam says:

    Iv been attacked by a jinn several times just before waking up.saying allah akbar or laa ilaaha illallah usually ends the temporary ‘paralysis’,where I cant move or even wake up,its a horrible feeling.but the strangest thing happend once.i got sick of these frequent ‘attacks’.one night I wasnt even scared.just infuriated when it occured.i thought,(shouted,actualy)the kalimah in my mind and from my mouth erupted a brilliant light,like a white ball of fire,and I ‘screamed’ it at the demon or darkness or whatever it was and it fled and I instantly awoke feeling relief,alhamdhulillah,and a small sense of victory that I was actualy able to fight it back! It doesnt come back these days,insha allah, I hope it never does!

    • Rabeea says:

      You think thats actually due to Jinn? It happened to me many times, like paralyse feeling, trying to scream to call someone but can’t speak a single word. Then recite Ayat ul kursi and get rid of it. I thought its because I was in deep sleep and happened to be awake before I should have, thats what other people told me. What actually happens in when you are dreaming your body is paralysed but sometimes you wake up in the middle of that dream and your body is still paralysed, it takes some time to get back to normal. The reason why I recite Ayat ul Kursi is I always get the feeling that someone is holding me, may be that’s natural as everyone thinks of some other power holding you.

    • ABKNAVE says:

      its called sleep paralysis…..scientific reason for that,…..i also being through it many times…..u shud google it though…|,,|

      • Abdallah says:

        it could be sleep paralysis, stress and daily life kinda messes with the way you sleep and it happens a lot to me when i have school, i get rid of it by breathing deeply but you can also get rid of it by remembering allah, all brothers and sisters if you experience a moment of fear in your life or something in your body is really hurting u feel like ur having a heart attack or something, JUST REMEMBER ALLAH, just a few times and you should be ok inshalla

  11. Daniel says:

    I am curious with all I have read today about the Jinn here and a few other places. It seems that one of my questions is somewhat answered, in that there are Jinn that stay with you, and may consider themselves your Jinn for whatever reasons.
    This I do truely believe because I met mine twenty years ago. They came to me one night and took me on an out of body journey with them in spirit form. In that form I was energy and could see my body in light and energy, but it was different. They had things to relate to me that have come true, and have yet to unfold. They taught me to pass on my own through these invisible walls of force we encountered as we walked along a dark pathway that had stars above and was black below. I could here the conversations of people and other things as we wlaked from below in the blackness as if we were traveling at a great speed past all the homes of people we could hear as we passed. the invisible walls of force I could not pass through without their help the first several trys, but with their coaching I was finally able to push through on my own. The Jinn were not visible to me, but there were two males and one female. I cannot be sure of course, but I feel that the female was very beautiful should I have seen her. One male was younger, and one older. The journey started about midnight and lasted till dawn. They contacted me in my bedroom as soon as I went to bed, and after explaining some things to me I was lifted out of my body first to the ceiling where I could see myself on the bed. then we went through the roof and I watched the house get smaller and then the world, and then all was dark untill we appeared on some kind of road or path with blackness below and stars above. It seemed like we were moving even while we ,(I want to say walked, but I guess it was more like floated along). When I was returned to my body I was so exausted I could not go to work, and slept through the next day, and part of the next. They told me they were my Jinn, and were there for me and my benifit. When asked what they looked like they appeared to me first as a Lion head, then as a God like Bearded old man with long brilliant white hair and beard, then as a great eagle head. They said they could show themselves to me any way they or I should want, but it was for no good purpose to do so, and therefore they would stay invisible to me. I could tell where they were though by their voices and the feeling i got from them, as to which was beside me, in front, behind, or or which side. I felt a growing connection to them as we walked, almost as if the longer we were together the closer we were to alike, and that the possibility was there to be a lot like them, or one of them. this may be just my fantasy about them I don’t really know, I only know what I felt. They also seemed to be very powerful should they choose to be. They showed me that I had power too, and that I could overcome the hardest of obsticles. They said they would not take my memory of our night together. I got the impression Jinn often do that after such a meeting with humans. I also feel a very close and warm trust toward these Jinn as they seemed to have a trust in me, and a kinship of some kind. They seemed to inferr that I was an old spirit, or soul, and even though I felt that, and that I have certain abilities to connect to the other side, and empathic abilities here, I needed to have this experience to give me the foundation I needed in my belief system in this life. I am not a medium or anything as far as I know, but I am aware of many of the things in this world that share this time and space with us, and what type of entities they are, (Good, Bad, or somewhere in between). I have seen spirits, and shadow people.
    I actually have died since then on the operating table for more than several minutes, and liked it there, and was angry when I was sent,or yanked, back again. The doctors were actually afraid of me because was telling them things about thier conversations in the operating room, and about their personal lives while cursing them for bringing me back. I should not have been awake. It took enough drugs to put me out for the operation to knock out three men. I have had several experiences where I should be dead since also, but feel that the things I was told about needing to do here in this world have not been completed yet. I think the first two have though, one for sure anyway. I do not know exactly what or when the greatest challenge will be, but I will know it when it arrives.
    At the time of the Jinn visitation I had no knowledge of the Jinn. I had to do some research to find out what Jinn were because as a westerner I had never heard of them before, and was curious after they said they were mine, and had been with me a long long time. I got the feeling even before this life as well, and I did have such a familiar feeling with them. No fear at all, and was actually lonely for them in the weeks and months after, even now. I feel them sometimes, but they have not been back to talk withme as that time.
    My question is, has anyone else ever spoke of such an experience, or meeting their Jinn, or being so closely spiritually connected with Jinn? Is this unusual? Have people encountered more than one Jinn as their Jinn?
    When I told a freind from India, that I was working with, about it, after finding out some things about Jinn, he started giving me things, and it got too wierd for me, and it ruined the friendship.

