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Black Magic and White Magic

Magic (Sihr in Arabic), no matter Black or White, mean: An agreement set up between a Witch (Sahir in Arabic) and a Demon (jinn), which stipulates that the Witch commit certain illegal or polytheistic acts, in return for the Demon (jinn)’s assistance and obedience in fulfilling the Witch’s request.

Many people believe that White Magic is permissible in Islam when it is Not. Ruqya (words of seeking refuge in Allah from evil) was first allowed in Islam on the condition that there be no polytheism involved whatsoever. Where, Magic involves praising the Demon Chiefs (Chief of a tribe of Jinn) in return for the chief’s servant-jinn. White magic works likewise Black magic. It is nothing more than sending a devil to scare away another devil. In fact, most of the times the devils negotiate and agree on leaving the victim alone for some time, temporarily. But afterwards, the symptoms re-appear and the counter-magician asks for more money. Why would a devil fight another devil when they both share the same cause?

It is hard to find someone who has jinn working for him for the sake of Allah and for the sake of helping His people for free. Therefore, counter-magic itself involves polytheism. If one chooses counter-magic to cure magic, the risks are many. Most of these so-called healers bankrupt their clients with the above scenario.

Ibn Qudama stated: “If sihr is treated with the recitation of some of verses of the Quran or some invocations, then there is nothing wrong with it As for the treatment of sihr with sihr, Imam Ahmad never went beyond this issue.”
Refer: Al-Mughnee 10/114

Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar reported: “According to the Prophet’s (pbuh) hadith, ‘An-nushra (Rituals) is a work of Satan,”
Refer: Imam Ahmad

An-nushra is a reference to the purpose for which it is sought For instance, if it is intended for something good, then it is good, but if it is intended for something bad, then it is bad. However, an-nushra may be two types, and this is, according to Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar, is the correct view:

  • Lawful Nushra. Treating sihr (magic) with the Quran or permissible invocations,
  • Unlawful Nushra. Treating sihr (magic) with sihr (magic), which entails seeking the assistance of demons, befriending, or seeking refuge in them or pleasing them, Perhaps this is the type intended in the hadith, An-nushra is a work of Satan (evil-jinn)More to the point, how can this type of nushra be lawful, while the Prophet & warned in more than one hadith that going to the sahara (witches) and soothsayers and believing in what they say is disbelieving in what has been sent to Muhammad (pbuh).
    Refer: Fath Al-baari 10/233

According to Ibn Al-Qayyim: “An-nushra is curing a person of sihr, and it is Two types:

  • Treating sihr with sihr, which is a work of Satan This is supported by Al-hasan AI-BasrTs view; that through it, both an-naashir (the one who uses nushra) and ai-muntashir (the one who has it done for him) befriend the demon by answering to his needs,, In return, the demon invalidates the sihr.
  • Treating sihr with Ruqya (words of seeking refuge in Allah from evil) and invocations is permitted.”

And Allah Knows Best.

Question from a Brother,

my friend is under influence of a hindu lady who is already twice married, once to a hindu, has a child, then second muslim whom she says she knew since college, whom she left within 2months of marriage and now third is my friend has cut of all ties with friends, family and masjid and we are 100% sure of black magic as this lady had advised to a muslim sister on ways to get married through rituals that are mix of hinduism/islam. since our brother is not in contact we cant do ruqyah for him. He doesnt even want to see his parents. Since ruqyah is not possible we are looking for ways and means to heal and were searcing for counter magic/white magic solutions. if our friend would meet we would take him for ruqya but he is no longer meeting any of his friends. Pls advise how to cure in such case as believe few ulama allow counter magic. also the scenario is we are dealing with non-muslim lady who pretends to have converted to islam and is acquiring sympathy but has taken complete control of our friend to the extent he cant meet any friend and he no longer attends the masjid. Pls advise . Most of ulama say its haram to counter magic with magic but for this lady nothing is halal/haram and she is exploiting all her kufr means whereas we are helpless as we cannot do ruqya.Wassalam


Brother, first of all, it is not permissible to marry a woman who is not from Ahle-Kitaab [Jews/Christians/Muslims]. You should warn your friends from doing so. It looks like the hindu lady actually bewitched your friend with Sihr-al-Mahabba (Magic of Love). This type of Sihr is often used by Women to bewitch their spouse, with the main purpose to get money from them.

