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Case: Sihr Inside a Pillow (Magic of Seperation)

These cases are taken from a book written by Sheikh Wahid Ibn Abdussalam Bali. The Author has recorded the conversations of the patients he has treated, from Cases of Sihr (Magic) and Jinn Possession. It may be read to understand the nature of Jinn and also to understand the Methods of treatment as mentioned before on this website. May Allaah reward him with the highest darja of Jannah for sharing this knowledge.

A woman’s husband came to me and said: “I have been involved in severe squabbles with my wife. She hated me and cannot bear to hear a word I say, and she wants to separate from me. She feels relaxed at home when I am not there, but once I walk in, she becomes agitated as if her body were fuming with anger.”

When the woman first heard the Ruqya, she felt that her limbs became number, her chest became tight, and she got a headache. However, she did not become epileptic. I gave her an audiotape with some verses on it and advised her to listen to them for a period of forty five days, and that they revisit me. After forty five days, her husband visited me and said that something amazing had happened.

Something good’, I wondered.

He replied: “After forty days, my wife became epileptic and the Jinn spoke through her person, saying, ‘I would inform you of everything provided that you do not go back to that healer. My presence in this woman was the result of Sihr. If you want to know whether I am telling the truth or lying, bring that pillow –he pointed to a pillow in the room- and told them to open it. You will find the object of Sihr therein (Charm).’ They opened the pillow and, in fact, found pieces of paper with writings and figures on them. The Jinn said to them: ‘Burn them, so that the Sihr would be neutralized. Now, I will get out of her and never come back, but on condition that I appear to her (the woman) to shake hands with her.’
The man replied, ‘Alright!’ The woman awoke and stretched her hand as if she were greeting someone.

When the man finished the story, I told him that he had made a mistake by letting the Jinn shake hands with his wife because, it is unlawful. It is confirmed by the Hadith that the Prophet (Pbuh) forbids a man to shake hands with a strange woman.

After a week, the woman became ill again, he brought her to me; and hardly had I said (qul a’uzu billahi minashaytaanir rajeem) than the woman became epileptic, and the following conversation between me and the Jinn took place:

Me: You liar, why did you come back?
Jinn: I will tell you everything, but do not beat me.
Me: Alright!
Jinn: Yes, I lied to them, and it was me who placed the pieces of paper inside the pillow so that they would believe me. I did not get out of her.

Me: So you are tricking them.
Jinn: What can I do when I am tied up to her body through Sirh (Charm).
Me: Are you a Muslim?
Jinn: Yes
Me: A Muslim should not work with a Sahir (Witch), because it is unlawful, and the Sihr (Magic) is among the serious of sins… Do you want to go to Paradise?

Jinn: Yes, I want to.
Me: Then, leave this Sahir, and go and worship Allaah with the believers because, the path of Sahir is a path of misery in this life and hell in the hereafter.

Jinn: How can I do that while the Sahir controls me??
Me: Yes, he controls you with your sins, but if you sincerely repent, Allaah will not give him the chance to control you anymore. “And Allaah will not grant the unbelievers any way over the Believers.” (4:141)

Jinn: I now repent. I will get out and never return.

He made a promise to Allaah not to return and then left. After a few days the woman’s husband came to me and said that his wife was well. All praise is due to Allaah.

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