    I still want know if that experience is abnormal in the known relationships between Jinn and people, or not, and what meaning it may hold to religious scholars of other religions like Muslims, and whoever else has a Jinn belief in their lives, or what any ancient scriptures may say about such things.
    I feel they protect me for a greater good to come than myself of my personal benifit.

    Feel free to email me with comments or opinions, or info.
    Thank You.

    • othman hamza says:

      it it is marvelous to have some1 we shared some experiences,u remind me da past wich i will never 4get,just follow me in my e-mail and facebook as we can have more 2share.

    • Usama says:

      This is just nonsense. Muhammad SAW did not keep a jinn. Who might you be to have one. Prophet had one on his grasp and wanted to tie it on the masjids pillar but did not after remembering Suleiman AS’s dua

    • Anil Khan says:

      Actually the Prophet(s.a.w.s.) that everyone has a jinn with them and it is proclaimed in the Quran. Most of them whisper to make you go astray, but some are good. It just depends on your character and your own spirit how you perceive it and handle it. As for your experience, there are people who can speak to and see other forms of life. Sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes it’s a curse, depending on individual circumstances. But it is good to keep purified and strengthen your faith and belief in the Creator Lord so you don’t slip into schizophrenia or disbelief as some do. Personal spiritual and psychic development are necessary to help understand and deal with extraordinary circumstances. Hope this helps.

  12. Aman Sharief says:

    ALhamdulillah brother i am glad that you have recited ALlah(swt) name to get the jinn off humble opinion and request to you is to consult a person who does ruqya only through Quran…these amulets are temporary help and will take you away from the righteous path and towards shirk.i’ll tell you about a true story which was told by a person who experienced it while doing ruqya. so this was actually told by a Jinn to a Maulij(person who does ruqya). Maulij asked the jinn why do you guys stop acting or reacting when you are taken to a dargah or given amulets to wear. Jinn answered that their whole purpose of getting on to a person is to take him from the path of tawheed and make him do shirk so as soon as a person(patient) enters a dargah all the jinns get off their bodies and stand near a corner and watch people committing shirk by either bowing down on the grave and wearing amulets etc…he said that his job is done as soon as he makes the patient commit shirk and thats what makes his father(iblees) happy.

  13. Ershad says:

    As Salaam Alaikum brothers and sisters,

    I do see many of us suffer from having the feeling of a heavy chest while sleeping or just before we wake up. Although I do know jinns can make them happen I would also like to add that there is a natural phenomenon called sleep paralysis. And it has it’s own symptoms to detect it being different from being an act of the unseen. I was a victim of sleep paralysis since more than 2 years. It happen right before I sleep or just before I wake up.

    To give you a brief idea our brain when our body sleeps puts our body except our eyes in a state of paralysis to make us to involuntary movements in our dreams. Alhamdulillah it is a gift from Allah because if we dream that we are running or swimming our brain would make our muscles do that too. But since we are asleep these commands do not reach our limbs. But we are going to have our eye movement which I believe is called a deep sleep or rem (rapid eye movement) state.

    One day when I fell asleep I had my eyes open and I felt such a heavy weight on my chest and screams. I wanted to call help and I couldn’t move a muscle. All I could do is just look around and hallucinate. The hallucinations are the most scary part. But once I snapped out I feel as if I was in that state for a very long time but in reality it would only last a few seconds or minutes. I would seek Allan’s help and recite everything I know. It was really scary and I feared the jinns doing to me.