Brother, if you still wish to chose counter-magic (which I will never suggest), you would still require contacting your friend, in order to get something from his belongings, something for the counter-magician to setup a jinn to trace and affect. Plus the fact that – counter-magicians rarely cure victims permanently – like sending a devil to scare away another devil.

I would honestly recommend that you, somehow, plan on talking to your friend. You may call on his home number; ask him for lunch/dinner at your house, or to some friends gathering; something you think could work accordingly. Once you get the chance to talk to him, you may advise him and make him understand the reality of his situation.

Other than this brother, if you wish to follow other ways, the ruling is – it should not involve polytheism. You may pray and ask Allah to guide your friend to the right path. Ameen. But asking for the help of Demons weakens our Aqeedah.

Wa huwa 'ala kulli shay'in qadeer.

I would also wish that you go through the article – Signs of a Witch

44 Responses to “Black Magic and White Magic”

  1. Peacefulsolution says:

    Thanks for your kind reply. Jazakallah Khair, May Allah reward you for your efforts.

    Should you provide an email address I could provide further details about the whole case and seek your advice.

    We did talk to our friend some months back but he violently reacted that ruqyah is to separate him from her and hence he is not co-operating. He opposed his parents too. There is a behavioural change in him. He was otherwise a soft person. He no longer sees us friends since 3 months and has not been talking to parents since 6 months.

    In such absentia where ruqyah is not possible, we are seeking a counter magic with noble intention which will serve as a preliminary step so atleast he comes back to the masjid for prayers and then we can cajole him for ruqyah. In western countries,a person’s co-operation is very important for ruqyah.

    Whatever the intention of the Lady,he is severely bewitched to abstain from friends, parents, and masjid even though he lives very nearby. We have some proofs of her doing black magic.

    You are right, “it is hard to find someone who has jinn working for him for the sake of Allah and for the sake of helping His people for FREE”, but dont you think we muslims should help each other. We are seeking someone genuine as we are worried about our practicing muslim friend’s future faith. I am of the thought that counter magician uses a muslim jinn for ruqyah??? We dont get to meet our friend so we do not have any of his belonging too for the counter magic.

    Also, his mother is doing ruqyah back home, in his home-country, without his presence, but what effect will this long-distance ruqyah have when he is not present.


    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Brother, you may email me on

      jinndemons [at] hotmail . com

      I will reply in private.

      • Mohamed says:

        Assalaamualaikum Brother, I had been suffering from black magic spell for many years which is affecting all my children and family quite severely. Money and valuables are vanishing at a rate. Obstructions on all our activities and stagnating us to the maximum. We need to make hijrah urgently as we don’t actually belong to this country but the black magic spell is not allowing us to leave and in fact at the moment we are experiencing attacks all because we are trying hard to migrate which is not allowing. Bless you brother if you can do something to break the black magic spell and enable us the least to be able to leave safely and barakahtly, Insha Allah.

        Jazakallah Khair


    • Fatima says:

      Alhamdulillah it is so refreshing to see muslim brothers caring to save the faith of another masha allah. May allah give you guys success in achieving your goal insha allah ameen. You’ll be in my prayers insha allah.

    • Bint says:

      Magic is KUFR. DO NOT take part in any so-called ‘counter magic’, it is NOT permissable and you will be committing KUFR if you do magic yourself or get someone else to do it. If it’s not possible for your friend to get ruqyah done from a legit raaqi, then make constant dua for him as dua is the weapon of the believer and we should never underestimate that. If you do somehow manage to see your friend and can get him to do ruqya, contact Al Roqya, Brother Abu Nadeer. NEVER ever do magic on someone who has done magic on someone else. You will be committing a MAJOR SIN as no form of magic is EVER allowed.

      • Afaaq says:

        As salaam o alaykum
        I would just like to add one thing to what our brother said. Making constant dua is without a doubt very helpful but if you cannot find a raqi you can always do ruqyah yourself. Reciting muaddhatain and surah bakarah and manzil as much as possible and blowing on yourself and water is a also an effective way of relieving the symptoms of magic and is used for exorcism as well and Allah knows best.
        Fi AmanAllah

  2. Peacefulsolution says:

    Please find below some fatawas regarding this which i found on InterNet.

    Ruling on learning magic and removing spells from a person affected by magic
    Is it permissible to learn how to remove spells from a person affected by magic?

    Praise be to Allaah.

    If that is by doing something permissible, such as reciting du’aa’s that are prescribed or permitted in Islam, or by using a ruqyah that is prescribed in Islam, there is nothing wrong with that. But if a person learns magic in order to counteract magic, or for any other purposes, then that is not permitted and in fact is something which nullifies a person’s Islam, because it is not possible to learn it without falling into shirk. That happens by worshipping the shayaateen (devils), by offering sacrifices to them and making vows to them, and other kinds of worship, and offering sacrifices to them and seeking to draw close to them with things that they love, until they serve a person and do what he wants. This is the mutual benefit which Allaah refers to in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

    “And on the Day when He will gather them (all) together (and say): ‘O you assembly of jinn! Many did you mislead of men,’ and their Awliyaa’ (friends and helpers) amongst men will say: ‘Our Lord! We benefited one from the other, but now we have reached our appointed term which You did appoint for us.’ He will say: ‘The Fire be your dwelling place, you will dwell therein forever, except as Allaah may will. Certainly your Lord is All-Wise, All-Knowing.’”

    [al-An’aam 6:128]

    Majmoo’ah Fataawa wa Maqaalaat li’l-Shaykh Ibn Baaz, p. 118

    however, there is another thing called nushrah, and it is doubtful as a work of shaytaan and one of the manifestations of jahiliyyah

    Al-Bukhari reports from Qatadah (May Allah be pleased with him): I said to Ibn Al-Musaiyab, “A man is under a magical spell or is unable to cohabitate with his wife, should we treat him by An-Nushrah or apply some other means to cure the spell/sorcery?” Ibn Al-Musaiyab (May Allah be pleased with him) replied, “It is alright because they intend restoration or mending. That which benefits is not forbidden.”

    however, It is reported on the authority of Jabir (ra ) that Allah’s Messenger (saas ) was asked about an-nushrah and he said:

    “It is one of the works of Satan.” (Narrated by Ahmad with a good Sanad and by Abu Dawood

    Who said: “Ahmad was asked about these matters and he answered that Ibn Mas’ood detested all such things.”)

    Because an-nushrah was one of the actions of the Jahiliyyah, and the Companions had no desire or liking for the Jahiliyyah or its deeds, they asked the Prophet (saas ) about an-nushrah. He (saas ) replied that it is one of the works of Satan, and it is well-known that Satan orders not except that which is corrupt and detestable to the Believer. As for that which is permissible and not from the works of Satan, there is ar-ruqyah, seeking refuge (with Allah swt ) and the use of all permissible medicines (i.e. those which do not contain forbidden substances such as alcohol, pig fat etc.) and the Hadith is not a forbiddance of these things.

    along with that, It is reported that Al-Hasan Al-Basri said: “Magic is not counteracted by its like except by a magician.”

    Muhammad Ibn `Abdul Wahhaab said: “Ibn Al-Qayyim said: “An-Nushrah is counteracting the effects of magic and it consists of two kinds:

    1. Counteracting magic with its like and this is the work of the devil.

    2. An-Nushrah by means of ar-ruqyah, seeking refuge with Allah (swt ), permissible medicines and making supplications to Allah (swt ) – these are all permitted forms of an-nushrah.

    So we have in conclusion that if nushrah is practices which is nothing but ruqya and ad’aiyya, then it is okay. If it delves into more than that of potions and other mixtures and chants, then it is not allowed by most of the scholars and some have only allowed it if it is a duroora, like in saving one’s life.

    And this was a Fatwa of he Permanent Committee on the topic

    What is the ruling regarding Annashrah, treatment of bewitchment by counter-magic?