    Later when I researched about it. I noticed it occurring to me those times when I had lack of sleep and stress. This would always accompany. It occurred to me since then but randomly and I learned to snap out of it by controlling my breath and taking deep breaths. Alhamdulillah. And Allah knows best. I do not wish to say jinns cannot make this happen. But I wish to say not all of the paralysis during sleep an act of his. If you experience stress and sleeplessness then you could be a victim of sleep paralysis. There are people who go in a state of sleep paralysis for hours! There are YouTube videos about this topic. Always recite your duas before you sleep and after you wake up. It’s a blessing from Allah and we should always remember him. May Allah guide you All and protect you. I also pray Allah protect everyone who is troubled by jinn and give them patience, guidance and mercy. Ameen.
    Jazak Allah Khair

  14. Usama says:

    Some of this stories are just fiction. And maybe psychologically ppl get affected after hearing this kind of stories. It’s proven fact as I have been through it. Anyway true or not. We should just protect ourselves with Ayatul Kursi. And if we want to specifically protect ourselves From jinn. Then the best weapon is Quran. Surah baqarah. As saffat. Al hashr among the strongest ones.
    Fee amanillah

  15. me says:

    Hi there,

    I had my own experience few years ago.

    It was in my life for atleast 2 years. Since I don’t have time to type up the entire life story I can give you guys the gist of my experience and the lesson it has taught me.

    Jinns are literally everywhere. They do not “love” you when they torture you.

    My phone would ring in the middle hours of the night, light bulbs (brand new) would inexplicably die without cause. My batteries (brand new) would fail to work right after I would take them out of the package, electronics all would fail, I My laptop would have the cd compartment eject and push in and eject and push in, all by itself all day long (really annoying). My chair would slide across from one side of the room to another, my things would go missing and reappear several days later in my room (where I would never put them). I lived miserably, just sheer terror every night and day. They stalk you around and they even showed up in human form and disappear in front of my eyes. They are black tall shadowy sillhouettes and they swift and fly through windows and walls and even my ceiling.

    I put aytul qursi all over my walls and walls. The jinns just moved to another side of the room. I kept the Quran by my bed going to sleep at night (this made no difference, as they were still present in my room, making noise and chattering in the corner next to the quran). The most frightening night of my life was when I got attacked. apprx. 900kg of weight was on my legs when this black shadow slowly pressed down my body and then tried to strangle my neck. I had sweat and burning heat all over my chest/neck area. My jaw was paralysed (I was trying hard to move my mouth to recite aytul qursi loud, but the mouth was pushed shut). I started reciting aytul qursi in my mind, i started reciting aytul qursi in my soul (and I could feel the soul being beaten by this entity. I knew I was going to die without the help of God…I felt my jaw loosen, then squeaked out the aytul qursi. Voice got louder and louder…I heard howling noise of a dog/wolf grunting on my right side (next to me). I kept praying and thinking of God…

    I heard loud bang and thud in my room..i saw them flying around on my ceiling and away from my bed and they left through the window.

    The lesson I have learnt is, putting stuff all over your walls won’t save you from the devil. Wearing a burqa won’t save you from the devil. But actually praying to God and reciting the Quran is the only defence we have. It is the only thing that saved my life.

  16. Syed Hamza Zaidi says:

    I saw Jinns not in their real form as they donot often show their true form as they are Shape shifter, trust me they are very real as they try to communicate with me and I as a muslim donot need them to tell me anything as they want me to be in Hell and I donot want to go there! They lot of time possessed me as black magic is done by some evil Relatives of us, May Allah Curse them and Destroy them with the Magician who brought havoc, suffering and Death to my family….Ameen, I saw jinns as black shadows even in day time, when they attack my family to murder my Dad R.I.P. Dad
    Please stay away people from Bangladesh as most of them are involved in WitchCraft and control jinns and also what happen in 1971, they Hate Pakistanis and do Black magic especially on Pakistani Muslims even though they themselves are Muslims but Iam not saying all of them do witchCraft as most of themselves are victims of their own Kin- Bengalis, same like African or Spanish Voodoo WitchCraft, Black Magic is Now very common in Pakistan Now especially Punjab that Most of the people are doing Witch Craft
    This is the single biggest Sin on Planet Earth just after Shirk and Murder

    • Walid says:

      Black magic can harm you by Allah,s Will, but, cannot kill you, as end of life for a person is already set by Allah. So regardless whether your father was suffering from black magic his end was not due to the black magic. Allah has guided you to stay from asking Jinns or magicians for anything. Please read meaning of ayat 102 and 103 Surat Bakarah to consolidate your understanding of magic.
      Do not blame people for what has happened as they are powerless as it is with the will of Allah things happen.


  17. Ibrahim says:

    This is why I keep telling people not to mess with any of the places rumoured to be inhabited by jinns. I am a Kashmiri and so I am used to it but please Kashmir especially the valleys, are inhabited by all kinds of jinns even odities that aren’t jinns. The best solution to keep your self safe is to recite Ayat-ul-Kursi whenever you can. May Allah(SWT) bless everyone and keep us safe from all kind of dangers. Ameen.

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