    There are two types of treatment of bewitchment:
    The first type uses the Glorious Qur’an and established prayers as well as allowed medicatins. It is legitimate because it brings about benefits, but no harm. This explains why it is needed.
    The second type involves forbidden means, such as counter-magic. Some Ulama have allowed it, if necessary. Others have banned it altogether, and they base their verdict on a statement by the prophet; when asked about Annashrah, he replied, “it is devils work.” Therefore, treating bewitchment by counter-magic is prohibited. Instead, one has to seek Allahs help through supplication with humility to remove witchcraft’s harmful effects. Allah says, “And when My servent question thee concerning Me, then surely I am nigh. I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he crieth unto Me.”[1] Allas also says, “Is not He (best) who answereth the wronged one when he crieth unto Him and removeth the evil, and hath made you viceroys of the earth? Is there any God beside Allah? Little do they reflect!”[2] & [3]
    Al- Baqarah Sura, Ayah 186 [1]
    An-Naml Sura, Ayah 62 [2]
    Ifta’ Permanent Committee, fatwas on treatment using the Qur’an and sunnah, Ruqyas and related issues, by Ibn-Baz and Ibn-Uthaimeen, p.55 [3]

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Brother, the fatwa above clearly concludes that it is haraam to counter magic with magic, in fact when you have a prescribed sharya.
      I would like to quote a verse from Surah al-Jinn:

      “And verily, there were men among mankind who took shelter with the masculine among the jinns, but they (jinns) increased them (mankind) in sin and disbelief.” (Surah Al-Jinn: 06)

      If you wish, I can refer more.

  3. Md Feroz says:

    Assalamualaikum Brother, i seek an assistant for someone at middle east who have a way using al-quran to throw niddle, bad jinns in the heart caused by charm from someone else. Please any my brother muslim, i love my wife so much. She been charmed by someone till her brain got clouded of blood due to strong migrain and now found her heart was spoils. Recently we met someone to cure her 3 niddle are out already and left two balance. Please brother. Please.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Walaikum as salaam brother,
      I’m deeply grieved by your feelings brother. Please have patience. Allah will help you through this, we only have to Pray and ask for His help. Brother if you live in Saudi Arab then I can give you a name of a Healer. Shiekh Wahid Ibn Abdussalaam Bali. He is an author of many books he wrote like “Sword against Black Magic” & “Jinn & the Human Sickness” I do not know the precise address of this Healer but I know that he wrote these books in Arabi Language originally. I am sure most of the people in Saudi know him and they would help you in finding him Insha’Allah. I have faith that he will help you best in this regard, by Allah’s Leave.

      I will remember you in my prayers brother.

  4. Ammaar Rafique says:

    AssalAm o alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu brother!
    I want to confirm on a matter that whether it is haram or halal. Your
    help would be most appreciated.

    My friend does a method in which we do some steps in placing one hand
    on another and repeAting such stuff. After it he asks the person(on
    which it is being performed) to say”Punishment of grave lift my hands”
    The hands abruptly began to move.

    now will it be termed as magic or not?
    jazak ALLAH khairan

  5. Maryum says:

    Asa, In dire need of help for my son, someone put an evil curse upon him, they fed him something in his food, His behavior has changed, and he’s very hard to get along with, I’ve been told someone hexed him, and this has ruin his life, he’s unable to share happiness, or hold on to anything good, his behavior is awful, starting arguement with others, He keep getting into trouble. I know for a fact, this is not the son, which I’ve raised. In need of help, guidance, I fear for his life, the way which he’s going, I fear for his life.. Please get back in touch with me..
    using my email.
    Please hurry, before it will be too late,
    thank you so very much..


  6. purple212 says:

    I see things in my dreams before they happen and sense feelings too. I had this since i was born how is this possible. I also saw the prophet in a dream after these abilities continued.

  7. AA says:

    As-salamu ‘alaykum everyone. Please can someone give me a name/number of a good Imam that will see my husband and I in London. I can’t disclose anymore, but this matter is very urgent. Allah has granted me a gift since I was a baby to see certain things in my dreams. Recently, my husband cheated on me and I found out, we are currently taking some time apart and I was even thinking about a divorce, which I am strongly against, but I have seen the truth in my dream a very spiritual dream and it’s very complicated, someone has been hexing my family and my marriage since day one, I am certain of this. If I could tell you all the details you would be shocked, but we need to see somebody straight away. Since I got married I have had this burden on my heart, lack of trust this dark cloud, i now see what that was. Although I am hurting, Allah has shown me the way and I am so grateful, he led me to the truth straight after eid al-adha and i know that it is a good sign. Please please email me or someone give me a way to get in touch with an imam. I know there is hope Inshallah.

    • Bint says:

      Wa alaikum assalam sister. I would recommend you see a raaqi, either brother Mohammad Ghouri who is based in Hanwell, London (look up the Abu Halima Centre) or a raaqi from Al Roqya based in West London. I’ve been to both and ma shaa Allah they’re good legit brothers who are upon Quran and Sunnah.

  8. Kamal says:

    Sister Mariym

    I have had black magic castes apon me apparently I had it for over 3 years I was like this from the age of 10 – 14, my mother tried many ways to get rid of it, I used to get irritated from the noise of the adhan I used to stay away from the majid and everything you stated above, everyone my mum would take me to would say its evil eye on me, and gave tapes of Surat ya seen, and many different methods, I was uncontrollable in the uk people/doctors said its behaviour problem, outside I act different and different inside and with family

    at the end my mum saw my health was getting bad as well and she contacted some guy who has Muslim name so she didn’t know it was white magic, he ripped her off I think and took £900, but didn’t give anything to give me like medicines apparently doing it from his end

    But my mum saw I was changing back to normall within a month I was a totally new person,
    I to be honest don’t remember most of the things I did but my father recorded my activity and I look at it and cannot believe how my family still love me after all I did too them

    After sometime my sister researched on the man turned out to be white magic,
    My mum is very religious and she’s really annoyed why she used white magic
    Her brothers said it was an kufar act of her doing that

    Yeah that’s basically it

    I wanted to ask someone, what do you do if you paid a white magic person and didn’t know it was haram?


  9. mohammed63 says:

    Dear brother, I am suffering black magic since my childhood. After marriage, it increases the side effects, as loosing respect in society, lost of jobs, lost of wealth, even lost of parents love, there are too mony things that unable to disclosed. I tried to cured by many means but temparory get cured. After passing some time/months started again. While searching, I came across that only sharri ruqya is permitted in Islam, rest all the means lead to hell fire. Unfortunately, in my area, no raaqi i found. And I am unable to go outarea to find the raaqi. I am having ruqyas, but exactly how to use it, i don’t know. Could u please advice me time, during, etc to apply on myself as well as my house n shop as they r also affected.
    Please reply at earliest and pray for my small family to get out from this incrediable situation. Pls provide me ur personal email to share with u my undiclosable talk.
    Jazak Allah

  10. mohammed63 says:

    Assalaamalykum, I amsuffering jinn possession since last many years and evil eye too. Is any remedy is there in the light of islam? I met many scholer but could not find the rightone. Please help me. Facing very tough period of life.
    Jazak Allah

    • Bint says:

      Wa alaikum assalam. Firstly make sure you never go to a peer or a maulana, and you never get a taweez, as it is forbidden in Islam. It’s best if we do ruqyah on ourselves. Here is how you can do that.


      1) Make sure you pray your Salah on time.
      Salah is the most important protection.

      2) Recite Ayat-ul-Kursi [2: 255] and Read Surah Ikhlas / Falaq / Nas after every Salah.

      3) Avoid listening to music.

      4) Stay in constant wudu.

      5) Sit down in a quiet area with the intention to make ruqya on yourself. Ensure there are no children running around or the tv is not on in the background. You shouldn’t be disturbed. Have a glass of water and a 2 or 5 liter bottle of water handy. Make niyyah (intention) for Ruqah.

      6) Seek refuge in Allah from the shaytaan three times – Aouthubillahi min-ash-shaytaan arrajeem.

      7) Mention the name of Allah three times – bismillahir-rahman nir-raheem.
      8) Read Sura Fatiha, Ayatul Kursi three times and the last two ayaat of Surah al Baqarah three times each.

      9) Read Surah Ikhlas / Falaq / Nas three times each.

      10) Recite the ayaat’s of sihr three times each – [2:102] / [7:115 – 121] / [10:79 – 82] / [20: 65 – 70].

      11) Spittle into the glass of water and also spittle into the bottle of water.

      12) Drink the water in the glass. Ensure you say bismillah.

      13) Drink the water in the bottle in the morning / evening / night.

      14) Make ghusl with the remaining water in that bottle ie. Pour that water over your head and ensure it touches all of your body.

      15) Each day you should be reciting into a fresh bottle and drinking it three times a day and making ghusl with it at night – any water is fine including tap water insha’Allah.

      16) If you have movements in your stomach or bloatedness then purchase senna leaves or tea bags from Holland and Barrett and make tea with them and drink every day for two weeks.…

      17) For painful body parts, please recite Surah Al Fatiha, ayat ul Kursi and Surah Ikhlas / Falaq / Nas and then blow into a bottle of pure olive oil then rub this into the painful body parts.

      18) Drink a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of black seed oil every day.

      19) You can also put some of the water you’ve recited on into a spray bottle and spray the corners of every room in your house.(not bathroom or toilet)

      20) Make duaa.

      21) Get cupping (hijama) done. Hijama is very effective in treating sihr, make sure you get it done. After you have got it done you might also get waswasa saying it didn’t cause any benefit, as you will not feel much difference. However keep getting hijama done on a regular basis.

      22) Make wudhu before going to bed and read Ayat-ul-Kursi.

      23) Eat 7 dates on an empty stomach, preferably ajwa dates or dates from Madina.

      24) Also whenever you read Quran read with the intention of Ruqya and with the intention of removing this sihr. Also have this intention when praying and doing wudu.

      Beware you may get negative thoughts against this self treatment or you may feel like you it is a ‘waste of time’ and ‘probably won’t work’. This is shaytaan trying to stop you from taking action as these actions will weaken it. You need to fight through these thoughts.

      Insha’Allah if you follow the course above, Allah will cure you. Have high hopes and be optimistic of a cure. If you do these things, with the intention that All power is with Allah and you are seeking to please Him, you will see a difference insha’Allah.
      May Almighty Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe guide you and protect you from harm, Ameen.

      If you cant do it on yourself, you need to go to a raaqi who is strictly upon Quran and Sunnah. I recommend contacting Al Roqya who are based in West London (you can find them on google or facebook) or Brother Mohammad Ghouri who is based in the Abu Halima Centre in London as well. Or brother Abu Ibraheem who is based in birmingham (you can watch his videos on youtube, Diaries of an exorcist)

      • Afaaq says:

        As salaam o alaykum
        JazakAllahu khairan brother for the valuable information. I just want to add a few things, the number of times is not important neither is it a rule unless it is in the sunnah. Just to clarify, it is NOT an absolute rule to read surah fatiha etc this many times and not more or less. Just keep reciting as much as you can until you feel better. Insha’Allah it will make a difference. The most important thing in my opinion when doing ruqyah is having tawaqqal in Allah. Recite with the belief and trust that by reading Allah’s words I.e the Qur’an will alleviate all symptoms and magic and even medical illnesses by the leave of Allah. If Allah does not will it, nothing will happen and whatever state you are in is for the best. For Allah does nothing that will harm you and Allah knows best.

      • Marem says:

        i want to add… and every day must read surah Bakara 3 times.. Instead water, you can use olive oil and rub it on the body and face..

  11. khan says:

    you dont even need a magic if a person offer namaz with full concentration focusing on allah just focusing energy on one focal(problem concern) namaz is best solution for every thing and jinns cannot harm humans the thing is our brother was not much commited to allah than that girl, those who offer prayer 5 times a day with full concentration are like swords of allah and you will see the blessing of allah when you do. trust me brother, i have experienced it and some times its seems to me allah fulfill my wishes before i asked him.
    khuda hafiz

  12. Romi says:

    Me and my family have gone through black magic for the last 15 or so years and to cure it through right way our lives get really miserable. Now alhamdullilah it is been cure but another problem arose that my father start doing too many wazaif by himself by reading books, without any permission and sadqah.
    His got angry a lot on everyone and now he looking the ways to destroy every person who is not agree wiggy him on any matter even that would be his wife or children. He become so negative about every aspect of life. So much so he is willing to leave his wife and kids as well.
    Pls do advice me what to do . As we all family members are in deep depression.

  13. Arif hussain says:

    Assalamwalikum ,
    I want discuss one problem of mine with you, I love a Jain(Marwari) girl, and I really love her in my life , I tried to tell her about my feelings but she didn’t listen to me. Because she don’t wanna see my face due to some reason that we faught once for misunderstanding.
    I love her , she liked me once now she hates me. I tried to clear up the misunderstanding but she ignores me. We seldom encounters. Distance problems. I never ask for her to ALLAH . I just tells ALLAH that I Love her. I can’t ask for anyone’s help as I know Only ALLAH can help me. So if you can advise me in this case. I don’t want to put any Black Magig on her as I really love her.

  14. Aaliyah says:


    From since I was very young I have had a lot of Black Magic done to me and my family and I was living with the effects of it for many years but 3 years ago I was taken to India to this man to take out over 30 Jinn from my person. I was uncontrollable and I done so much bad things like drinking, drugs, fighting etc and I would black out not remembering what I was doing. This man gave me a green band to wear on my wrist and I have been told that I have to go back to India to visit this mans place in order for him to take the band off so I will no longer have any white or black magic upon me. I was speaking with a friend and he told me that this is all wrong and I have to do ruqyah in order to stop the magic this man done to take away the Jinn. I was also told that by doing ruqyah and reversing all of this mans magic it could go bad and the Jinn could the re enter my body. I need to know what to do as I am confused and scared of becoming ill again. Please give me any advice you can on the matter and help me the best you can. Jazakallah kairun.

    • Aaliyah says:

      I made a mistake. My friend said I need to place the green band into ruqyah water to dissolve the white magic that has been done. But again i am scared because I don’t want to become ill again.

    • Bint says:

      Wa alaikum assalam Sister. This man is a saahir (magician). Anyone who asks you to do strange things like this, is working with the jinn which is not permissable. A legit raaqi will recite the words of Allah ta’ala loud and clear, will never give you a taweez or any sort of band, and he will make it clear that shifa comes from Allah ta’ala. Take this band off and throw it away. Make dua to Allah azza wa jal and ask him to protect you from all evil and to expose these magicians. I dont know where you live but if you need ruqya i recommend going to Al Roqya who are based in West London, you can find them on facebook and google. Or Brother Mohammad Ghouri who is usually at the Abu Halima Centre based near Ealing. I recommend these 2 brothers because i’ve been to both and they perform ruqyah according to the Quran and Sunnah, no funny business.

  15. TS says:


    I am going through a miserable condition since i was 13th.My father lost everything in his business.I started working after immediately my high school to continue my study and to help my family.I could not able to get good degree.The worse part of my life is i failed get marry to whom i love only because of the financial condition of my father.Everytime it came when i try to establish any relationship.Though at last i got married according to my parents wish but that also broke due to drawry problem.Now i am 34 years old and all alone and financially & Socially in secured person >no one is there who can take care of me.I am now looking for a person to get married again.But still there is the same problem.I used to pray tahazzat namaz and cry whole night and seek Allah Karim help but found no remedy.Now i am looking for white magig to settle my life atleast with a good person who can take care of me.Can i have that….please ?

    • Bint says:

      ALL types of magic is KUFR. It is HARAM. So make sure you don’t get involved in any magic. Put your trust in Allah ta’ala and make even more dua. Never forget, magic is KUFR, no such thing as white magic.

  16. ali says:

    Pleaz could u tel me what is happing to me and my family r we being possed o some thing becouse I got 5 brother and 4 sisters and for sone reason me and my bro one my bro r masterbating till our kindy were damgaed but my bro is worser becouse we r gettingloved spelled and i think it makin use do it but wat I dnt dnt get I seen a upside down cross is wen I reached it saying its is a good jinn or angel is it true.2 of my sister r like il ones saying something is like around her da other one istakin to herself sometime she is nw 25 put av not said a word tll nw .aAnd by the way we r getting married to ther dught is it them or we stupid to masterbating till we bely killed owrr self??
    am sure only healing is required not magic in islam???

    • Bint says:

      Be careful, make a lot of dua to Allah ta’ala. and go to ruqyah. Never go to a ‘maulana’ or a ‘peer’, go to a raaqi who is upon Quran and Sunnah. Taweez is haram. If you are in London, contact Al Roqya or Abu Halima Centre in West London. Or if you’re in birmingham, contact brother Abu Ibraheem (he has videos on youtube called Diaries of an Exorcist) or if you’re near Nottingham contact Brother Tim Humble, you can look him up on google.

  17. Ehsan says:

    Dear Brother AOA !

    i know and heard ullema that as per ahadess e nabwi (SAW) dajjal will be the biggest magician. I want to know if there will be other small magicians accompanying him or he will be alone as a magician.
    The question comes to mind because I see a lot of real magic shows on TV like dynamo etc.May be these are prerequisites of zahoor e dajjal.

  18. Haseena says:

    As Salaam wa alaikum.

    I would just like to know if the following is permissible. i had doubts that a dear one of mine had been under the influence of magic. after going to seek help from a Moulana my doubt had been turned into reality and i found out that a member of his family has done black magic on him.

    i have been reading regularly for the magic to leave him but i feel with time it is getting worse. A moulana told me that I can remove it from him without him coming through and all i would have to do thereafter is read certain duas so that it is cured from him.

    I would like to know if this is allowed in Islam? Being able to remove the black magic for him?

    Any advise on this matter will be highly appreciated.

  19. priyanka says:

    Sir…i read ur article…even i belive what you said is correct……but my problem is that i was in relation with a boy from last 7 years….off late his mother has used black magic to force him marry a girl of her choice…he was some how convinced…and…got engaged to some one else….but in order to teach me a lesson…she is doing black magic to harm me…..

    Now i have lost my job…my families prestige…and my health is getting adversly affected….

    Is there any way by which i can stop her evil intension…and protect my love…without harming anyone….i have even cross checked the fact…that the boy is unwilling to get married…and wants to focus on his

  20. Abdul says:

    Salaam brother/sister

    I have a problem with my dad. He is 60 years old married with 9 children and we all get along and live happily. He seems to have had a steady stable and happy marriage with no reasons to leave. He usually tends to go back and fourth to bangladesh with no problems.

    He has been doing this for a while and always comes back normally with no strange behaviour.

    However last time when he went bangladesh he has been secretly speaking to another woman and has the urge to marry this lady (happened in a period of less than 2 months). He calls this lady 2 3 times a day and sometimes meets her. He does this away from us. He would hide and is embarrassed about his actions so tries his best to communicate with this person without anyone knowing. He is also embarassed to anyone knowing therefore usually arguing with my mum for exposing him to his family. He has never done this kind of behaviour in the past and claims this lady would take care of him and his assets properly (he feels his assets in back yard are not being taken care off)

    He argues with my mum occasionally and says upsetting stuff such as he has already married or no one can stop him. He usually challenges my mum in this matter and speaks badly to her now.. however having saying that my mum will always harass/shout at him regarding his behaviour so she is always irritating him. My mum treats him good and feeds him and takes care of him all the time (I’ve witnessed this as she is also trying to asses his behaviour too yet he still makes excuses to my mum being a bad wife to him).

    It is important to note that my dad reads his 5 salaah a day usually consisting at the mosque. He has been praying for many years now and generally is a pious person. I am helpless and I do not know what is wrong with my dad I am also ashamed to approach him in this matter. I would like to ask you if you can provide links to people that can help and more importantly also if you can tell me whether he is a victim of black magic.

    His actions seem moderate to me although he is very interested in this woman and does alot of actions to always stay in contact with her. We are in UK now and I think he still wants to contact this person. He knows in the back of his heart we are against his actions and I also knw that if my dad was in good senses he would always listen to his children’s opinion in this matter however he is not.

    Please help me to find some answers to this problem as we are all so confused and we really want to know if it’s black magic or if it’s just him.


  21. Sourav saha says:

    sir i need help .i would not beleive in black magic but now i come to beleive of my relative is facing this problem.her husband has done black magic to her wife and took every thing from her.also in the house her husband has kept some thing .she have shown to every astrologer but failed.can u help me in home where it is kept

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